What is Tron’s Bike Doing in PTCL Nitro’s AD?

Interestingly, PTCL’s Nitro banner is starring Tron Legacy lightcycle, an upcoming blockbuster movie from Hollywood; however, there is no similarity in both the products/ brands at all.

Previously, corporate entities have been caught for lifting images from the web without bothering much about the copyrights. For that advertising agencies pretend those images as paid ones from online image stores.

However, this time designer sitting in the agency would had Googled for a blazing machine and may had ended up with this light-cycle from movie Tron; which is for sure not available for sale at any online image store as this abstract image comes from a movie that is yet to be released.

Usually, advertising agencies either use their own creative work or purchase paid content to be used in adverts/banners.

See the below image from Movie Tron and then Nitro’s banner. Also observe that color theme Tron’s image is being carried in banner as well.

Below is TVC of PTCL Nitro and Tron’s trailer,

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