How to Join PTCL Strike? [Video]

“Hum Sab Umeed Say Hain”, a hilarious program aired on Geo TV, presented the state of land-line customers after PTCL strike.

In this skit, a customer is shown in miserable condition with no option but to join the workers’ strike. Watch and Enjoy!

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  • PTCL top management’s arrogant style is not only creating problems for all stake holders but PTCL itself is loosing daily revenue

    I got WorldCall EVDO Connection before Eid as there seems no end to stupidity. Many users may have switched to other Service Providers.

    Other service provider should thank PTCL top brass for driving customers to them.

    PTCL employees demanded salary is not so much as compared to huge loss being incurred daily. I think 1 day revenue loss should be equal to total demand of the employees

    1. Customers are shedding away
    2. Revenue is being lost every minute
    3. Management is planning to hire new staff
    4. Have they calculated hiring, training cost?
    5. Who cares Ego should prevail, after all PTCL is now Private Company

    Wake up management, pay the workers what they are demanding to end this crises.

    I think could have avoided great revenue loss by paying demanded increase in workers salaries

    • well you are wrong about below:

      “I think 1 day revenue loss should be equal to total demand of the employees…”

      And its not about their ego. its about financial impact of those increments and moreover its about once for all breaking the influence of those unions since PTCL as a private organization can’t afford unions like other Telcos in pakistan. This is a transformation which was supposed to happen after Etisalat took over the management rights.

      • Organizations like PTCL are not meant to be run with an “Accountant’s Approach”. PTCL must now have good HR Deptt who cares about Employees welfare also.

        Transformation process at the cost of all stake holders is indication of sick mindedness. If Management need to break the union influence they need to Win the Heart of Employees. Management by threat never works ….

        Employees are asset of an organization and by training / retraining and nurturing positive new culture in an organization like PTCL be can beneficial to any organization

        Solar storm is comming and it is feared that telecom industry will also suffer a lot. ( Nasa Warns Of Super Solar Storm 2012)

        PTCL land line may become a must at that time. So fire your staff now and face the worst in near future.

        Management need to act wisely. Its management fault that they could not solve matters amicably with employee demands. Transformation need to be started at the top level that is the root cause of all sufferings for the customers, company and employees.

        • Well i must say that though PTCL employees are an asset to their organization but not a good one.. ;-) Their customer service is pathetic. There Line Man’s are rude and rishwat khour. Their Sales centers are not very helpful… Still if the management doesnt want to get black mailed by such employees, its management fault.
          Sometimes it becomes important to be assertive. Its important to deal with union culture strictly or otherwise there would be no change at all and history will keep repeating itself. They would be again on strike cutting down the fibre optics during solar storm as well. If they can’t care about the timing of floods, they wont care about solar storm as well.

          We need to remove radicals from such organizations where they think that they can do anything and everything if there demands are not met.

          • * Their customer service is pathetic…. Management Fault
            *Line Man’s are rude and rishwat khour….Management Fault
            *Their Sales centers are not very helpful…..Management faut

            Management sits in their offices doing nothing. How things will improve?

            Have management ever tried to improve Customer Service, Lineman behavior?

            Management don’t bother about improving Sales Center Role.
            Its a Joke that PTCL Sales Center are closed at 5PM.

            Its up to management to take and execute proper decisions

            If some one has to complain against behaviour of Customer Service, one can’t find any “Management Contact” for lodging complaint against Customer Support. Management’s Princes are not capable of handling the employee or public complaints. So the always hide themselves.

            With such evasive style management employee think they are free to do what they want. Blaming staff that they do nothing is the indication of incapable management of any company.

            Why Management is hired? to control the staff or to show helplessness and failure to control the staff.

            Flood should neither be used to emotionally blackmail people of Pakistan nor be used as tool to deny increase in Salaries. It is becoming common for all Deptts to un- necessarily refer to flood for their misdeeds.

            I fear that flood factor will be used for next many years to cover up the mismanagement in many organization of the country.

  • There should be another company which provides landline service in order to end PTCL monopoly. PTCL should see its end then.

  • It has already been writen on a nbumber of places already before that the ptcl privitization was a bigest fraud in the history of paikistan .

    It was such a monomous event that it can never be neglected ,
    media played the the baised role and supported the Etislat managemnt by observing the silence .

    No oposition, no govt , no meida was able to bring out the exploitation of the suffering employees strike and the reason.
    All the stake hjolders have thier interests in thier welath accumulated in ?the banks of Dubai and else where in the world .

    If the ptcl collapses then every one must know that the collapse of pakistan has begun.
    Because ptcl was the strategic asset of the country which has been handed over to the outsiders at a very cheap rate at thier terms and conditions rather than keeping in view the interest of the coun try.

    May Allah bring the change e\wave the eliminate the replace the curropt , hypocrite people rulling this country , who are robbing this country with both hands.

    Today , may Allah formid , ptcl collapses , then auto matically the menance of corruption will spread to the other institutions and they will be eaten away one by one .
    ultimately , the whole country will be sold to the outsiders and these few people will be enjoying thier personal livies in the foriegn lands .

    May Allah bring the honest , neat people and may the the ptcl privitization reversed as it happened in case of pakistan stell mills.

  • Don’t Pay Your PTCL Bills. If your connection is disconnected. Let’s See What’s They Do. Connection is already disconnected because of fight between PTCL Management and Employees.

  • There is a misunderstanding that ptcl is now a private firm it is very rediculus. only 26 % controlling shares were given to Arab firm still maximum shares are with government of pakistan. ptcl has a large workforce which is on GOVT basic pay scale ranging grade 1 to 17 and above; having pension from govt. how can some people say it is a prvate firm and such pepole are foooooooooooooooooooooooooooools

  • PTCL Management is not able to maintain the system same our political leaders dnt know whts going on with the nation…PTCL Management terminated many ptcl workers…MEDIA /Chief Justice/Presedent of pakistan/PM/CM Every 1 silent….

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