Warid Pays Tribute to Sports Champion Aisam-ul-Haq

Tennis Star Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi, pride of the Nation, who made to the US Open Finals (Men’s Double and Mixed Double) first time ever in the history of Pakistan’s Tennis.

He had a very tough competition in both the finals but unfortunately couldn’t nail down the last hit on the board.

On his arrival at Lahore International Airport on 15th Sept. 2010, thousands of Pakistani from all ages gave him a warm welcome. Government of Punjab gave him Z – Class Security & Protocol through his way back to his residence from Airport.

Moreover, Governor and Chief Minister Punjab have also invited him for a grand dinner at the government’s mansion.

Warid Telecom pays tribute to the national hero in its own iconic way by beautifying the main roads with eye catching streamers and installed huge size billboards at all the key exit points of his way back to his residence from Airport.

  • Great job Warid :) he is MASHALLAH a great champ of Pakistan who took this game to the new level in Pakistan. I hope one day Paksitan will will US Open.

  • Warid should consider his own heroes working in his company. . . Really it’s becoming a very bad employer for the sake of employees.

  • Aisam-ul-Haq is a true Pakistani hero. I hope he politely declines the offer of “grand dinner” at CM’s palace. It just proves that these politicians do everything for their political benefit and to get maximum publicity, whether it is cutting back spending or throwing lavish parties. Just a few weeks ago, all were talking about saving money etc. And now they are talking about grand dinners. Now we understand that in both cases, the motive was political aggrandizement and least of worry for the masses.

    • Rightly said, Adeel.
      And I pay tribute to Warid for its reluctance to grow as an active company. Warid is lagging behind in almost every aspect. Hats off. Sleep well.

  • good, all mobile networks must be give tribute to him because he is a hero of Pakistan and true Pakistani, He is promoting Pakistan with his game

  • very goood…aisam-ul-haq the real champion of pakistan…and thanks to warid who tribute aisam-ul-haq… i hope one day we will be us champion….proud on aisam

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