Indigo Announces its International Offer


Mobilink Indigo is offering “International Call Offer”, that allows its subscribers to call USA, UK and Canada for only 89 paisas for an entire minute, while 11 other destinations at Rs 1.39 /min.

This offer comes in two sets, both containing discounts on calls made to 5 and 11 destinations respectively.

Both sets are charged at a fixed monthly rental separately. Below are more details on tariff:



Subscription mechanics

  • The Products can be subscribed by calling 111 helpline
  • Both the products can be opted for simultaneously
  • Charges will be prorated based on the dates of subscription
  • The product will be on auto subscription after the first month
  • Charges for the product may vary depending on the customer’s package as shown above
  • The products will not be given to customers who do not have ISD, they will have to get their ISD opened as per the existing process
  • Club indigo subscribers can contact their CAMs to subscribe this service
  • The prices shown above are exclusive of taxes

  • موبی لنک نے طویل عرصے کے بعد ۔۔۔پوسٹ پیڈ صارفین کے لئے ایک اچھا پیکیج متعارف کروایا ہے۔
    جس کے لئے موبی لنک کی انتظامیہ مبارک باد کی مستحق ہے۔

    • Who said? You can use VoIP on the go on your cellphone. Fring and Nimbuzz allow SIP integration and their date consumption is like 1-1.5Mb for 1 hour talk.

      Or you can use skype 3 US per month unlimited package for many destinations. Skype is available for mobile phones now.

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