Gmail Priority Box Predicts and Sorts Your Important Emails

If you get hundreds of emails, or even thousands of them, Gmail Priority Inbox is going to be a heaven’s choice for you.

Google has today enabled this feature called “Gmail Priority Inbox” that sorts important messages for you based on various factors, including but not limited to:

  • keywords,
  • the people you e-mail the most
  • your e-mail habits to select the most pressing e-mails in your inbox
  • and so on!

Those e-mails are brought to the top of your inbox and are marked as important so you deal with them first.

That’s not it, you can customize/teach your Gmail by adding filters to mark certain messages as important (for example, from your boss or your spouse).

Give it a try, by enabling it from Gmail Options, and save loads of time.

Note: As this is an automated process (through algorithm) of marking your emails as important or otherwise un-important, hence there are chances that system may mark emails incorrectly at times. So make sure you don’t miss any non-important emails as well, just like we check our SPAM email once in a while to make sure that we aren’t missing anything important.

Watch following video to well understand the concept of Gmail Priority Inbox

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