Qubee Soft Launches its Services in Isb/Rwp and Lahore

Just after three months of official launch in Karachi, Qubee has soft launched its WiMAX broadband services in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore.

Maps available on Qubee’s website suggest that coverage in Islamabad and Lahore is pretty dense; however, massive Rawalpindi is still uncovered.

Qubee's Coverage: Islamabd and Rawalpindi
Qubee's Coverage: Islamabd and Rawalpindi
Qubee's Coverage: Lahore
Qubee's Coverage: Lahore

USB Shuttle, Said to be a Powerful, Portable Device

For Islamabad, Lahore and Rawalpindi, Qubee is testing USB Shuttle; this is what they are calling their USB device.

USB Shuttle is said to be more powerful device than usual USB dongles, which have less signal strength as compared to their normal devices. But the case is opposite in the case of USB shuttle. Inside reports claim that USB Shuttle is more powerful than other devices of QUBEE, in terms of signals.


With USB Shuttle, Qubee will offer unlimited bandwidth for Rs. 1,500 per month; however, this unlimited package won’t be come with any other Qubee devices. For Usual tariff, check following table:

Note: Up-mentioned bandwidths were doubled as special promotion in Ramadan only.


Qubee has this main office in Islamabad that will serve for their sales and support as well. Address is: 75, East Blue Area, Fazal-e-Haque Road, Islamabad.

Another office is being opened at Chandani Chowk, Murrue Road Rawalpindi.

For Lahore their outlet is located at: 11, M. M. Alam Road, C/1, Gulberg III, Lahore

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  • qubee service is not good. it is giving me very slow speed most of the time i get 10 to 30 kilo bytes per second on my 512 kbps package

    • in what area you are using it. you might moved the device or changed location. its not compnay policy to sale on such low rate. When they installed the device at your home, then what speed were you getting. if its not the same as before, feel free to call our 24 hour contact centre. 111078233

      • i have not moved the device and the higain antenna connected to it and iam getting full signal. the engineer of qubee says that its normal.

      • i have not moved the device to another location nirther i have moved its higain antenna. then also iam getting slow downloading speed. and qubee engineer which came said that its normal.

  • One more thing that i would like to mention is that the coverage map is not updated. It was last updated a month ago, at its soft launch. Now the coverage has bee expanded to very large area. For example, there is no coverage shown in shakrial, gulistan colony, area between westridge and satellite town. But actually thats not the case. We have updated maps. So if you are interested but dont find your area on the map, then do call me once to ensure that service is available in your area.0333-5727507

  • I don’t know how they are planning to compete with Wateen, they have much better speed, rates and looking at Qubee indoor Wifi charges 1500, ohhh. Do they really have somesales or marketing team working for them.

  • hi am taimoor from qubee working as sales co ordinato,qubee is working quite awesomely in lahore we are retaining our customers due to quality service.usb device lauching very soon,

    for booking of shuttle call me 03214189759

    our services better than wateen and witribe

    • How is Qubee better than Wateen? Your best package costs Rs.1500 with 16GB Limit.

      Wateen’s best package is for Rs. 1620 with unlimited bandwidth. Don’t tell me it’s not “really” unlimited. They state in their policy that it is unlimited and I have tested it by downloading over 40GB/month regularly.

      If you will give reasons like “we are better than so and so” without anything to backup that claim then in my book you have not done you homework.

        • I can see you did not have good experience with wateen. I am not favoring wateen, I am just saying Qubee employees should compare thier service with others based on facts, not day dreams.

          By the way, I use Wateen, so far it’s working well for me. In Faisalabad it sucked big time.

          Wimax can’t have uniform quality of network all over the map. Guess you’re in the dark spot of Wateen.

          To be fair one can find customers from all Wimax operators who are pissed.

  • Total &^%&$. Qubee office in lahore is not present anywhere. I wasted 3 hours on MM Alam Road and no sign of any office at all. Called help line again and the retard ‘informed’ me that they are in testing phase. Huh?
    What the point in making big claims on the website?

    • Acknowledged! i also made calls twice times but CSR did not hear my voice over telephone. Further there is no option to join in Qubee for Lahore area on the website. What is this man?

  • well qubee is wroking for the last 1 month in lahore,i just sold 100 plus connections,we r serving 20000 customer in karachi due to service and thats why we dont like to come laike palne and go like rocket,slow and steady win the race,our usb shuttle is based on 4g technology,we are a big network working in bangladesh paksitan and got license in india indonesia,

    dont talk abt wateen its jus in pakistan and suck
    witribe is bigger group than wateen working in 2 countries

    • I think you should only talk about Qubee and don’t go for competition bashing. Beat them with your service not with empty words.

      By the way Wateen is the largest Wimax Network in the World.

      I hope all Wimax operators improve on quality…. and Please stop the Data Limit BS.

    • By the way Customers DON”T CARE how large the company is be it Wateen, Qubee, or Witribe.

      Customers care about Experience of Service. Deliver it, win us!

    • I can’t understand why retard pricing teams can’t understand that customers do not want data limits…. :-)

  • Qubee is a small company
    low penetration in the market
    Just few Evil Genious(Smart players like finance corporation)
    This Company could not survive as using Telecard network and Telecard is already declared Defaulter and its services could be terminated any time
    So Qubee dont have carrier growth for its employees but trying to suck money from the Banks
    Beware QUbee like Wateen who sold shares at PKR 10 Per share and now its current price is about PKR 4

  • To all
    Qubee has the best unlimited volume package in the market. Please do your home work. 1500 a month is a bargain.
    Formal Qubee launch in Lahore and Islamabad is after Eid i have heard.
    @ Telecom Specialist : very creative feedback

  • I want to purchase qubee shuttle unlimited. I am living at seham road adjacent to peshawar road in rawalpindi
    please let me know the details and contact no

  • I am using Qubee usb shuttle in Karachi. Its performance is very good. Normally, there are signal problems in my area but this device is receiving full signals. I am satisfied with its performance.

  • Sad , I hope that most of the comments pasted by the employees of Qubee,
    No such customer base and name of QUbee in the market right now
    Just on such forms and on short press relaeses the name of this Company advertised in reality

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