What is Tron’s Bike Doing in PTCL Nitro’s AD?

Interestingly, PTCL’s Nitro banner is starring Tron Legacy lightcycle, an upcoming blockbuster movie from Hollywood; however, there is no similarity in both the products/ brands at all.

Previously, corporate entities have been caught for lifting images from the web without bothering much about the copyrights. For that advertising agencies pretend those images as paid ones from online image stores.

However, this time designer sitting in the agency would had Googled for a blazing machine and may had ended up with this light-cycle from movie Tron; which is for sure not available for sale at any online image store as this abstract image comes from a movie that is yet to be released.

Usually, advertising agencies either use their own creative work or purchase paid content to be used in adverts/banners.

See the below image from Movie Tron and then Nitro’s banner. Also observe that color theme Tron’s image is being carried in banner as well.

Below is TVC of PTCL Nitro and Tron’s trailer,

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  • In short cheap advertising :)

  • ahsan

    look closely there is a significant difference though i agree they look alike at first sight

  • Kashif Khoso

    Hello Sir,

    Apko dono bikes mein faraq dikhai nai derahi kia? wo doosri bike hey aur wo doosri… kion bewaja PTCL ka name badnaam karahay ho…

    Dono bike different hein.! PTCL k bike ka handle dekho kahan pe hey, aur Tron movie k Bike ka handle dekho.

    PTCL k pic mein rider k pair (foot) dekho kahan rakhay hue hein aur Tron k dekho.

    PTCL k bike k headlights dekho aur Tron k bike k headlights dekho..

    Bohat faraq hey yaaar!!!!

    itnay faraq honay k bad bhi aap Copyrights pe agaye wah!!!


    • Saad Durrani

      Copyright ka problem ho sakta hai agar company punchyeti ho magr technically, both of them are quite different. PTCL has created an animated ad for this campaign. If a company puts an animated ad, why would not they put a still from the animation in the print. Sheesh! Get your facts right before blogging.

      Furthermore, you yourself can be pulled into a court for “defamation” of a company.

      • Ali

        google par search karo tron bike tu app ko pata chalay ga k har bike same nahi hay but theme sab ki same hay. yaqinan ptcl nay wohi bike uthayi hay.

        • Kashif Khoso

          Tron k bike aur PTCL k commercial ka bike bohat different hein… aap search karne ka aise bol rahay ho jaise k Tron wali bike humne dekhi he nai :P

          Both are totally different!!! :P

  • Murtaza

    This really is quite shameful!

    I was a huge fan of the original when it came out in 1982. This is from the long awaited sequel,which comes out this winter..

  • M.Fahad

    Who cares this is pakistan boy , Yaha sab chalta hay

  • Fakhre Alam

    Quite different. Aamir tora soch kay thread banaya karo. I wasn’t expecting such a bewaqufi from u

  • hammer

    PTCL should grow up, its not nintees when no body could catch these gimmicks

  • unknown

    ptcl bike have front light XD

  • Usman Khan

    Originally called lightcycles, there are 100s of games based on tron but not exactly having the same bike. Now coming to this topic, there is a significant difference the bikes. So no copyright issue here. You can always say Honda and Yamaha seem the same, just minor differences in apprarances, same case here.

    • hammer

      whatever the case is, its a stolen idea

      • Saddam Ali

        hammer, animated bikes can be look alike, take the example of shania twain in video i’m gonna getcha,,, might seem familiar but not exactly the same ….. Nothing wrong here and with PTCL

  • Fakhre Alam

    Koi chakkar toh zarur hy. Aamir kisi ny tmhy ptcl ko badnam krny k leye paisay toh nai diye?;) kidding bro

    • Kashif Khoso

      Thinking same here :D

  • picture’s not same….

  • I must say that only the theme has been copied, as ptcl’s TVC also features an airplane which converts to this tron bike after entering into another dimension! PTCL could have come up with some better idea, as TRON has nothing to do with word “NITRO”, a NITRO Powered car from N4S would be a better option.

  • usama

    theme same hona sa kuch nai hota G
    pta nai Amir bhai aap na kasa article public krdya ha…!

  • Prediction about PTCL

    Hear that Mr Naveed Saeed has been given this quarter to perform otherwise……………
    In October expected, Remember and then comment within 45 days about this prediction
    Pray about him the well wishers of him

  • don

    mery bhaio laro nhe yeh tron key bike hy ptcl is a carp http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/9/2010/06/tron_legacy_bike.jpg

  • i just watched the video…copy mari ha sari..

    ye video dekho

    Ptcl ad(watch at 0:30)

    Tron (watch at 0:52)

    ye jo mene time diya ha isma ap dekhe k dunu bikes ek he postion ma han or jb bike thora khulti ha,,,

    or bike b same ha…

    • admin

      Thanks Umer, added the videos in post…!

    • Kashif Khoso

      Ap keh to aise rahay ho jaise k koi Prime Minister ho :P

      aplogon ki waja se hamaray mulk mein taraqee nai hoti, apna mulk koi bhi cheez bana raha hey to aap jaise log ussay badnaam karne mein lagay hue ho! WAH!!!

      Aur apko batadun ye Tron ki bike already kissi aur ka concept tha… wo ab movie mein use horahi hey.

      ek aur baat… PTCL ki bike aur Tron ki bike bohat different hein :P

      • Yar kashif ap ptcl se ho kya..ap tu aise keh rahe ho jese ye ad apne bnaya ho…provblem mulk ki bae ha..problem chori ki ha…apne damag se ad bnaen kisi ka copy ker k mulk ka naam badnam na keren ;P bike k gear change kerne wala scene bilkul ek jesa ha…ptcl ko chye apna damagh use kere..dosre ka nae ;D


    Just want to say that why you guys criticise each and everything related to pakistan i think you gona mad. Pakistani qoom aik ahsan framosh koom hai tum logon ko aik facility di ja rahi hai aur tum sub keray nikal rahay ho yar thanks to ptcl jinhon nay ap logon kai liay aik effort ki think about it first of all say thanks to PTCL then aik dosray say laro..


    • ptcl ka mulk se kya lena dena?ye government ka kam ha :) PTCL kahan se agy yar.or kashif koso naam change kerne se ap badal nae jao ge.

      ek or baat.Criticize pori dunya ma kiya jata ha..kun k ye logun ka haq ha.Remember criticism leads to perfection.I think :)

      or apne likha k facility mil rahee ha..tu bhi jan ye facility boht mehngi ha..her koi use nae ker skta..or sae chalti b nae ha…
      mene evo use ki ha rawalpindi ma…or boht he buri performance dikhae ha.speed dial up wali hojati ha ziada ter.

  • I donot think so, If you analyze both images, you will find that;
    – Tron’s bike handle is on the front wheel whereas nitro’s is much above of that.
    – There is an orange circle on nitro and a line on rider’s pent whereas these are not available on tron’s.
    – Both bike have different front wheel designs.

    These differences can get nitro out of piracy act.

  • Wasif Jamil

    Its also a possibility that Tron Bike is copied from PTCL advertisement?

  • Yaser

    You people need to get a life especially Aamir Attaa. what a waist of time. Don’t tell me you guys have been honest the rest of your lives. Go do something useful.