10 Mbps for Rs. 8,000: WorldCall Cable Broadband

In response to PTCL’s recent bandwidth up-gradation, WordCall has responded by revising its cable broadband rates along with introduction of higher speeds on its cable network for Lahore and Karachi.

Still unofficial, however, confirmed by WorldCall support, customers are already doubled with their bandwidths while new customers are given an opportunity to opt for up to 10 mpbs broadband bandwidth.

Following is the complete tariff guide:

Download speed Estimated Upload speed Old Price New price
512Kbps 256Kbps Rs. 1,100 Rs. 700
1Mbps 512Kbps Rs. 1,400 Rs. 1,000
2Mbps 1Mbps Rs. 5,100 Rs. 1,500
4Mbps 2Mbps New Package Rs. 2,000
6Mbps 3Mbps New Package Rs. 4,000
8Mbps 4Mbps New Package Rs. 6,000
10Mbps 5Mbps New Package Rs. 8,000
  • Setup cost (non-refundable) of Rs. 1,200 is applicable on all connections
  • Setup cost includes Customer Premises Equipment (Cable Modem/Set Top Box)
  • 5%, 10%, 15% discounts are applicable on quartely, half yearly and yearly packages.
  • Customer Premises Equipment (Cable Modem/Set Top Box) shall remain company property.

For more information, call: 111-111-965

WorldCall offers its cable broadband services in Lahore and Karachi through coaxial cable infrastructure for end users backed by fiber optic network in both the cities.

      • Deae Ahmad & Admin… guys i m using the worldcall 1mbps connection for like 2-3 months now…
        I dont pay for Cable TV… any thing EXTRA.. they jus charg 1000/=Rs. per month and cable is included!!!

  • Good offer by Worldcall I think Omantel has open its wings to capture the market or Management at Worldcall really gave tough time to PTCL, Wateen, Wi tribe and death level to Qubee.
    PTCL will now loose more subscribers as currently more then half million subcribers of PTCL are facing service issue and information provided by someone secretly that 7 lack telephone lines are out of order due to the Strike and DSL more then 100k is down and getting fix bill
    Such bills without usage must be reversed(Same WAPDA did with Flood Areas)

  • Agreed with comment given above

    In phone service the Pakcage offered by Worldcall during Ramadan with no line rent and 24 hours free (Wireless to wireless) and 55 paisa for 30 seconds for All networks is Zabardust and now Zong has offered up to 50 Paisa (Not exactly 50 paisa for every one)
    But the Package offered by Worldcall is exactly 55 Paisa without usage limit
    Omantel really clip the wings of PTCL

  • PTCL quality of service is getting worst day by day after they upgraded every package, I am particularly talking about 1mb.

    Aamir bhai, would you please write up on the impact of bandwidth upgradation and quality of service of ptcl after upgradation?

    After a long stay of about 3 years with ptcl with very few complains, now I am thinking to either upgrade my package and try or move to any other/new provider.

    • Yes, heard that service quality has gone bad after PTCL upgraded the bandwidths. I need to collect info on their total incoming pipe before and after up-gradation.

  • My PTCL 1 mbps connection disconnects literally a hundred times per day!! It’s become really frustrating and I’m also thinking about switching to some other company. These packages seems quite useful. I hope they don’t have same quality of service problems like this shitty ptcl…

    • I faced the same issue. Kindly replace your copper cable (Black hard wire, connects your phone to the tower terminal) it may have several joints on it and thats why it disconnects.

    • yea, PTCL sucks !!
      im using 1mbps. i want to upgrade to 4mbps, but cant do that due to line conditions :(
      and even on 1mbps, so much disconnections
      complaint a hundred times but no gain :@

      worldcall ppl, when will u come to Rawalpindi
      waiting anxiously ..

  • Yes i think it is available everywhere in karachi. i live here in defence i just ordered it. the installing team will come today, so ill ask them if it is available everywhere or not

      • here are the speed results.

        the browsing speed is very fast and i am getting download speeds upto 500kbs. youtube buffering is also very good. i am realy satisfied with worldcall.

              • 05 Reasons to say NO NO!!! to WorldCall’s Cable Broadband Service in Lahore:

                I have recently been a victim of Worldcall Cable Broadband Service. Here is my experience with the company

                1. Company seriously lacks sound backbone to provide uninterrupted internet service, resulting in : continuous modem restarts, modem hanging & disconnections ( Motorola Surfboard Modem )

                2. 2Mbps connection surfing speed & VDO streaming speed is as low to 1Mbps or even lower. Jumping to 4Mbps is out of question.

                3. Company connection doesn’t support routers or switches in order to share connection with your family or mates what so ever so you’re stuck with your lousy desktop to use internet.

                4. Customer service is although good, but their technical support team is one hell of a looser. It took them approximately 3 days & several phone calls to activate one temporary closed connection.

                5. Their billing is so accurate: their invoice comes later, Collection guy comes first.

  • I am very happy with PTCL EVDO rev B. 9.1 link which is way cheaper and has really good speed if you are having normal signals.
    This new WorldCall strategy/package is very expensive

  • Worldcall internet is pathetic, I have use @ my neighbour computer, I’m better off with PTCL 4mb package price same except extra payment on tax of 29.5% .. will not switch to worldcall for 200-300 difference.
    Even during strike , my phone n internet service haven’t been disrupted!

  • During strike if the service not disturbed by PTCL then the client may be treated or considered as luckiest person
    For normal people Worldcall is best
    Slight detail about luckiest persons
    Mr Zardari
    Mr Gillani
    Mr Baber Awan
    Mr R Malik
    and people getting service from PTCL during strike

  • Is the service and uptime of Worldcall Internet good enough?

    Lat time I used Worldcall Cable Internet was in 2006..and It was really, really pathetic. It worked for one hour out of 24 hours.

    So any current users care to share their feedback on worldcall?

    • nop… got worst.. i just got it disconnected 2 months back… for
      Hell of Line Drops
      Poorest Customer Support Team (Field & Backend)

      There’s so careless even there modem is still with me even after 2 months of dc & nobody bothered to call for it even.

  • LDN, ab tum bhi apna jaadu dikha do…..!!!!
    Plz, Plz, Plz……
    PLz LAD, step up and bring your rates down ;-)

  • lolzzzzzzzzzzz nd lolzzzzzzzzzzzz

    damn shared dsl they r provieding nd also from ptcl they took there bandwidth kekekekekeke

    ptcl is its self providing a punchared services

    all must i want to say “fone lines must be f.optic ..if not then its useless

  • I have been using WC for over 3 years.

    I can confirm that my existing plan has not been upgraded.

    Speedtest still shows 0.9 mb download speed whereas I had 1 mbps package and this should have gone to 2mbps now.

  • It is not available for all areas in lahore, i just called and they informed me it is not available in my area. But who cares! i am having fun with Wateen, I wish wateen can launch some new packages as well.

  • i recently switched from wateen to worldcall cable broadband 1mbps due to data limit with issue.

    I think i have made the worst mistake of my life… worldcall is givin continous disconnects… doest take cont. load whn runnin two systems at a time.

    I can’t wait for next month to switch to wateen.

    • UPDATE: worldcal lhas improved its connectivity issues so far.. no disconnections.. customer service is effective & efficent & mannered!!!

      I jus ordered 4Mbps conenciton that they say shall be active by 24-48Hrs on my line!


      • This is not me. I think this is some worldcall person, who have rplied to my comment.. pretending to be Fawad… by using the same name.. Lol :)

  • I am using evo 3.1 and its speed test is showing 984kb/s downloading and 57 kb/s uploading speed .

    thats not good. :(

  • World call is only in lahore i think they reached thier cable wires only gulberg and dha i have shifted dha a year ago and using worldcall cable and internet from jan 2011 and only paying 2000rs 4mb/s and i am very satisfied upgrading to 6mb/s , 8 mb/s and 10 mb/s can cause 3500rs installation charges and non refundable cable and modem are still company propety thats why i dont like about them so if you want extra speed than you must use ptcl evdo 9.1 it is also good but little expensive

  • I am from Gulberg, Lahore. I’m very happy with WorldCall Cable Broadband. At the moment, I’m using 4MB (2000/- monthly) connection. Average download speed is 540KB/s.

    The only disadvantage is upstream, which is 1/4 of downstream (120kb/s upstream) :(

    Customer support is much better than what I expected. Thank you WorldCall!!

  • I have been using PTCL broadband 2Mb connection last year but was not satisfied at all. My modem kept on disconnecting after every 5 min all day long. Then i downgraded my connection to 1Mb student package and it worked fine for almost a month but hell yeah… that disconnection issue came of nowhere once again :@

    Then finally i switched to worldcall cable Broadband 2Mb connection….Its working great. Download speed is around 240-250 KBps . Upload speed is about 1/4 of downstream . There is no dissconnection issue at all and the best thing of all is the customer care service. It is great which was shitty in case of PTCL ….

    Now i am planning to switch to 4Mb connection.

    • wowww…..I have switched to 4Mb connection of worldcall cable broadband and tell you what , it is awesum….no disconnection issue at aaalllllllll :)

      download speed is around 460-500 KBps all the time and upload speed is around 85-90 KBps which is not that bad too…..

      Ptcl nowadays are facing serious issues regarding server . Their servers can’t bear load now..keeps on going down….trust me, dont go for ptcl…You would regret it….A lot of my friends have also switched from ptcl to worldcall including me :P ……

      Plus motorola modem, worldcall offers you ,can easily be configured with tp-link wireless router as well……

      Finally here are my ratings

      PTCL 7/10 —> good dl & ul speeds but server breakdowns alot and frequent dis-connectivity kills u….

      Worldcall —> excellent dl & ul speed with smooth browsing and downloading huge , huge movies smoothly without any problem whatsoever.

  • FUCK PTCL , They will upgrade your internet from 1MB to 2MB for free and without even being informing you they will start charging 2MB bill right after 2-3 months … + they have fucking FUP of 50GB on EVO Nitro Cloud … no doubt you get good speed on Nitro but they motherfuckers mentions unlimited everywhere yet they have fucking 50GB and 75GB limits on EVO … they are motherchod … DONT BUY FUCKING PTCL DSL OR EVO … I am about to start own wifi hotspot for my village people and see i will grab all PTCL DSL customers … Alot of People complained PTA about miss advertisement of unlimited volume by PTCL but who the hell cares this is pakistan , ptcl feed shit money to PTA to keep silent…

  • I am using worldcall broadband USB and need to have SMTP (out going mail server address) for outlook bcz my mails are not sent from out look

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