VP HR and Two Directors at Telenor Step Down

In a mysterious and sudden development at Telenor’s head office, Nayab Baig, Vice President, Human Capital Devision, Director Security Salman Tariq and Regional Director Sales and Distribution for Lahore region Syed Mutazir Mehdi resigned from their positions with not much time distance between their resignations.

It is reported that first, Mr. Tariq resigned, with what looked like a formal resignation. He also had the opportunity to say good bye to his colleagues. However, shortly after, Nayab and Muntazir left without a formal good bye.

Affan Haider, Head of Corporate Communication and Responsibility, confirmed us these resignations without mentioning the details. He further said that replacements will be announced soon.

Nayab Baig served Telenor for over five years and was key person behind People Excellence & Business Process Improvement, Safety and Security, and Organizational Support Services departments, since the start of Telenor’s operation in Pakistan.

Nayab had previously headed the HR departments of Packages Ltd., Unilever Bestfoods, SHV, and Avari Renaissance Hotel.

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  • the Security guy was caught in a scam as well as the sales director, and the CEO fired the HR guy becuase he didnt flag the fraud!!!

  • VP HR was not in picture when the cases against the directors were processed.

    Nayab resigned under protest for being bypassed and against firing of employees without being given a right to defend/explain their position.

    • I have been told he was in the meeting when the decision was taken, how can a VP HR not be part ofthe decision for firing senior people in the company, unless he was not trusted !!

  • what a TRIA, SALES GUY- SECURITY GUY- HR GUY, once this triangle is at same wavelength,,,, u can imagine what can happen ;)

    • the perfect storm – Sales guys steals millions, security guys takes a cut to not find out and the HR guy protects the guilty. it is starting to make sense

  • The Security Director was completely innocent; an allegation was made by the VP, HCD and CEO due to which he was forced to resign; hours later it was proven to be false with documentary proof submitted. Then all hell broke loose. The Sales Director case was completely separate from this.

  • A director of Telenor who is involved in several curruptions is still existing and transferred at the position of Muntazir Mehdi. “Chor ko hatta kar Daku ko bitha diya”.

  • As far VP HCD is concerned, he is a true person – doesn’t support anything wrong. And Director Saftey & Security was named as Director of the year award – he has been let go off by CEO without bringing into Nayab’s notice – decission was wrong.
    CEO in reality wishes to make Telenor his own domain, while neglecting the Values and Traditions – which were made by one and only Nayab.
    Further, story of S&D guy was different and doesn’t relate to above.
    Nayab resigned due to unfair decission of Salman made by the CEO.
    John will in reality destroy Telenor – though they are achieving awards but get into life of most of the people work there !!!

  • Guys, whether you believe OR not, BUT I simply called this “Makafaat-e-Amal”…

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