PTCL Strike Ends, Claims Management

Recent PTCL strike is now finally coming to an end and situation is returning back to normalcy, claims a statement issued by PTCL today.

Statement said that PTCL management is also welcoming returning employees with an open heart and has decided to release the salaries of all such employees who have reported back to work.

Consequently, salaries of about 26,500 out of 29,000 employees have been released.

The process of termination of service of those employees who are still abstaining from work or resorting to these acts of hooliganism has been started.

It also needs to be mentioned that all those employees who had caused damage to PTCL network and installations are being handled strictly without any compromise. This situation has particularly been alarming at Lahore where more than 120 malicious cuts of optical fiber have been committed by these miscreants, said the statement.

  • Yeah I hope those employees who cut optical fiber cables are brought to justice and dealth with strictly for creating miseries for the consumers.

  • The upper management should be fired.

    This situation was running since last month and all peoples are suffered who is responsible? the employees or the upper management.

    As you know, you can’t fight against those Union then why you decided to going the situation.

  • strike is still on in lahore.
    and phone are still being cut off on regular basis by striking employs & still management is doing nothing to fix the phone line cutters.

    we need more Quality DSL providers so that we don’t need to go through PTCL phone lines to et good quality DSL phone Line.

  • after an so-called blackmailing with the help of government of Pakistan (coz PTCL owned by friend country), they did stop salaries, illegal arrest of employees, terminate many employees, so they finally got target to get back employees in offices.

  • Their employees did worst by cutting cables, it caused so much pain to people especially in this flood disaster.
    Those employees should be jailed.

  • Half of all workers who struck should be booted out without benefits or salary until its proven who damaged cables. all ptcl workers are useless complaining when people are begging for jobs
    they are behaving as they own ptcl, they are nothing but ungrateful employees who have screwed the public

  • A supervisor in my exchange in Rawalpindi is Mr. Don, under his blessings his “chamchaz” once got rude to my family claiming that we lodge “fake” complaints of DSL and PSTN services not working. I lodged complaint to PTCL HQ and PTA against this. Interestingly same was the case in Satellite town Rawalpindi exchange where such Union Leaders were lazy ducks doing politics during job and nothing else. If your work has to be completed by any of them then you will wait for months because no one can call an explaination from them.

    My DSL wasn’t working from last month, still I have problems but I m sent a bill to pay.

    Moral of the story:

    PTA has NO quality of service level below which customer isn’t bound to pay.

    2nd there is need to fire such employees for good future of Pakistan (not alone PTCL) to make an example that lazy ducks must go home.

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