Telenor Offers GPRS Bundles

Telenor Pakistan has introduced data bucket or GPRS bundles for its prepaid and postpaid customers.

Prepaid customers can sign up for daily, weekly or monthly plans, while postpaid customers can avail GPRS bundles of 10 MB, 50 MB or unlimited bandwidth in a month.

Earlier, Telenor was offering this 5 MB data bucket for one day subscription only, which is now revised and offered with 3 MB data limit.

Prepaid GPRS/EDGE Bundles:


Postpaid GPRS/EDGE Bundles:


How to subscribe:

  • Dial *345*901# to activate Daily bundle
  • Dial *345*902# to activate Weekly bundle
  • Dial *345*903# to activate Monthly bundle

How to check remaining quota:

Dial *999# to check the bundle balance. The balance will update after end of every GPRS session. Charges for checking balance is 12 paisas (including taxes)


  • Data bundlea are applicable on all prepaid TalkShawk and Djuice price plans.
  • Bundle would expire on the date of expiry at midnight. An expiry SMS notification will also be sent to the customer
  • The subscribed bundle would expire & the customer would have to re-subscribe again
  • If bundle expires during a session then customers will be charged the default GPRS charges for volume consumed in addition to the allowed volume bucket i.e. 3MB for daily, 10MB for weekly, 45MB for monthly. In case the user does not have any balance in his monetary account his session would stop after bundle exhaustion.
  • Subscribers can subscribe to multiple validity bundles at one time.

  • Unlimited is not Unlimited actually as Fair usage of 2GB applies on Unlimited EDGE.

  • Prices are set to save more the pocket of company, as always done by telenor :D makkar chalak company, ah 64KB billing will also benefit the company not the users XD

    Warid 10mb gprs package is better than all those above telenor packages, in price and validity both.

    Zong is best in GPRS package in Pakistan, but signals problem :-/

    Ufone daily package is also cheaper than of these telenor GPRS buckets.

    kaka aik hay aur naek hai
    kaka hamesha sach bolta hay

  • Read this kahani, sachi kahani kisi aur blog ke zabani copy ke ijazat di usnay

    >Telenor is known as fox clever fraudy company.

    Here is my another post about GPRS package fraud by telenor.

    You can prove me if you think I am wrong.

    Telenor is only for those who do not care while spending money or for those who are idiots, they keep on weeping things are expensive instead of thinking that there are many other cheap better service providers.

    OK about Telenor GPRS package fraud.

    Telenor recently launched GPRS package for its prepaid customers for talkshawk and djuice packages, 5MB in Rs 12.

    Telenor said that GPRS package validity is 24hours (A lie)

    Telenor prepaid GPRS package validity is not 24hours, you can say that Telenor GPRS package expires at 12am.

    Package expires at 12am which means no 24hours validity, for example you activate your GPRS package at 11pm then your package will expire after exact 1 hour at 12am(you got just 1hour validity). You activate your package at 11:45pm then your package validity will be fifteen minutes. And telenor network becomes busy at 12am to delay customers GPRS activation requests, which also decreases their 24hours fake validity hours due to delay in activation process.

    That is just to fool customers, in Zong daily 60minutes GPRS package has exact 24hours validity, you activate GPRS package then your next 24hours will be counted.

    After above example who is wrong? Me, Zong or Telenor? Who is fooling customers?

    Other fraud by Telenor in same package, if you were using GPRS package and time 12am passes then you will be charged out of package for the all time since your last GPRS connectivity. Example, you connect your GPRS package at 9pm, you forget to disconnect at 12am, then you will be charged normal GPRS rates 9PM to your usage end time of after 12am. Who is getting benefit and who is losing? Customer or company?

    So many frauds and hidden charges in Telenor which i saw only in mobilink and telenor, even mobilink is a lot better now than compared to its past but Telenor is still in the wheel of fraud because they earn from stupid customers who get into attractive advertising by telenor and who do not go deeply in facts of the services by Telenor.

    Update: Telenor has extended its GPRS fraud, now customers really cannot activate GPRS package even till afternoon, then they have to contact telenor call center and call center officer will say politely that “Yes it is network issue you can always get your GPRS activate from call center in such cases”. Which means actual telenor prepaid GPRS charges are 12rsGPRS charges and 1.50rs call center charges total = 13.50rs GPRS package charges.

    • junaid

      if ur so fed up with telenor why r u using it .or r u a ZONGs AGENT:p

      • Are you telenor agent?

      • Aray telenor or ufone or customer whatever tell prove if the above things are not true? :D :D :D

        • Shoaib

          I have used telenor for more than three years, both its postpaid and prepaid packages. It is not a fraud company and dont have such hidden charges. Sometimes there are temporary network problem for which you may get your service activations a bit late, overall its network is of good quality and tariff is competitive. Only it was not providing gprs packages for prepaid customers in past but it has a pretty fast data network and at time I achieved download speed of more than 20KBps.

          • yes it was not providing GPRS package for prepaid and GPRS package for postpaid was in 1100 rupees i think :D because I have also heard one of telenor officer when they were deciding rates ( Telenor postpaid users do not care while spending money ) jiska matlab hai looto full looto :D

            But you also agree to what I have said above? :D true or not true?

            • Anon

              Sacha Kaka – nice name but please do your research first before posting bogus info. just fyi telenor postpaid goprs packages start from 75 Rs and go upto 500 Rs. The 1000 Rs package was stopped two years back :)

    • kalim

      calm down dude… ever considered the fact that telenor gives u edge almost all over the country, while the other only give in major cities.. ever tried that stupid GPRS outside major cities.. u talking abt price, go for zong and get that 20kb speed or even less than that … and dont ask abt the speed outside city, a simple fb site would take good 2 mnts to open… let alone any youtube streaming… and its not fraud, companies offer two types of 24 hrs offer, one that changes with date, and one that changes with time.. and they already made it crystal clear. now they cannot personally go after every person and tell them personally… there aint any solution for fools

  • Telenor nay dil per haath rakh kar akhir customers ko sasta gprs day he dia hai, kai saal tak 1rs 64 mb day kar kafi loota telenor nay khoob taraki ke loot ker.

  • Fakhre Alam

    Zong rox. 2gb just for Rs. 239 incl taxes.

    • Ya Zong is best price-wise but speed is really slow.
      Though I am using this package myself :P

      • shahid imran

        Its wrong i use zong gprs package its speed is very fast in EDGE supported mobile u can enjoy speed of 17-25-30 KBYTE downloading. Its self tested .

  • Shazil

    2gb package must b have for prepaid so we can get rid of zong,otherwise zong is better even its slow

  • Shazil

    But best point is that subscriber can activate multiple bundle

  • Zong packages r the best

  • Telenor KANJOS

    ZONG rocks 2GB in 200 rupees

  • Shafqat

    Ek dam falto packages.
    earlier daily gprs package was 5mb for rs10. now 3mb for rs10.

    • And earlier packages were with 1kb billing. Telenor loteri

  • Jahangir

    I like their new packages.

  • Hassan

    Zong is best for mobile internet

  • hammad

    Zong rockx man in data packages atleast.

  • Saad Durrani

    I heard Zong blocks apps. They would not let you use Mig33, ebuddy or Opera. Whats the use if I cannot use apps?

    • then telenor ke sim ke achar daal lena hahaha

    • Usman Afzal

      Telenor gprs is really fast n most EXPENSIVE but u have posted wrong info about ZoNG. Check it by yourself before posting others comments. I am using 2GB gprs package of ZoNG and all mobile applications are working. Web browsers like Opera Mini 1.27, 3.1, 4.2 and version 5.1 also working correctly in my Samsung U600 mobile. ZoNG is fast if u use it on your mobile. Web pages are loaded fast in Opera Mini.

      • Zong sometimes do trouble on JAVA APPS, i have personally tested it, Plus their network is overloaded, I have 3G HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps enabled handset and living in the area where EDGE is also available but the maximum speed it get is 15KB/s in Off-peak hours 04:00-09:00 am.

  • is ki speed boht slow hai.rate tu sahi hain lakin speed boht kam hai.agar speed high ho jaye tu packaga ziyada acha rhe ga…..

  • sarhadi_uqab

    Zong(2 gb) is still best

  • zara

    fantastic offer from Telenor, Telenor ever offered good services in GPRS,

    Prepaid customers can sign up for daily, weekly or monthly plans, while postpaid customers can avail GPRS bundles of 10 MB, 50 MB or unlimited bandwidth in a month

    • Yousaf

      Telenor ka Unlimited ka matlab 2GB hota hay LOL, ROFL… Its really hilarious, Telenor thumb down.. Zong and Ufone Thumbs UP..

  • Aizaz

    Telenor is big fraud.
    Ufone is much better 2 MB in 3.99 Rs per day. and Telenor sucks. only 3 MB in 10 Rs.

  • Fakhre Alam

    Nope i use mig33, opera smoothly with zong. No problem

  • xain

    warid is offering 100mb in just Rs 20+t

  • sherry

    i think still warid BUCKET is best 10mb for rs.35.85 with 1 month validity….(TELENOR) For Postpaid customers 10mb for rs.89.63 this makes no sense…..

  • Jay Khan

    Well no match of Telenor GPRS/EDGE speed and most of all it have EDGE coverage in almost all places. Some of ZONG covered areas are still not providing EDGE services at all in Major cities.
    And also its good to have some compression enabled softwares like Opera on your phone to save data usage.
    This package is not for connecting ur Laptops and PCs to phone and then download movies !!! :P

  • Fakhre Alam

    Speed wise and fraud wise telenor is the best. I think their speed is the best cuz they don’t have regular customers like zong and uföne. I would like to request all zong customers to regularly register complains at 310 regarding gprs speed

    • Abdul Naeem

      Yes, u r asolutly right. if we all complain against the speed & connectivity of zong. then inshallah zong zabardst hojay ga.

  • Aizaz

    Dear all Ufone customers,
    It to make aware Ufone customers that Ufone is walking of the foot prints of Mobilink.

    What happened to me is I took Uloan from Ufone and I have not toped up my account, but then I topped up from my friend of Rs.150 and I got the message from Ufone that Rs15.60 loan has been deducted and you have this balance.

    But again the very next day when I checked my balance it showed me the message that ” You can not query when you are in this state” I thought that I have to top up my account as Ushare does not work because I have not returned loan very quickly and I thought that every thing will get back to normal when I’ll top up my account from a retailor and it will show all the balance including the previous Rs150 minus Rs15.60 Uloan.

    But when I got the topup it only showed me Rs16+ in my account. I was very surprised to see that and I called Ufone help line and they told me A VERY SHOKING THING…


    This is a very shocking news for me, first they put more charges and taxes on Ushare amount and now they silently changed the terms and conditions THIS IS VERY SHAME FUL

    So guyz please be careful when ever you are going to use a Ufone service because they advertise it with different terms and implent it with different conditions.

  • naruto

    who nonsense says that zong is a good company they always says that the package is only of 5 rs but always cost 15 rs……..the bigest liars

  • 10 RS main UnLimited wo bhi 3 MB ka ?

    ye kaisa UNLIMITED ha ?

    I’m gona send a complain to PTA on their website for its deception of UNLIMITED to public.

    Fazool, Fazool sy Packages!

    Guys, You too complaint about iT…

    Zong is best 2 Gb For 200.

  • Usman Q

    Well i think Ufone is the best operator by far – although we forget it is part of PTCL so it shows that our Etisalate owners can run a business sucessfully

  • Naeem Ilyas

    Warid ka zbr10 hay 30 RS may 10 MB validity 30 days, or speed bhee udham hay,

  • i buy 2GB GPRS but our boster some time not working our boster is mouzashewa sawabi plz ???????????????????????????

  • Ahmed

    Marketiers in these companies are management graduates NOT math graduates so

    For X Unlimited is 10 Mb/day
    For Y Unlimited is Connectivity, not data volume.
    For Z Unlimited is 2Gb.

    What is your Unlimited ?

    We need to define Unlimited, PTA is sleeping ?

  • Waqas

    I’ve used Telenor for about two years. Network Coverage is good & services are good. But it is a little expensive. I have now ported my number now. There are few reasons for that:
    1. Mentioned by Sacha Kaka that the package is not for 24 hours.
    2. In Talkshawlk very expensive sms package.
    3. In DJuice cheep sms but very expensive call rates.
    4. Call to 345 is Rs. 0.50 & Call to Customer Service Representative for 1.20. which is very expensive.
    5. Unable to use Auto Advance. You can’t use it for yourself.
    6. The GPRS daily package is reduced to 3MB only.

    I ported my number to Warid. But Warid has a very bad service Quality. Particularly Internet is not good. I disconnects a lot of times during a session. It offers Edge only within some of the Large cities like Lahore, Karach, Islamabad. In other areas it is GPRS only.
    If i call the Customer service center they told me to reinstall the settings, the phone software & some other thing. I have taken all the measures but the problem is still there. And the interesting thing is that they are not going to accept that it is the network fault.

    Tamam Companies apna Hisab Kitab poora rakhti hain. Lekin Telenor walay zara zyada Chalaak hain.

  • Sajjjad

    Telenor is very very frouddy! So do’nt use it!

  • mrdon

    Telenor is great.Good packages.I am saying telenor is grt because its speed is quite consistent.

  • Naeem Ilyas


  • mrdon

    No doubt Warid is very good but keep in mind warid services are in lesser areas as compared to Telenor.


    ap se acha to Warid ka GPRS package hai i hate Telenor lanat hai aise connection per

  • Zong is best for internet and telenor bukwaas sirf Bukwaas

  • Asad

    Iam using Ufone and i have subscribed unlimited Internet package on postpaid only Rs 500+tax.
    is ki average speed 40-50 kb/sec hai.
    unlimited me ufone best hai or speed bhi bohat zabardasr hai.
    browsing speed is same as DSL…..!

    • syed anser toqueer

      yaar thek thek batao ufone ki speed to 5,6kb se barhti nahi
      agr ap thek keh rahe ho to main bhi yehi sim laga leta hon.
      tell me plz thanks
      [email protected]

  • Aman Pir

    Mobilink, Ufone, Warid and Zong sucks when it comes to GPRS/EDGE connectivity and speed.

    I am a Telenor user for last 4 years and i am loving it.

  • Valeed Anjum

    Mobilink ka internet Sab Say Acha Hay Free Hay Na Eslay Acha hay

  • usman

    guys pls help me out…..
    im using zong 2gp pkage but thats damn slow nd do troubble in loading fb or web browsers!i hav bought telenor prepaid sim nd want to nw which internet bundle will b best to use unlimited internet bcz im using iphone……..

  • QudratPakistani

    Lekin ap log Mobilink k bary men bat q nhi krty. Jo saarifeen ko rozana, haftawar, aur mahana packeges deta hai. Daily offer=unlimited data at only 10 tx, aur awesome offer of late night 200 MB just in 3.99 tx from 00:00 am to 08:00 am. Aur mobilink gprs ki speed amooman 10 kb/s

  • Adi

    Yar zong ki speed kaya hoti ha

  • khalid

    telenor internet is so borring

  • jay ees

    yr zong ka good night offer kaisA hy ?? Plz tell me ..

  • syed anser

    mobilink ka 7day wala pakeg acha hai 28Rs main 500mb,

  • Shurahbeel Sajid

    yar kisi ko pta ha k telenor py free gprs kis trha use krty hain

  • Rashid

    yar koe internet ka package btao jis ki speed bhot bhot teez Ho or data b unlimited download kr sake plz plz my cell no 0314-8477315 text msg me .