Two Mobile Operators Found Guilty of Over-Charging

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has detected two Mobile operators guilty of charging extra from mobile subscribers, in a technical survey conducted by the authority.

In a statement issued today, PTA said that it has carried out billing verification of all cellular mobile operators (CMOs) by using computer software based solution meant for such checks through NEMO tool.

Currently, Mobile operators are offering per-second, 20-second, 30-second and per minute packages. For this purpose, 30-second billing package was selected as majority of the subscribers have opted for this package.

One hundred (100) rupees scratch cards were loaded in the SIMs of all CMOs. In order to verify billing system of CMOs, on-net and off-net calls of different durations were made ranging from 28 seconds to 175 seconds.

During billing verification exercise, it was observed that billing systems of majority of CMOs were accurate and amounts were being deducted correctly in accordance with their advertised tariffs.

Two of the mobile companies were found overcharging in some instances. However, names of mobile operators were not made public by authority.

It was observed that in most of the cases operators were giving benefit to their subscribers by charging lesser tariffs in comparison to their advertised tariffs.

    • It is the problem in Pakistan – names of guilty companies/persons are never exposed. Culprits enjoy first class services in Pakistan. Don’t know when it is going to change.

    • Not only expose but these companies should be asked to reimburse the extra payment that they had accumulated from public. One of the ways that this could be done is by asking rather forcing them to reduce their tariff.

  • Yes, among these two operators, Mobilink will definitely be the first, however Zong or Warid will be the other opeartor…..

  • Mobilink nahi ho sakti kabhe. Using mobilink from past many many years, jo mobilink bol rahay hain woh pehle mobilink use karain then complain karain.

  • telenor persona im damn sure.

    persona is hell expensive. even if i dont make any call/sms and check my bill after 24 hrs it increased dont know how

  • I have been using zong for a year and i am satisfied with it’s tariff plan. i don’t think if it’s zong.

  • So far below is the tally.. Why dont Admins attach a poll to check customer’s perception about overcharging companies… Surely Outcome would be interesting to know… ;-)
    Mobilink 10
    Telenor 9.5
    Zong 5.5
    Warid 2
    Ufone 2

    (0.5 score where user designated two operators on a single slot like Telenor/Warid)

    • I believe all guys implementing traffic in their respective organizations would say the same about their company. ;-)

      Between the public opinion says otherwise.. :-D



  • hahaha … People who are saying about over charging :D

    bro. Its my personal xperiance agar ap mobile companies ki fazol offers (like caller tunes etc) ko ignore kro to i bet u … Koe b company ovrcharge nae krti.

    Or 2nd thing … U cn try it by ur self … WARID … so called most fav. Company of u ppl.

    Jst evr try 2 use HaPE HOUR or other calling packages of warid n thn … U will knw .. Why i am sayin warid again n again … !

    Warid ix losing itx market share wid da pasage of evry nxt day … N datx jst bcz of this :)

    HaTs oFF 2 WariD n iTs UseRs

    n unFORTUNATELY … Im also one of thm :-/ … !

  • My suggestion: Just keep one simple package (without any VAS like Smart tune, MCA, daily bundle offers etc….)and live happily… :D as i have Telenor Prepaid package 63/30sec alongwith one sms bundle offer # 2.

  • Ufone all the way 99% of ufone users always say’s yaar balance kahan chala jata hai pata hi nahi chala subha hi card recharge kiya tha..

    If you have any issue with zong you can check Ebill which has a detail of each and every sms and calls..and its free
    My vote is for Ufone

  • I’m sure the two companies are;

    These two are the worst and poorest quality networks.

    PTA must give the names of the two guilty operators so that thy can’t make the people fool anymore.

  • Dear all Ufone customers,
    It to make aware Ufone customers that Ufone is walking of the foot prints of Mobilink.

    What happened to me is I took Uloan from Ufone and I have not toped up my account, but then I topped up from my friend of Rs.150 and I got the message from Ufone that Rs15.60 loan has been deducted and you have this balance.

    But again the very next day when I checked my balance it showed me the message that ” You can not query when you are in this state” I thought that I have to top up my account as Ushare does not work because I have not returned loan very quickly and I thought that every thing will get back to normal when I’ll top up my account from a retailor and it will show all the balance including the previous Rs150 minus Rs15.60 Uloan.

    But when I got the topup it only showed me Rs16+ in my account. I was very surprised to see that and I called Ufone help line and they told me A VERY SHOKING THING…


    This is a very shocking news for me, first they put more charges and taxes on Ushare amount and now they silently changed the terms and conditions THIS IS VERY SHAME FUL

    So guyz please be careful when ever you are going to use a Ufone service because they advertise it with different terms and implent it with different conditions.

  • Well when its written on the right side that Telenor and Ufone have got stay orders against PTA actions … than why all people are discussing it can be jazz or warid or zong ???

  • I am mobilink (postpay) costumer.. As far i know mobilink postpay don’t have 30 second billing tariff plan. they have simple plans as per minute charging..

    They might don’t charge any extra charges from minutes but i am sure they DO charge something on daily basis that we don’t know.

    >> Mobilink users plz check it, when your outstanding reaches your credit limit, you will get notice message about the total outstanding, and note that balance, and try to avoid making calls, txt msgs, or any gprs, etc from ur number.. just wait for notice msg that u receive very next day about outstanding, which will increase few rupees probably rs.5-7 etc, or sometime even more. even ur payment due date is not came yet.

    Mobilink apna ha,, :)

    • I agree,i also notice this overcharging on daily basis.Mobilink is charging alot even in our monthly billing they charging advane taxes as well.

  • I am pretty sure that it is not Warid. I have been an extremely heavy user of Indigo for 4 years then switched to Warid Zahi. The thing is that Mobilink is way too expensive and the costs add up quickly. Mobilink used to charge me about 5,000 – 6.000 every month while with Warid, (Basic 250 package + My 5 + 750 sms/mms per month), My bill comes down to 1400 – 1600 for same usage. Hell if they charge more, I save around 70% already. I am sure overcharging is almost negligible as was apparent from article that it was only in some cases. My vote goes against Mobilink in every case. It is in favor of Warid and btw my cellphone is my primary mode of communication. So Warid, no no no no no. Mobilink , A big Yesss.

    Also you must note that most of the over billing is due to our own fault. I did my masters in telecom and I definitely know that every telco including ptcl and mobilink has a pulse of 95% the actual advertised time. For example if you have 60 second billing, drop the call at 57 second and for 30 second billing drop the call at 28 seconds. you will never be overcharged.

    For those itsy bitsy packages, daily, weekly, thats all a trap. Just get some monthly sms package and thats all you need. You will live happy

  • Everyone would have its own experience but I have used and I still use services of ALL of these operators on daily bases. I keep my balance as low as possible in



    Reason is, you don’t know where your balance is actually going.

    After every recharge I get a message from Ufone saying “you have successfully subscribed to VAS service” but I NEVER subscribed to any. I talked to CS but they said yes you aren’t subscribed to any VAS.

    Telenor is doing the same. I have no MCN, No callertune, no crappy service subscribed to on these two operators and my packages have no daily charges.

  • In my experience, ZONG is not overcharging but doing FRAUD by some other means:

    For example, if you send multiple messages to subscribe to AZAN from the SIM menu, they charges 50 rupees multiple times.

    When my son did that, I called customer service and requested to revert the charges, they flatly refused.

    If something costs Rs. 50/month, how and why on the earth they can charge Rs. 350 for the same thing per month.

  • Asal tu PTA ka qasoor hai, awam ko sahi khabar dain, takay dosraon ko bhi pata chalay kay kon galat karraha hai. or dosra yee gulti na karay,

    aik gareeb say 2 rupay ki gulti hoti hai tu shoor machatay hain,

    or inlogoin say pesay laykar khamoosh hojatay hain oor unki gultiyoon ko chupatay hain.

    dokay baz ko subkay samnay kyon nahin latay..

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