A Line was Just Crossed: Telenor Internet.More [TVC]

Telenor, a company that is usually very responsible in advertisements has apparently crossed the line, by having a go on a TVC, which is morally beyond or social values.

To sell its newly launched internet bundles, Telenor decided to show a boy spotting a college girl. He then searches her on Facebook using Telenor’s GPRS. He then sends her message to be connected, and then she turns out to be the daughter of principal of that college – in the end, boy and girl get connected, in ten rupees for a day.

Tagline of this ad can be: How to Get a Girl in Rs. 10 with Telenor Internet.More

Following is the AD:

A multinational company of Telenor’s magnitude must consider the operating circumstances before defining a policy. A love story presented like this in TVC is not going to get acceptance by masses, while we already are hearing bad words on it from industry:

Here are few points to be considered:

  • What has happened to ad agencies? where is creativity?
  • Sales’ desperation has gone this high that company can show/teach this nation anything?
  • Where is PTA/PEMRA?

Thanks to Rashid Shahzad for sending us above screen-shot.

Update: Telenor has Pulled Back above mentioned TVC from TV channels and their Youtube page. A Backup AD is being aired as of now.

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  • Waqas

    Absolutely agreed… If it doesnt stop here, Next time they’r gonna go beyond this to God knows wat…
    Everyone should write to telenor and register their protest..

  • haris

    <<>> .. kya sab aesa he sochtay hain ya sirf aamir bhai k0 ye ad acha nahi laga n ye tagline bana daali ???

    • Maximus

      insaan baherhaal aisa hee sochte hain…

    • Omer

      Looks like a personal issue…like we all haven’t done that, boys/men or girls/women alike?!

      There are no innocent or wannabe innocent bystanders like Mr Aamir here.

      Welcome to the real world.

      Sad that Pakistanis still always have an issue with looking at the reflection in the mirror.

  • Mrs. Mehvish Imran

    Telenor’s act of disrespect to Women

    Telenor’s new TV commercial ‘internet more” is based on disgraceful words used against women who form more than 51% of the population of Pakistan. Labeling a college girl as “Taza Hawa Ka Jhonka”, it shows the degradation of society as a whole. It is a source of resentment and an assault on sanctity of women for many believing in social values.

    The misuse of technology i.e. mobile internet service has been promoted unethically targeting immature minds of college and school going students. Setting aside the responsibility as a corporate entity, telenor preferred immoral language to promote its services among present and prospective users across the country.

    “Jisay Moqa Patay hi Talha Nain Kar Dya TAG” is an offensive street language used in Telenor’s advertisement against women. It’s an insult to one’s intelligence and need to be condemned widely.

    Multinationals are expected to follow values that show respect to individuals. Whenever they derail from this, they not only offend their customers but also the larger community they operate in. They are least expected to pick the regressive parts of popular culture and give them a lease of life.

    Media’s power to influence public opinion is on the rise in Pakistan. The spread of a message has been increased drastically with the coming in of private TV Channels. At this point of time commercial entities promoting goods and service must work with the highest sense of responsibility. Can Telenor avoid letting down those who are struggling for better gender sensitive society in Pakistan?

    • SalmanAbbas007

      +1 Agreed :(

    • symphony

      I do Agree with Mrs. Mehvish Imran, TVC is really giving a bad msg to the publib especially young boys and girls… I think Internet.More can be promote in other way professionally…

    • Ansari

      LOL auntie jee! plz stop feeling young and go back to your cooking! Ap sara din tv per jo music videos aur dramay dekhti hein they have the same kind of themes. Gettings girls, having affairs, going on dates and wht not! If ppl start thinking like you then I fear TV in pakistan will no longer exist! LOL

      • Omer

        Well said @Ansari

        • nida muneeb

          well said ansari.. stupid mentality of these people.. it was a nice ad..

    • hasan

      common ppl get a life …..boy girl thing is every where and being a expert in social behavior this ad actually portrays wht most ppl do online……job well done telenor

  • usama khalid

    CHEAP YOU!!!!!! TELENOR…..

  • Junaid

    So whats next? Go burn and ransack Telenor offices? Kill telenor employees? For upholding and defending the “national” honor of the country?

    Why is the honor and dignity of Pakistan tied down to the _____ of Pakistani women?

    Pakistanis try to behave as if they are angels. Look at those involved in the cricket scandal. Salman Butt who was at the fore front of Inzi’s tableeghi jamaat and forces his wife to observe the veil. What a hypocrite.

    For those holier then thou Pakistanis, FYI, this ad shows exactly what 90% of the pakistani teenagers would do with their mobile phones.

    So get a life and wake up.

    [Comment Edited]

    • Tanveer

      Junaid i am Agree with you …. our people think that we are angels on the earth but world think something different about Pakistanis ;)

    • hammer

      agar cricket walon nay paisay liye tu kiya sab ghalat kaam shuru kar dain

      kiya telenor iss say bhi ganday ad bana sakta hay kyun kay cricketers nay paisay lay liye?

      • Tanveer

        بے شک اچھائی … اچھائی کو جنم دیتی ہے اور برائی … برائی کو

      • Junaid


        What exactly is a “Ganda” ad? How do you define “Ganda”?

        I am pretty sure that you would loose all sense of “acha” and “Ganda” if the daughter of your principal is as good looking a bombshell as the girl in the Telenor ad; just like the pious, five times praying, tableeghi, jamaaati, cricketers with hijabi wives and sisters, had their moral compasses screwed when they saw loads full of cash.

        Firstly, there is nothing wrong in the ad. The problem is that you have not been able to have “fraaandship” with a girl as good looking as the one in the Ad. So you have a problem with others who can actually make “Fraaanships” with good looking girls.

        Even if there is a problem with the ad, making it an issue of national honor (which Pakistan does not have to start with) and dignity is not the solution.

        Call telenor and lodge your protest in a civilized and honorable manner. Dont go about burning buildings and ransacking businesses.



        • Fakhir

          Don’t put your words in anyone’s mouth. No one said to go and burn telenor or kill telenor employees, your definition of democracy and right to speak and protest is very weak. I hope you will accept and admire US laws allowing anyone to do and say anything utilizing his/her full right to speak like by a pastor.

          But why people like you get so narrow minded when it comes to right to speak and protest of Pakistanis that everything said is labelled as “extremisim” and you get concious about “image” in workd community ?

      • Hammer man

        oh boy!
        Now I need to get a new pen-name :@

    • umair

      Junaid who are you? by name you are muslim but by with your comment you are not. and hello mr we are not talking about cricket and cricketers’ life. Every Pakistanis’ values are stick to islam so here we are pointing out an advertisement whihc not representing our islami or pakistani values at all. think your self… and ask yourself do i like the same exposure of my family the way it’s shown here?

      • Tanveer

        Lo G …. aa Gya Kufr ka Fatwa

      • Anon

        yes people only go visit websites that show how to be a pious muslim.

      • Unknown

        You are wrong! what if these ads are published in Pakistan, all these things are happening day by day in Pakistan, First Indian culture, then this and blah blah……….

      • Omer

        @umair, Pakistani’s other than Muslims also live in Pakistan.

        Did you not read the news paper?

    • Ahsan

      90% people doing something wrong doesn’t make it Right.

      • Tanveer

        Sach Hamesha Kerwa hota hai
        But sorry to say this is Harsh truth of this era

    • Akhlaq


      I have gone through three layers of shock regarding this particular ad.

      First, to watch the ad and hear the language.
      Second, to see people attaching a question of whther such ads should be aired or not.

      and the final and the most estonishing shock has come to me after reading the immature reply that you have posted to prove your point.

      Borther, everyone has a right to express his / her feelings or opinion … but whats the point in splashing mud over the Nation’s integirty??

      I dont blame you for this though … it has become an intellectual symbol in Paksitan (for people who try to prove themselves more intelligent than the rest of teh nation) to degrade our national and ethical integirty. People of such thinking somehow believe that they can only be noticed if they humiliate the nation by calling it hypocrite. in my humble opinion, these people are infact the BIGGEST HYPOCRITES of these times. Who themselves are a part of the same nation which they are degrading in their irresponsible comments.

      I would deffinitely not indulge in the sin of raising doubts of you (or other people with same thinking) being muslims or Pakistanis. All of us are Muslims and while being a part of this nation, are Pakistanis. But we have developed this habit of focusing only on the negative aspects of our national behavior.

      You know why the world has found the courage to associate all the bad things with our naiton ? because we have forgotten our roots and we have developed a tendency to tolerate every new effort which is made to further de-rail us from the path we should travel.

      This new ad by telenor is yet another seemingly minor attempt in the same direction … to charm us with things and tactics which are against our norms. And here we are discussing whether it is right or wrong !!! funny … is there any question in its being inappropraite.

      for example, We didn’t protest when the indian dramas started making ways into our lounges … and without noticing, we have acquired half of their sociology. We didn’t protest when people started mixing music in Darood Sharif and Naats. and now we have reached a stage where they have mixed “Azaan” with music (meezan oil ad).

      This is not a fatwa or a lecture i’m trying to present. This is just a desperate apeal from my side for protecting whatever little we have left of our roots and our culture.

      By the way if the cricket topic was ever necessary to be brought in this discusion; merey bhayee … if they have done worng then they are also facing humilliation for it. So if Telenor has done something wrong, why should they face the protest ?? i’m not suggesting burning their offices or anything like that (Khuda na Khvasta)… but at least we can keep our mental notes intact over whats right and whats wrong. a thousand wrongs can not justify yet another wrong.

    • Ahmed

      Your comments show you have a perception that we are extremists..

      Why are you suggesting bruning and killing of telenor offices and employees? No one talked this here but only you. Quote only that what is said and not what is in your mind to do. If a country’s dignity isn’t tied with its people then with what it is tied to ? If we aren’t angels should we not even speak against what shouldn’t be showen to our generation? Should we surrender our right to even speak and protest? Please update your knowledge of what democracy is, speaking against anything isn’t extremisim as you are trying to say. Inzimam and Afridi aren’t named in any scandal. Your argument lacks alot.

      2nd what world is thinking about Pakistan is much better than what it thinks about US. If European, Indian, US media is creating image in your mind of what world thinks about Pakistan then God help you. Wikileaks recently released 15k documents of how US CIA is involved in terrorisim in Pakistan and around the world, you won’t talk about that?

    • Kashif Hameed

      Agree with u junaid. the people criticising this ad are themselves involved in such actitvities. hypos.

  • Tanveer

    Baat tu sach hai per baat hai ruswai ki.
    Sach tu yehi hai aour yeh kuch ho raha hai bulkeh shaid is say ziyada he ho raha hai …. Hamin Sach sunnye aour dakhnye ki aadat nahi. isi kiye is commercial ko shaid ban ker kay maslaa hal ho jaye.
    Ankhain Band Ker Kay Geo [Geo Propakistan] :D

    • Ahmed

      In Indian College, Schools bringing a cell phone isn’t tolerated. Are they too running from the reality ? Everyone has a cellphone and uses it these days, why don’t they accept this reality?

      If those favoring such ads read my argument carefully I think I said my point.

      If I agree with you that we should accept what is shown in ad as reality of life then there are many crimes going on through cellphones around the world (not just Pakistan, if you think is hell for you) but not everything is to be shown on TV.

  • BK

    All rules and regulations of PEMRA were met in this Ad. I don’t think there is any underlying message given in this Ad. Furthermore, Ads concepts are consumer driven.
    We are all hyprocates, on forums we talk about religion and all positive stuff, in reality we have lose morals. None of the ad crossed the line, they just reflect our own image.
    Deal with it !!!

  • Samz

    I think there shouldn’t be cry now… it sounds like people are becoming “Mullahs” now


  • Hassan

    Telenor is wrost operator and have no ethical values

  • Saad Durrani

    This is what in journalism is called a slow news day report. Ali Zafar and Meesha sing away like lovebirds is OK. The guy in Ufone ad leaves a girl one because her voice has a natural defect is OK. It is norm for young girls and guys to search mates on Facebook. If the girl would have been a smart cookie, she would have used privacy settings.

    Yes the actual problem of the ad is that it has two different layout and fonts going on. One is the usual facebook font and the second is the Arial font. I guess the marketing agencies were being lazy.

    • Rez

      What a knee jerk response is that, stalking can never be justified on ethical grounds, beside that, this ad invades people’s privacy and it would take a dumb to justify it. This whole nation is becoming full of dung holes!

      • An ad cannot “invade” anyone’s privacy, Rez.

        Can you state for the record whether you’ve searched for people you know on a social networking site just to see what they’re up to? Because, you know, that’s “stalking.”

        • Rez

          Dude, are you even serious? It would take an inane to comeup with such a response, that ad preaches stalkeris behaviour, there is nothing wrong in searching out for people you already have some sort of ties with and want to connect to them, there is every thing wrong in searching data on people you don’t know and only want to dig information on them to creep them out, which you can later use for what ever heinous purposes. Honestly, i would be creeped out if tons of dumb looking girls and their grandmothers start adding me on Fb because i look cute to them, god sake.

          • “there is every thing wrong in searching data on people you don’t know and only want to dig information on them”

            Please answer my question with a simple yes or no. Again: have you ever looked anyone up who you didn’t know, but wanted to know about?

            My guess is you have. Everyone has.

            “only want to dig information on them to creep them out, which you can later use for what ever heinous purposes.”

            You’re editorializing here. The ad doesn’t show or say anything about “creeping them out” or “use for a heinous purpose.”

            “Honestly, i would be creeped out if tons of dumb looking girls and their grandmothers start adding me on Fb because i look cute to them, god sake.”

            Interesting that you used the qualifier “dumb looking.” This leads us to the question of what you’d do if they’re not “dumb looking.”

            • Rez

              “Please answer my question with a simple yes or no. Again: have you ever looked anyone up who you didn’t know, but wanted to know about?”

              Mate, your logic is flawed, i believe looking up information on people over the internet in a non creepy manner is alright. Allow me to break it down for you. If you are an employer and are about to interview a candidate, it will be considered a smart move to dig up information on that particular candidate and verify what he states in his C.V. is right and you want to be sure that you are not hiring a rapist with criminal record. Now that is one aspect of data mining, which i’m alright with.

              Now if you closely monitor the ad, you will understand that it serves no purpose beside preaching how to stalk and invade people’s privacy, the media is conditioning our minds to believe in what they think is alright, no matter how wrong it is on moral grounds. Here in west, no sane person who values his/her privacy will approve this ad.

              “You’re editorializing here. The ad doesn’t show or say anything about “creeping them out” or “use for a heinous purpose.”

              Oh yea, brilliant argument! I don’t see them say anything about “creeping them out” or “use for a heinous purpose.” But this is what this sexually oppressed nation is now going to do, einstien.

              “Interesting that you used the qualifier “dumb looking.” This leads us to the question of what you’d do if they’re not “dumb looking.”

              For a moment, i feel dumb, i should have used a tailor made term and not “dumb looking” The idea, behind this was that i’m not alright with any kind is stalkerish behaviour from strangers or not so strangers, gone are the days when such acts were considered as acts of chivalry, thanks to stalkers!

              It was a bit entertaining, but it’s downright boring. Go ahead quote me, make a wise remark, and make yourself happy. I’m out.

              • “But this is what this sexually oppressed nation is now going to do, einstien.”

                Nothing, really. She rejects the friend request, and blocks him on Facebook. The End.

                P.S.: Pakistani society is supposed to be sexually repressed, not oppressed. If you really meant the latter, it would mean you support more sexual freedom for Pakistanis — which, clearly, you don’t.

    • Omer


      The mobilink ad featuring Meesha and Ali Zafar, if anything, ought to have raised flags here…for its bad taste!
      And Ufone, going on SOORAT rather than SEERAT…so what if she didn’t sound angelic!

      But wasn’t wanting to hit on a girl un-islamic too?!

  • Tanveer

    some people specially these banuri town Mullahs rate every thing in Hallal and Haram.
    And these people are very quick in giving Fatwas:
    Like Movie Khuda Kay Liye is Haram :)
    I ask them which movie is Hallal :D but they never respond

    • umair

      yes very true mr.tanveer either things are halal or haram there is nothing in between as far as one want to remain within the boundries of islam. I hope your parents went to mullah or masjid for their nikah recitiation otherwise your presence in this world would be doubtful A Halal/Haram so becareful while poiting out…. some people think molvi’s are to be contacted when someone dies for janaza and someone nikah needs to recitied… and for the rest of matters thay can consult with their own satanic beliefs or judge it as majority says…

      • “yes very true mr.tanveer either things are halal or haram there is nothing in between as far as one want to remain within the boundries of islam.”

        Wrong. For one thing, things that are halal can be makruh — disliked, but not a sin. For another, things can be mubah — neither forbidden nor recommended.

        “I hope your parents went to mullah or masjid for their nikah recitiation otherwise your presence in this world would be doubtful A Halal/Haram so becareful while poiting out…. ”

        Now you’re not only attacking Tanveer, but also his parents. What a pious Muslim you are, umair!

        • Tanveer

          Fahad i am agree with you!!!
          What we can expect from These typically Madrasa’s ignorant Molvi’s except such kind of insulting language about other’s parents.

          And want to register protest to Moderator of this group that why he did’t edit his comments regarding other’s Parents.

          Narrated Abu Huraira:
          Allah’s Apostle said, “If a man says to his brother, O Kafir (disbeliever)!’ Then surely one of them is such (i.e., a Kifir). “

          • My name is not Fahad.

            • Tanveer

              Sorry!!! Faried Nawaz

  • Saeed

    I think should be Banned this type of AD.

    PTA/PEMRA – their pocket has been full, nobody will talk for this.

    • Tanveer

      Only option for our extremist mullah’s [Go burn and ransack Telenor offices? Kill telenor employees? For upholding and defending the “national” honor of the country] this is better way to defend your national honor

  • Usama

    it is interesting how we suddenly jump to our own conclusions without realizing the effects of our words. firstly i would like to mention that yes kids of today may use the internet wrongfully does that mean corporations have a right to exploit these wrong doings in our society? what are we as a nation thinking? we are justifying that the act is normal so it should be accepted? i believe each one of us need a wake up call and think about the right and wrong as we stand disjointed simply because we have learned to use media to get benefit out of the simple wrong doings in our society.

    • “firstly i would like to mention that yes kids of today may use the internet wrongfully does that mean corporations have a right to exploit these wrong doings in our society?”

      Regarding the above ad, which thing did the boy do that offended you, and why was it offensive? Please be specific.


    cheap idea

  • Junaid


    Junaid who are you? by name you are muslim but by with your comment you are not. and hello mr we are not talking about cricket and cricketers’ life. Every Pakistanis’ values are stick to islam so here we are pointing out an advertisement whihc not representing our islami or pakistani values at all. think your self… and ask yourself do i like the same exposure of my family the way it’s shown here?

    As usual, when Pakis are confronted with ideas that are intimidating and question their conventional wisdom, they play their usual card

    1. You are not Muslim
    2. You are Muslim in name only
    3. You are Kaffir
    4. You are an Zionist-Hindu-Christian crusading agent of the capitalist, colonialist West. (Yes the same west where every one wants to migrate and wants to study for making some dollars $$).

    Yes, I dont want this exposure for my family and FOR EVERY OTHER PAKISTANI FAMILY AS WELL.

    However, in Pakistan OTHER people’s mother and sisters are always more _____ while one’s own sister and mother is virgin Mary waiting to give birth to Jesus.

    [Comment Edited]

    • umair

      no junaid you playing with filthy cards here (as you using ____, _____words) with prophets names SHAME…. our have on all prohets and their piousness is part of our eeman….actually you are the ones who really who want to see and enjoys such adds and thats all! someone of your calibre is sitting in telenor who approved this add for TV commercial.

      • Tanveer

        Stop this extremism try to respect comments of every one and stop this Fatwa phenomena no has right to say someone Kafir just for some comments

        • What he doesn’t realize is this — http://bit.ly/aIjnvm

          Narrated Abu Huraira:

          Allah’s Apostle said, “If a man says to his brother, O Kafir (disbeliever)!’ Then surely one of them is such (i.e., a Kifir). “

  • Hassan

    Than only operator left are

    Zong and Warid

    These have some sensiable adds

  • Xeyna Naeem

    Shame on Telenor! This is what they are teaching to our young generation?

    Such a disrespect to women!

  • BK

    I am sure more than 90% of the people talking here have already done this or want to do this

  • atif


    First of all i agree that the new telenor Ad is not at correct ethically or according to our religion/culture/social values etc. Secondly i would like to say that yes we should take action on this and telenor should take this ad back and let it be a lesson to everyone that such CHEAP Ads is not we want to see

    BUT having said all this i sincerely believe that Telenor just showed a picture of what is happening in Pakistan. Honestly speaking as Muslims and as pakistani WE as nation have crossed many boundaries on negative side.

    There is so much wrong, disgraceful and unethical happening in our surroundings and all that is done by MUSLIMS or PAKISTANIS…. look at our dramas, our stage shows, our politics i mean just look around and tell me honestly don’t you see that we are going downwards on all grounds whether is social or moral or watever…..

    Wakeup Muslims, Wakeup Pakistan and get back on track.


  • kashif

    Telenor is again pioneer but being as unethical. this would be the first step going beyond our cultural values..We are strongly influenced by Indian Media..Now we have started making sketches ourselves. If it aint stop here then there will be no break. for God sake dont push your new generation towards distraction..Cant we make them productive??? is there only one topic of girl & boy to discuss??

  • Speaking of ‘ethics,’ what’s ethical about posting a screenshot of a non-public Facebook status?

    • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

      Well they did blur out the names, and this is standard practice when showing a screenshot of a non-public Facebook status.

      • The status message was Jehan Ara’s, and her name is not blurred out.

  • Jahangir

    I also don’t like their new ad but companies make these kind of ads because most of the population in Pakistan is “Young” girls and boys and most of these boys and girls use mobile to make friendship and time-pass.

    This ad is for those for sure.

    Also, why targeting only Telenor? ALL mobile companies are using young girls and boys and showing their “friendship” in ads.

    Pakistan has lost its dignity and no one cares about the country and/or people. EVERYONE is just after making money legal or illegal.

  • Saeed

    Really Interesting Comments.

    Here are many peoples mind set (agent) same like that they are working for America/Israil.

    We are Muslims and have some morals, ethics so kindly under that moral, ethics we live on the earth being a Muslims.

    • “Here are many peoples mind set (agent) same like that they are working for America/Israil.”

      The people who scripted that commercial, directed it, acted in it, and promoted it are most likely Muslims. Are they someone’s “agents”?

  • Iffs

    its Pakistan. what can I say??

  • Rez

    That to be honest is very creepy.

    • Have you ever googled someone? Repeatedly? That’s as “creepy” as this.

      • Rez

        Get out of here if you refuse to be a rational person, if you care too much, read my other replies.

        • I hope you didn’t Google me. I mean, I wouldn’t want to be “creeped out,” right?

          • Rez

            Wish i could use a Faceplam emotion here!

  • Tanveer

    بات تو سچ ہے پر بات ہے رسوائی کی
    شائد آئینہ میں عکس ہم کو پسند نہیں آیا

  • Tanveer

    یہاں پر کتنے جیالے جن کے موبایل میں کتنی لڑکیوں کے نمبر ہوں گے پر اسلام اور پاکستانی اقدار کے علم بردار بنے ہوے ہیں. منافقت ہے دہرا معیار ہے اسی لئے ان کی بات میں اثر نہیں

  • salman

    this ad is against our values and those people who are in favor of this ad are part of this ad type of society thats why they think its ok .

  • muneeb

    i am not surprised by this advert..i take it just as a funny way to depict our bad sort of society… plus i 100% disagree that this is any way to spoil the youth… in fact the youth here is already too much spoiled… when glamor on Pakistani channels can be shown openly (Major reason for spoiling the young generation), why not this ad???

    • Rez

      Because its fookin creepy and invades your privacy, you dumb shyt. ah well sorry, but you get the idea.

      • muneeb

        all i can say is that a day will come when companies will use obscene language in their ads…

        • When someone uses obscene language near you, do you do anything to correct their behavior? If you don’t, why do you care what companies do?

          You’re asking companies to be responsible in a way you’re not.

          • Omer


            Spot on!

  • Jahangir

    I just sent Telenor an email and submitted my protest against this advertisement. I know it is not going to do anything but at least the authorities will know what their “Audience” is thinking about them after their new ad.

  • Usama

    @muneeb – does this mean we should encourage such behavior further? i believe the whole conversation revolves around how corporations have a responsibility and negatives in the society must not be exploited. There are a million and one ways one could have advertised this service/offer. Your view point simply highlights that if other do wrong why should we stay behind.

    We as a nation are lost and we need corporations who have huge budgets to create a sense of ownership and dedication to make things better not follow and promote the wrong doings within the society.

    • muneeb

      no we should denounce such things… the idea that revolves around this tvc is very much in practice here… i am talking about killing that..

      there is no check on the commercials shown here…

  • its really a shameful act :(

  • Well, there is no doubt that, this ad has gone beyond decency not only for a Mulsim society but any civilized society regardless of their relegion because what it suggests is just not acceptable anywhere. Ask even non-muslim parents in the west and they would not approve of anythign like that for their kids.

    It’s good to see that users are documenting their protests.

  • ad should be banned!!!!:x

  • buntu

    Oh man!!
    the typical, old saying of our screwed up society is true “girl and boy CANNOT be just friends”

    Its so sad that all the filth in heads is showing with all the negative comments.

    NO wonder you have such hatrate and intorlerance within yourselves cuz you all are so NARROW minded and sigle track filthy minded as well

    Look closely there is no hint of immorality. Boy and girl are just friends> Thats what you do to add someone on your FB, search and send “Friend’s request” even to your brothers and sisters.

    Wake up, open your minds. this intolerance and double standards are the reasons for where we stand today as a nation..

  • wally

    im surprised people are so vocally against this add! although i dont like the add, it is not becuase of its “disgracefull/disgusting/dirty” comments.

    You people talk about objectifying women bla bla bla, why didnt anyone ever speak up against the ufone add when a guy got out of a porche went upto a pretty girl to hit on her? just bec he didnt use the words “hava ka jhonka”? or the other telecom adds where hot women can con a guy into transfereing them free balance? doesnt that ojbectify women? why didnt people complain about that?

    How about all the bollywood movies you see where women are objectified day and night? . Every university prospectus uses the pictures of pretty students to “attract” applicants…just goto the website/prospectus of GIK University the male to female ratio is about 10 guys to 1 female…then look at the number of women on their prospectus.

    I agree we should not objectify women like this…but then the standards should be across the board.

  • I don’t think this is a big issue people just want something to talk about there are far more cheaper ads than this.Its more like a controversy :)

    • Tanveer

      May be not a big issue for you.
      But be careful from some typically Madrasa’s ignorant Molvi’s who may issue a Fatwa of Kufr on you just for your comments

      • Who cares lol
        Telenor ne asliyat dikhadi hai Pakistani young generation ki so sab ko sach karwi lag rahi hai.Jo baat horahi hai aajkal Pakistan main wahi dikha rahe hai agar logo ko itna hi fikar hai apne bacho ki to stop them from watching movies and dramas ose main bhi to ye sab sikhate hia.

  • Adam Ali

    Well to all those who believe that society is already spoiled and many people are already doing or want to do such stuff so nothing is wrong in showing this on media… shut the **** up.. :-)

    People specially youngsters are doing a lots of bad stuff… Is it necessary to show it all on the TV? Is it necessary to promote every bad thing in our society over the media so even those kids who are not aware of any such activities could learn…?

    Here is an idea for next campaign of Telenor… Many youngsters are having sex before marriage as well… They must show that in their next campaign. Nothing wrong in doing that since its already happening in the society…. :-)

    And well Telenor Employees… stop defending your campaing for no reason… You are Muslim and pakistani first and Telenor employee later… :p or is it the other way around…? :p

    PEACE… :-)

  • Ads reflect what happens in our society.

  • Rafay

    Cheap ad but a true reflection of our society.

  • observor

    Get a life people, Don’t like the Advert, don’t watch it. This ain’t the first advert with questionable ethical implications & for sure it won’t be the last. Many if not all of those who have commented here, are involved in or have tried their hands on activities/actions which are questionable, both on moral & ethical grounds.

    P.S: Keep the 2 penny fatwa’s to yourself, none of us is in any position to question, comment or pass judgment on religious values of any individual.

  • For those interested in passing judgement on others, I recommend this nice video I found the other day by a famous Saudi sheikh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wODzqkpyuNE

  • Shaharyar K. Kureshi

    Aamir bhai what about the little conversation between Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar in Jazz Non Stop Call Masti TVC in which Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi expressing how much they were missing each other…

    • Faisal

      BUDDY ,







  • Mordor

    LOL this topic is getting more and more hilarious on hourly basis.
    @Junaid – I truly agree with every word you said-
    hypocrisy just lurks in our veins, yes OURS as in “we” .Should we blame the system? our parents? our schools? No, it is only “we” to blame – trying to draw a thin line between religion and every thing we do in our daily lives. Yes i can completely understand the ‘typical mentality’ when an individual expresses a thought which somehow does not fit to the ‘popular Islam Norm’ -resulting in which, through with much needed effort,always boils down to one and only conclusion “you are kafir”. Its better to be a Kafir than to be judged by a group of pseudo-intellects living in denial.
    Face it people, you dont OWN anyone – only God owns and knows his creations best.
    And dont even get me started on the “feminist” approach (as some blogs/sites have stated) – where was ye ol’ great Venus when Meera was being the center of attention everywhere? (Iam sary God will punesh you , lulz etc.)
    Step out of your caves people, stop pushing Pakistan to the evil hands of the Arab culture and stop bringing in religion in every single thing.Stop being an “intellect” by increasing hits on your teeny weeny blogs by introducing a new OMG never-heard before point of view causing nothing but more confusion within the human soul. There is much more to life than this and there are many other ways to be a good human being.
    Anyway, i like the Telenor AD – although they are my competitors and hope they rot in hell but still, kudos and good effort! its funny, blends perfectly into relity and a fresh idea for the mobile-internet awareness.

    As always, Pakistan Comes FIRST!!!

    • The ironic thing about all this is that Telenor’s Facebook SMS service (32665) hasn’t worked for months.

  • Mansoor

    i think its time to accept the fact that our society has gone completely bankrupt morally…. absolutly no moral valuezz.. Just ask for forgiveness.. nothing more to say..

  • SalmanAbbas007

    woo Very Hot Topic

  • G30-H0tz

    Duniya ki koi aisi burai nahi hay jo humari qoum mein nahi ho….lekin batein sunne wale hoti hein inki….Ye jinhon ne 2,2 pages ke essay jaise comments deye hay qasam uthwao ke kya inhon ne kabhi larki ko nahi chera ajtak? ………..Bloody Hypocrites, insan ke bache bano, Molvi ke bache na bano !

    • Usman

      yar molvi k bachay hona ma koi kharabi ha kia??? agar molvi theek ho to us ka beta hona aizaz ki bat ha q k wo ap ki tarbiat aisay kry ga jaisy islam nay btaya ha…….isly molvi ya molvi word ko yahan contemporaneous manner ma use nh krna chaiay….. or 2ndly kia molvi insan nh?? bilkul he galat remarks diay hain ap ny…..

      apni mitti pay chalny ka saleeqa seekho
      sang e mar-mar pay chlo gy to phisal jao gay.

      west ki materialistic ideology ko bila sochy samjhy follow krny ma sarra-sar nuqsan ha….. ye bat apko, mjy or sb ko maloom hai but mj samyat koi bhi is per act nh krta….or yahee aj hamari ruswai ka bais ha…

      wo muaziz thy zamany ma musalman ho kr
      tum khar hoay tariq-e-QURAN ho ker(Allama Iqbal)

      so think for a momnent about it…..


  • symphony

    TVC is really giving a bad msg to the public especially young boys and girls… I think Internet.More can be promote in other way professionally…

  • Doob Maro…Telenor!
    Dont you have any girl in your home…..??

  • Naveed

    Shame on Telenor!

    • Shame on the ad. agency too !. Very cheap and poor concept !

  • sufia

    pathetic ad. yes unfortunately this is a sad reality of our country (tharkee culture), but it doesnt mean in any way that this sort of culture shud be condoned or encouraged. and by airing this ad, what are we trying to show? that such behaviour is acceptable? it is disrespectful to women if u dont look at it from the cultural/religious perspective. btw, it may not be seriously pursued in pakistan, but stalking is a serious CRIME anywhere else in the world, punishable by legal action. and frankly there is no need to indulge in such a subject to sell a TELEPHONE connection. disgusting.

  • hahaha because telenor is from norway, there such things are normal, too normal

  • Adnan

    much ado over nothing. such fuss over such a shitty ad. propakistani.pk get a life.

    BTW this is exactly how it happens online “boy spotting a college girl. He then searches her on Facebook. He then sends her message to be connected”

    what were u expecting??

  • Rameez Kakakhel

    (Sorry to point you out here Fareed thats the only names that ‘hot’ here…)

    The Internet is a great tool, if you know how to use it…. DO SOME RESEARCH!

    Internet Users in PK: 17.5 Million
    No. of FaceBook Users: 2.5 Million
    Cable TV Penetration: 8 Million
    ( C-TV users – FB Users = 5.5 Million)

    Assuming this Ad is aired on Cable TV only.. Telenor is telling the remaining 5.5 Million Cable users to go Login on Facebook and stalk girls… (Definition of Stalk: haunt: follow stealthily or recur constantly and spontaneously to; “her ex-boyfriend stalked her”)
    TELENOR is telling the remaining 15.25 Million Internet users to go stalk on girls in your college, neighborhood etc.
    No. of ADults in Pakistan by percentage: 51%
    That roughly estimates to around 85 Million people.
    Assuming every single internet user uses the internet to find info about girls/boys to find them, make them friend, harass them or just for info. That means that 20.3% of Pakistani adults do that. AND People like you say 20.3% means ALL???? And if you still say YES! Go to the 6th Grade and learn some Mathematics.
    If this Ad is aired on PTV and ATV.. what than..? How many many more youngsters you are persuading to use Telenor Internet (if they don’t have a PC) to find information about girls…???

  • Rameez Kakakhel

    (Sorry to point you out here Fareed thats the only name that’s ‘hot’ here…)
    Thats just the STATISTICS.. Which prove you Are WRONG.. and The No. of Adults is 58%.. That further reduces the percentage of internet users….!

    -> Every few months I have to consult, instruct or insult a psycho who teases my sister on her cell number (thanks GOD that prob is solved now). Am sick of them and Now TELENOR comes and tells them, HEY! If you don’t have her Number, Find her on Facebook! Pathetic….

    -> No. I don’t have any girls (non-family members, non-family friends) numbers in my cell. I don’t even have my those cousin’s numbers (female) who are my age.

    -> No, I don’t search people on the internet to find info and harass them in any way.

    -> No, i never even used Facebook to find my OLD College/School/Mahalla Mates.

    -> No, I never Had a Girlfriend and InshaAllah never will. Not even interested.

    -> No, Am not against the notion of a girl being a friend. Coz your wife can be your best friend if you want to.

    -> No, I am not A Mulla having a long beard and Pagri (for me thats ok am just explaining myself to you) from a Mosque somewhere in SO CALLED extremist region.

    -> Yes, I am against all those Dramas, TVC’s, MOvies.. who promote such things… I openly criticize such scenes at home that appear in local Dramas if I ever see them at my home.

    -> And Yes, tired of this S**T I have stopped watching TV. The only Channel I ever watch is Al-Jazeera English (I would recommend it to you if you want to learn anything about Truth, Journalism and Freedom of Speech).

    -> No. am not G*Y! As some ‘infected’ people around me like to depict me coz of my thinking and mentality.

    -> Yes, I am Muslim, I am Pakistani and I am against it.

    -> No, I don’t use Facebook.. FB didn’t met the level of privacy I demanded, it controlled everything not me.. So, I quit.. (deleted my profile).

    -> No, am not against you.. No, it’s not a War. It’s an Open Discussion where people come with facts and figures.

    -> Yes, I respect everyone’s opinion… BUT If it tries to damage the overall opinion/thinking of the people/society, I have the right to speak against it.

    -> NO, am not here to prove that am a FARISHTA! I am not, am just another Human Being… I said all that just because I wanted to answer the allegation you and people like you put on others who talked against your opinion/s.

    -> Yes, I am open to criticism (positive).
    -> Yes, I appreciate solid reasons and strong statistics.
    -> Yes, I am willing to change my thinking/mentality/style if you and others have the reasons and logic to do so.
    p.s. Read this research report if you want to know about the effects of Cable TV on Women in Pakistan.
    p.p.s. words written in CAPITAL mean shouting/anger/disgust in the Cyber World.
    p.p.p.s if you think I will search you on the Internet.. PLz! upgrade your brain, I won’t… COz I don’t care who you are….

  • Rameez Kakakhel

    OH! AND you should too don’t care who the heck I am.. just bring your facts….

  • I could be wrong, but here are 6 problems with the Telenor internet.more advert as viewed from the ees of a newbie marketer who also matches their TG:

  • Sajid

    But which line you are talkiing about??? these kinds of lines are crossed years ago.. but we are so hypocrate to accept it. untill you dont talk about issue they remains..
    i think Telenor is provocating.. and see people are talking!

  • ahsan

    this is actually pretty interesting to be honest , the comments that is but first let me get my own opinion out there the ad well ill just leave it to that i felt uneasy watching it with my family sitting beside me so i just changed the channel

    now the interesting trend i noticed in the comments is that most of the people “against” this ad are well not that well versed in what you’d call proving your point or maybe it’s just there lack of knowledge about the english language and the new generation that’s the cause of this. but then there were some guys who were perhaps a part of this newer generation and had a sizeable amount of sense these guys put forward some very convinving arguments and as the “defending” side failed to counter them they simply didnt reply.

    apart from that one more thing did bug me the “defenders” constantly said “go burn telenor” themselves and then in their later comments said burning down telenor will not get anything you enraged people or something . no one else brings it up and suddenly they blaim the poor “no knowledgers” for saying what they though they would do . lol indeed

    as a part of the younger generation i know majority of my friends are almost identical to the guy in the ad so to suggest the ad is to lead the nation to wrong doing or whatever is wrong because its the younger generation that led to the ad :P

    those saying what’s wrong with the ad ?

    nothing for you nothing for me ALOT for the outgoing generation . i for one know that everyone has his own personal life and i cant do anything about them , all i can do is act what i believe is right myself . what’s shown in the ad is the reality of nowadays it is to be honest and nothing can be done about it now . you’ll understand the outgoing generations anger over this because they RIGHTLY SO could never imagine doing this NOT because they couldn’t but simply because they were better muslims than us .

    now i ask you the “defendors” why target them like this when they in their own right and you and i both will believe RIGHTLY SO are right to critisize this.This is not what islam teaches us , but this is the truth of today. Not gonna say im an angel either but i try to keep my morals high to my own capacity.they never said to burn down telenor’s offices yet you suggest they would . look there is a huge gap in where we stand and they you have you understand them and give them respect as for the people critisizing this ad , my deepest concerns guys but this IS what is going on nowadays . i know this is headed in the wrong direction but this is the reality no one or nothing can change it telenor simply showed the reality even though this shouldn’t have become the reality !

  • this was my first time i ever read full story on any site/blog/news paper :D because i hate telenor, otherwise i just run eyes on few lines.

    han han karo sab telenor ke karo mumkim :D

  • Faisal Khan

    she was cute – i so wanna tap that :-)

  • Ali
  • shaaani

    why r we fighting on this ad think of that girl who has the name of Faiza Alam, think abt her,

    its not our privacy/degnity is at stake its hers, also think abt those girls(including those girls not wearing hijab) who r not free with boys, what abt them they will be facing huge disrespect/hooting from the boys in class rooms, public places or might be in front of her parents.

    also dont bring ISLAMIC teachings bcoz i dont want anybody to disrespect Islamic Teachings also dont want to hear Extremism shoutouts.

    plz think from a girl’s perspective not boy’s (becoz some boys are thinking that all girls are like a piece of toy or doll and its compulsory to play with them)

  • Zain Ahmed

    Boohooooo :(

    This is pretty much how normal life goes for teens these days…I just don’t get what’s wrong…
    ..there’s much worse actually happening than people connecting trough social networks…leave Telenor alone.It’s harmless.

  • Sanam

    You know as much as I agree with the sentiments of the author AND the readers who have voiced their expressions in the comments, I’m really a bit surprised on the reaction of our society on this ad. To be honest, I’ve seen a lot worse ads than this from our local companies and haven’t seen anyone raising their voices against them. Why such a fuss on this one, then? EVERYONE knows this is a common practice among boys: whenever they like a girl now they quickly search for her profile on internet. How is Telenor TEACHING this to you then when you know it already?

  • A Paki

    Camera mobiles shud b banned at College Campuses … the reality of the matter is much worse than shown in this ad …

  • If we sidestep the morality debate for a bit, here’s a strategic insight why the advert didn’t make sense from a marketing point of view:

  • Faisal

    Our ad agencies are drained out of ideas!

  • nida muneeb

    the boy and girl both looked so cute..

  • Ali

    Don’t be hypocrites. We have been doing this for a long time. and if someone makes an ad out of it, we protest? that’s retarded.

  • Ahmed

    WDF?? this is too much,, shame on you telenor

  • Shah sahab

    I don’t understand Pakistani mentality. How the _____ did this ad got so famous on youtube? what was in it? can anyone explain? is it that guy in the ad or something else? just have a look at the youtube comments.. the ad has really made some fans down there.
    [comment edited]

  • Tahir Ibrahim

    This is perfectly fine. This is exactaly what teenagers do online. Drop the loserish approach already.