Nokia C5: Quick Hands-On Review

It’s been quite a while since I got any chance to play around with a Nokia Smartphone mainly because they were getting really repetitive in terms of software, but recently I got a chance to get my hands on the Nokia C5 and I have to say Nokia has done a good job in making a sleek looking Symbian Smartphone with all the necessary features for the road and at a very reasonable price tag.


The moment you hold the Nokia C5 in your hand, you’ll get a really good solid and sturdy feeling, even for it’s price, it’s really well made like any other Nokia handset out there.

The body is made of metal and doesn’t feel in any way that it might break easily even after crashing on the floor several times. It has a really acceptable 320 by 240 pixels resolution display with a size of 2.2 inches (diagonal), the screen behaves well under the sun and doesn’t fade away that much.

The screen is a TFT LCD display but I’ve noticed that it has really bad viewing angles, even viewing the screen dead on straight gave me some white gradients on the screen but that’s something which we can all live with.

The best part about the C5 is it’s huge keypad, it feels comfortable to type on and the keys are well placed. It has a rear 3.2MP fixed focus camera with an LED flash which is surprisingly good in snapping photos and shooting video, it also has a forward facing VGA camera for video calls and taking pictures.

The phone has all sorts of necessary wireless capabilities you’ll need on the go like EDGE but it lacks WiFi, it even has GPS receiver but lacks a compass. The C5 runs on top of Symbian OS V9 R3, if you’re familiar with using a Symbian handset before then you’ll feel like home while using the C5. Except for a few cosmetic changes in the UI, all is almost the same.

The best thing I loved about this phone is how fast it is, I’ve used many Nokia Symbian smartphones but in the candy bar form factor, this handset is fast and snappy, considering in which price range it falls into. Here are a few pictures showing off the Nokia C5 along with a size comparison with the Nexus One, HTC Wildfire and the Samsung Genoa.

For a full list of features head over to Nokia Pakistan’s website by clicking this link.


If you want a smartphone and you’re on a really tight budget, then the Nokia C5 is the way to go!

With the price tag of just RS. 13,490, it’s a giveaway! The Nokia C5 is available in every mobile store across Pakistan and with different warranties.

I would highly recommend this phone if you want a no non-sense and straight forward to-the-point handset for daily use.

  • Good Review.
    I have it and the two things i really like about it are:
    1. Its really very Fast
    2. Keypad is very comfortable

    But because of two things,I may change it very soon :P
    1.Lack Of WiFi
    2.Display is not impressive

    • Yeah ur right, very quick and very very smooth keypad.

      I figured out one problem,when i recorded video after 15 minutes the video recorder automatically stops.

      i dont know wht is the problem……


  • It is a very good smart phone with a excellent battery, functionality & still camera. But when i recorded video after 15 minutes the video recorder automatically stops.

    i dont know wht is the problem…

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