Quiz: When was This Page on Telenor’s Website Last Updated?

We have got a quiz for you today, can you guess the date when following page on Telenor Pakistan’s website was last updated?

Post your answers and feelings in below comments!

Here is the direct link: http://www.telenor.com.pk/pressCenter/top_management.php

Following is the snapshot:


Page has been removed from server! Woao that was quick;

Update 2:

Telenor has responded by explaining that above mentioned link was removed (unlinked) from website, however, file wasn’t deleted from the serer and hence was accessible with absolute link.

However, the page has been removed now.

    • Oops that was my system date.. Since Telenor uses php and does not uses [Last-modified] tag in header I think its not possible to find out when the web page was modified

      • you know what i think the author was reffering to something like the names of the top management are old or something [ i could be wrong :/ ]

        either way even if they used a last modified tag it would just show you the last time they edited it that could just be correcting the spelling mistake or something :/

  • This page was last modified on 31 Aug 2010 13:45:39 GMT.

    I am sure that’s was the last time Telenor updated this page.

  • this page was last updated on Tuesday, Jul 15, 2008 when John eddy abdullah was made the CEO of telenor pakistan.

    after that nothing was updated e.g khalid shehzad was made CTO on Tuesday, Apr 28, 2009

    departure of peter Kuncewicz, Chief Finance Officer on Tuesday, Jun 16, 2009

    and replacement of irfan wahab khan to Aamir ibrahim on Friday, Jun 12, 2009

  • It is very difficult to get date of modification of PHP programme web pages. As for concern pageinfo in Firefox give us information of file updated. But as HTML is created on fly by using PHP so date come same as on our system.

    I have traced another way which is not accurate but at least give us idea.

    In my opinion page was update on Thursday, August 21, 2008 11:28:51 AM

  • lolz got your point but so did telenor. They have taken that link offline. Most probably for updates…. ;-)

  • This page is not updated at least since a year as the current CFO, Karl Erik joined in September 2009 and this page stil shows the ame of the earlier one.

    But i believe this even goes back as Irfan Wahab left earlier also.

    Quite an embarrassment at telenor Communication Department end. People have gone too confortable and lazy with their jobs i believe.

  • Type this in internet Explorer you will find the date of any page


  • Another method by Telenor to get people attention so that for next time people can browse telenor web site with more activeness :D or even non telenor users can go to telenor web site again and again

    Telenor har medan main mahir experience hai. lootnay kay medan main sab dosri companion say agay :D

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