Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Review: Sleek Smartphone

A long awaited arrival, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic was one smartphone that the masses wanted their hands on. On January 23rd, it finally went on sale and it blew the markets off their feet in a record time. This attention seeking phone was the first S60 5th edition touch control phone and therefore, the arrival created a gigantic hype in the market even before it’s released.


The Design

  • The phone has a few sweeping controls and you can move through the song list but if you are expecting some iphone treatment, you should hold your chain of thought right here, right now!  You can get this phone with a stylus with it so if you are new to the touch control, you will get all the help you can get.
  • Even the design of this phone is satisfying as it is a quality phone with a smart look to it. It’s like you have everything on your fingertips – literally! You can even download numerous applications in your 5800 and enjoy all the way! Applications that are already included are the camera, internet browsing, dictionary, and calculator.



  • The text entry of this phone is normal as long as you are getting used to the phone because the keys are small but the right size and whenever you hit a key, the phone vibrates in response. However, whenever you log in any kind of entry, you need to take your finger off the phone in order for it to register that you have actually touched a key. Don’t expect to type fast if you want to be an expert, be calm and patient with this baby!


  • The phone comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera that has an autofocus facility inbuilt. In addition to this it has a dual-LED flash which makes it a decent camera to use and appreciate. You can even record a VGA video recording at 30 fps. Other delightful option that may want to make you buy this phone is that it supports the Wi-Fi system so the internet is easily accessible anywhere. Below are some of the high definition images, which clearly explain the limits of this camera.



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Storage and Multimedia Qualities:

  • You even get an 8GB card for this phone and a memory expansion that can store all of your required pictures, music and documents, however, it’s nothing compared to Nokia X6 Review which comes with 32 GB storage and specifically targets the music fans. A Bluetooth and USB 2.0 version is also included in this package and the audio quality of this phone is the best you could want. Coming at a very affordable price, this is also an office document viewer.
  • However, it has a build quality and it may be considered too big for those who have small hands. The camera does not come with a flash and the video recording is not of the highest quality and even the touch screen quality is not the best. The image of the camera is also not perfect for a 3.2 MP.
  • This phone is a good one for those who have not experienced the iphone because after all, it is a touch screen and as more technology takes over our lives, the more we want of it and this is the phone that knows it.
  • It allows you to store wallpapers, games and most importantly themes to your mobiles, you can feel free to download and install themes seamlessly in your handset, all these new themes make the handset give a great feel.


Power Management:

5800 Xpress music comes with a Standard battery, Li-Ion 1200 to 1320 mAh(BL-5J), it has an impressive stand by time on both 2G and 3G networks, if you are a 2g customer, you can expect to have about 406 hours stand by time, 3G network customers get the same amount of standby time. Now the most important aspect of the battery, which is its performance while its being consumed, on 3G sets, you can use it continuously for up to 5 hours, however, 2G customers will get an edge on it as it gives a talk time of about 8 hours.


Price and Conclusion:

The features which can be qualified as Nokia 5800 XpressMusic’s strengths are its sleek look, a better looking design with a sharp touch screen. Even though the camera is not outstanding to current standards, but it still does the job amazingly, the 3.2 megapixel camera is one of its key feature. Other important features include Wi-Fi, 2G – 3G support and Bluetooth.

However, the weaker user interface needs some more work, there needs to be improvements on its navigation and input methods. As far as the price is concerned, it is readily available in the market for the price of 19,990 PKR at

Rate varies from region to region and retailers, Check for up to date prices.

  • I am waiting for MeeGO based or Symbian 4 based mobiles…Current Symbian mobiles are sluggish in even normal tasks.

  • a review after 2 years of phone launch ? now that’s awesome XD /s

    anyway your review was pretty good . its a “good” phone and it’s gotten alot better with firmare updates which added features like kinetic scrolling . i bought this as my temporary handset while i wait to gather some money for the n900 and then possibly the n9 [meego] . when i went to buy it i knew the limitations and offers of this phone and i bought it that says enough about the deal it gives .it’s a really good phone with features of a high end phone rolled into a mid range one an awesome deal indeed!

    one thing though you know the author claims that “dont expect iphone like this that” my brother owns an iphone and he is always like this and that but you know i’ve used both phones and i can honestly say 5800 which is a midrange phone easily trumps the iphone in features stability etc. iphone may have an awesome touch screen but it’s a capacitive , to hell with multi touch if i can use my stylus . either way the n900 pwned the iphone in every way possible looks, power,stability,features everything . well actually you’d excpect this from a phone that need a condom to be put on it to make calls.i know many of you are getting ready to launch an attack at me for humiliating the iphone but look guys it’s not your fault you like the iphone the ios is just too simple and limiting which isnt acceptable at al. symbian is a little complicated but it’s worth getting used to for it’s openess stability and features. and i dont think we pakistani’s need much getting used to it since we all have used symbian all our lifes. and to end this all i can say that meego will further develop in areas in which symbian was good in and also add the thing in which symbian sucked ie looks etc but s^3 will fix that too . but one thing that you can be sure of that the n9 [first meego phone] that is going to be announced hopefully in the meego confrence in dublin will be a true mobile computer at your hands . Something better than the n900 is just awesomeness incarnate and that’s what it’s going to be !

      • Come on dude almost 3 year old device . Resistive touch screen , no multi touch. and Symbian ,WTF .
        Symbian is dead , even Nokia is going for Meego and Maeme . Some times very poor touch response, Have to press hard even normal circumstances . 3.2MP camera seems good on paper but poor result , Sound is nice , Poor quality body plastic, stylish design though. got wifi but poor browser .

        Overall Good device of its time , but its year 2010 not 2008.

  • Well its a good phone .

    But remember some major faults as i experienced that its has a LCD problem. when u open its lock the screen will blur. and also lock button problems occur.

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