Qubee Launches USB Dongle, Claimed as ‘Best in Market’ Device

Qubee has launched broadband USB device “Qubee Shuttle”, the most reliable, state-of-the-art device in the market so far, as claimed by the company in a statement issued today.

Reportedly, device was well tested before official launch. Internal reports suggest the device performs pretty smooth even in less covered areas.

Qubee says that device is the best in class among the similar products being offered by other WiMAX providers in Pakistan as it has the latest technology which drastically improve performance to provide uninterrupted internet experience to the users.

As we reported before, the main advantage of “Qubee Shuttle” is that it is bundled with unlimited downloads at Rs. 1,500 per month.

Following are Qubee tariffs,

Unlimited Packages are not unlimited, they are capped at 30 GB per month.


  • Out of bundle charges Rs 0.11 per MB
  • Explore Max- Unlimited will be available on Qubee Shuttle only
  • Qubee fair usage policy applies to Explore Max residential unlimited volume package
  • The unlimited packages have no cap on downloads customer make.
  • The unlimited packages for residential users are not usable by commercial users or
    further reselling as per directives of PTA.
  • Qubee reserves the right to suspend or disconnect, permanently or temporarily
    any link which is used in violation of PTA regulations.

“Qubee has been actively involved in technology up-gradation since its launch in Pakistan and the introduction of unique, portable and reliable “USB Shuttle” is a reassurance of our commitment to provide our customers amazingly reliable services. Furthermore now our customers can enjoy Unlimited downloads with the same worldclass service,” said Mubashir Naqvi, CEO, Qubee.

Moreover, Qubee is also getting good response from its customers in Lahore and twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi where the service has been launched recently.

“Response from users in Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad is quite encouraging. We are covering almost 80 percent of urban areas of these cities and our team of experts is working hard to extend the coverage to the remaining areas,” Naqvi added.

“We are attracting new users by offering unmatched services for all segments of the market as well as serving the unsatisfied customers who have never been provided quality services,” said Hashim Sheikh, Chief Marketing Officer, Qubee. “We are coming up with new and innovative products and services to cater to the needs of the market and launch of Qubee Shuttle reiterates our commitment to provide high speed and reliable broadband services to customers in Pakistan.”

  • 1500 is not competitive price. As wateen is also providing USB in almost 1500.

    No doubt it is a good package by Qubee but if it want to get bundle of student, who are currently using PTCL student package, they have to decrease the rate to 1100 (PTCL student package plus line rent)

    the difference between 1100 and 1500 is just of Rs. 400. If Qubee decrease 400 then i am sure Qubee will bang the whole scenario of WiMax plus PTCL student package, which constitute major share in internet cloud.

    • sorry bro but now i recognize that Qubee technical staff was right it depends on website load. Speedtest.net is still showing that i am gettng more than 512 kbps on my package. That means that the problem was with the website i am downloading from. I tried from other website and getting good speed.

    • Infact the browsing is also good only there is variation in speed in downloading transfer rate of a file and thats simply depends on website load. speed test.net is still showing that i am getting full 512 kbps speed. http://www.speedtest.net/result/981291825.png. You can check my speed results on this link. my package is 512kbps.

  • At last, they give consumers Unlimited Package.

    Well Done Qubee.

    Now you need to increase speeds as well. Give PTCL a hard time guys.

  • PTCL EVO is the best, having complete coverage and gives a sound speed everywhere. (Using since its launch in Islamabad)

  • The device is quite big… it doesnt connects directly to ur desktop or laptop … there is a usb cable that connects ur system and the device. … kind a mini dsl modem :)

  • They definitely have to review their prices if they want to be competitive… as ptcl users having student package wont shift to qubee … they would love to pay 2000rs for 4Mb !!

  • Well good step by Qubee, but the biggest drawback of this device is that there is no Ethernet/LAN port, only USB port. So you can’t connect it to a normal Wi-Fi router.

    They say if you wan’t to use Wi-Fi, then get the normal device. But that has bandwidth limits. It doesn’t make sense. Shouldn’t the device with unlimited package have a LAN port?

    As with this shuttle ‘umlimited’ package, only one pc can take advantage.

    And the the normal ‘limited’ pacakages, many pc’s can be connected, but then again, what’s the use of connecting more pc’s when they limit will be reached in no time.

    Bad Marketing/understanding of customer’s needs by Qubee.

    I assume this is supposed to be used in only one PC, even in these times when every household has at least 2+ PC’s.

    • *And with the normal ‘limited’ pacakages, many pc’s can be connected, but then again, what’s the use of connecting more pc’s when the limit will be reached in no time.

    • i am using Qubee right now (shuttle) unlimited package 1 mbps/1500 Rs. the problem is its unlimited connection is not actually a unlimited connection..lol.. they have a stupid fair usage policy..according to that u consumption cant exceed 30GB…then why the do they call it an unlimited connection…i reached the limit of 30 GB in 14 days…and now i am suffering from the worst and the lowest speed there could be…the moment u reach ur limit of 30 GB they will bring down the speed to a dial-up level!! :( i didnt know that before and i am suffering from it now!!

  • Today i checked this device and i was amaze to see that its downloading speed was between 800 and 900 kb even with 2 signal bars.
    I am really impressed.
    I hope they will keep it like this

    • in which city and area you are using qubee shuttle 1Mb and whats your downloading speed now please reply khalil

  • Good speed with two signals is becasue Qubee just have 100 connections till date which they sold in three months as far as city Lahore is concerned
    PTCL have 125,000 users in Lahore While Wateen claims 45,000, Wi tribe claims 8500 and Worldcall claims 35,000
    100 Subscribers in three months shows clients trust in this organisation while Qubee dont have even any office in the city
    Verify and then post it to the most authentic form of Propakistani as 100% true Picture

  • Qubee is good. Thats very good offer. after all if they provide quality service 1500 is not much. its just start so later they will also reduce the price.. i love pakistan internet now i’m in bahrain too much costly internet

  • Yar koi Student k liye USB nikale with UNLIMITED downloading/surfing!
    We stdnts need the net the most.
    Hamari area me PTCL hai hi nai, kehte hain 10lac society de, tab connections dainge, ek dost EVO le aya hai, lekin speed is 100kbps, and price Rs. 2000 per month…

    Koi to hum pe mercy kare,
    USB Student
    Rs. 1000 – 2mbps – unlimited

    coverage Jamshoro

    kash aisi koi USB offer hota

  • I am using Qubee Shuttle Service in North Karachi (because service of PTCL DSL is very much poor. No customer care service). Qubee service is satisfactory (but not outstanding). But comparing from 1st day, it is improving. Sometimes, a little but disconnections arises. But speed is always 1 MB whenever checked on “www.speedtest.net”.
    I will give marks 7 out of 10.

  • Worldcall USB is the best
    I Used this device at Agricultural University Faisalabad during my masters and now useing it in Lahore

  • I’am using Qubee unlimited pakage… its give me good speed and connectivity.. I think rule is simple .. the strength of signals in your area of that company.. I tried wateen in my area but in first floor 1 MB wateen give mei very slow speed… then i tried qubee its provide me full speed in ground floor..

    So point is that check the service and signal strengths in your area before buying .. I’ m in Canal View Area near thokar niaz baig…

  • I agree. I just got shuttle today. I live in PCHS and was previously using PTCL DSL. After it went completely dead last month, i disconnected it and switched to wateen. What a bad decision it was. A complete waste of money. I had barely 2-3 signals no matter what I did. Even installed the outdoor AP and it didn’t improve at all. Plus the fact, they throttle your speeds like hell. Qubee on the other hand, had 100% signal strength in my house on both first and second floor. Speed is pretty good so far. But only time will tell whether it maintains to keep it that way.

    Keeping fingers crossed.

  • i just purchased this device, the signal strenght is really cool v/s a regular wimax usb dongle. as far as the speed is concerned, i guess there arnt many users in my area since the speed is amazing, i guess i have to wait and see how the service responds once the company is able to aquire more customer. (a wll known problem by all isps of pakistan that initially in the launch phase all are good but service standards fall as time passes by) lets see if qubee has learnt from the mistakes made by its elder brothers :)

  • What Qubee isn’t telling you is that the ‘unlimited’ package is actually capped at 30GB fair usage limit. It’s not unlimited by any stretch of imagination.

    • Yup I agree. They throttle your speed to 128 Kbps after you cross 30 GB, on a supposedly “unlimited” package.

      Now I am just waiting for a Qubee employee or fanboy to say ‘a normal user wouldnt get to that much download unless a very heavy downloader’….

      lol…everyone knows that 30 GB is nothing nowadays.

      • bringing it down to 128kbps…i seriously doubt that..i feel like i am on a dial-up connection…have forgotten about youtube..ever since i reached the 30GB limit..no gaming…no downloads..no nothing…i have w8 2 mins to refresh my facebook homepage!! bloody deceivers UNLIMITED MY ASS!!

    • i totally agree…!! :( i reached the 30 GB limit within just 14 days ..lol :D and i am regretting it…why the hell did i buy it…its not fair to call it an unlimited connection!!

  • PTCL eVo has also applied fair usage policy . now with 2000 evo Max unlimited package u can download only 10GB , and after that speed will be throttle to 32KB/s

    • i dont think so…who told u that?? i was about to move to PTCL EVO NITRO just to get unlimited download speed without any fair usage policy crap just like qubee has one (30 GB)…now i am scared :D please confirm it..and let me know

  • I have been using the explorer max package and switched to the apparently unlimited usb shuttle they false advertise.

    These bastards have a 30 GB cap on the shuttle unlimited which they will never tell you about.
    I found out when my net went to shit and i called them

    The idiot picking up the phone never has a clue what he is talking about…made me reconnect, disconnect, eat cookies, delete cache, blalala…like i said. People picking up the phone are idiots

    I had to scream at the guy and tell him this is not the first time i have used a computer and to get me a manager to complain how they false advertise and they mislead people.

    Idiot had the nerve to tell me they mention the cap on their homepage (they dont)

    After a 15 minute session of screaming obscenities at the top of my lungs…i finally hung up the phone as they wont change their policy for me. Even though I am one of their oldest customers..(ofcourse i reminded the customer support dumbfuk about this fact..but to no avail)

    BOTTOM LINE…They lied to be about their unlimited, i maxed my data limit in a week and now for the next 3 weeks i am stuck with a connection that is slower than my dial up.

    I am dealing with the frustration by going to a PCO daily and calling their helpline, just to scream insults and obscenities at QUBEE. I plan to do this for the rest of the month everyday

    Any one planning to jump in with QUBEE, I hope my story serves as a warning

  • I am using qubee usb Shuttle in clifton block 5 and guess what i am getting full signals:

    Signal Bars:5
    Transfer Speed:118KB/SEC on 1MBPS Bandwidth

    I have tried other ISP such as Worldcall,Wateen,witribe ad PTCL.Heres what i have to share:

    Worldcall EVDO: 95KB/Sec on 1MBPS connection
    PTCL EVO:105KB/SEC (Download Speed)
    PTCL Nitro:200KB/SEC (Download Speed)
    Witribe (USB Dongle):88KB/SEC (Download Speed on 1MBPS)
    Wateen Wimax:115-120KB/SEC (Download Speed on 1MBPS)
    Qubee USB Shuttle:118Kb/sec (Download speed on 1MBPS)

    All these speeds were shown on speedtest.net
    So you guys see that wateen and qubee are currently very good in clifton areas.If anyone wants to share their download speeds go ahead.My contact number is 03312079855.Name is Aamir ashraf.I live in bath island

  • I’m a new user of Qubee and I LOVE it!!!
    It’s simply the best!
    I’ve tried linkdotnet, wateen, ptcl and the coverages of other wireless internet providers is subpar in my area so I’m really excited to get my 1st working internet…and the shuttle is the size of a blackberry..not that big at all considering the quality of internet

  • shitty quality, the speed sucks and there is no such thing as “unlimited” downloads even when they claim it

  • i am outside of pakistan. may be usb dongle not instal in all the big cities.it’s a good effort if they instal whole the country properly.

  • qubee is better because it’s a different style.and i hope they next other big cities.

  • I tried to use it in a non-wifi area it did not work, the blue light never came on, it remained red. I will give it another try, if it does not work then I will be returning it.

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