Khurram Malik, Director CRD, Telenor Moves to DiGi

Khurram Malik, Director Customer Relation Department at Telenor Pakistan has moved on in his career to join DiGi of Malaysia to head customer services there, told us a source familiar with the situation.

Khurram Malik was responsible for call center and customer relation operations at Telenor Pakistan for four years.

A Telenor spokesperson confirmed us Khurram’s selection at DiGi, Telenor’s cellular arm in Malaysia.

Malik’s decision for moving to DiGi came right after resignations from VP HR and two directors at company’s head office in Pakistan.

It merits mentioning here that Telenor recently received “Best Place to Work Award” for year 2010.

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  • Faisal

    One of the finest man i ever worked with, Such a loss to TP, But i am very happy for K.Malik.

  • Rahman

    Mr Aamir Attaa FYI….
    Khurram malik is still with telenor pakistan, he will be leaving by the end of this month however his movement is nothing to do with nayab baig resign and security director change.
    dont try to make things spicy it is a career move and i think he has done a good thing be update!!
    jaag k Geo!

  • Qaiser Rana

    Its worth mentioning here that before leaving Telenor, Khurram Malik has sacked 2 managers in CRD. One is Arslan Farid and another i dont know but i heard he has also been fired from CRD. Whats going on in Telenor? Rehman please confirm this news

    • Fawad Ahmed

      Hi Qasier,

      Sorry to jump in the middle, I was actually looking for Arslan Farid and just came across this thread. Can you please give me his contact number? or do you know where he went from telenor?

      Thanks !

  • Truth

    Actually this CRD guy struggles to maintaining a job, i doubt he will be working long with Digi, i understand he got the job as a favour from the former VP Hr and we all know that he has his special people do things for him on the road to lahore

  • Saira

    I have worked with Khurram for more than 2 years and i guess he is the best boss and finest person to work with. He has great Intellectual capabilities and he needs no reference to move any where as he is very strong professional himself. His joining at DiGi can only be linked with his capabilities. Good luck to him for his new Job:)