Samsung Announces its Galaxy Tab in Pakistan

Mr. Zeshan Qureshi and Mr.Roy Chang along with the HHP and PR team at the announcement of Galaxy Tab , which is the first mobile tablet with the most powerful smart phone features, a brilliant 7-inch enhanced TFT display screen and 1GHz Hummingbird Application processor supporting 3D graphics.

To know more about Samsung Galaxy Tab, click here

  • MySchizoBuddy

    And the price is?

  • yes..plz tell its prize

  • I wonder why don’t two guys on left and one in the middle have the tab, Poor guys :D

    • ashhar

      i wonder that they must touched that and you didnt :)

    • Adnan

      Coz they are grabiees…:-D

  • M.Fahad

    Chineese is hold the galaxy tab like he is showing his passport to the immragration officer ..LOLZ

    • observor

      Korean not Chinese, don’t embarrass yourself with thoughtless comments.

      • M.Fahad


  • Mohsin

    Can anyone tell us price?

  • Qais

    The International price published by other sources is between $200 to $400.

  • MySchizoBuddy

    some of the displays are really dark. i guess it has a bad directional display that only works while looking directly at the display. At any other angle and the display looks washed out

  • lucky people

    • Umair

      This is just a bull shit iPad apple is best then it

      • M Faizan

        yes you are right having a device that doesnt have a apple logo on it makes it BS right??
        always post pro&cons of what you say…1st rule of online opinions :)

  • Umair Ashiq

    Can anyone tell me what is the launch date… ?

  • Faizan

    TFT display,hmm thats kinda bummer,i was expecting atleast AMOLED consedring the price tag.

  • hassan

    its better tha ipad u can call from it it comes with a camera while ipad lacks it prices in pakistan might star from 60000-50000 but apps for the screen size by android are not yet designed only 10 20 apps their it comes with a sd card slot ipad lacks

  • The price of Samsung Galaxy Tab is about 70,000-80,000 PKR. But it is not shown on Samsung Pakistan website. It is strange….

  • imran

    mobilink team dosent seem to be happy with samsung g t.

  • SPiDER
  • Nab

    In uk s glaxy is 399 pound, glaxy 7510,16gb, wifi,but in pak it will be around 45/50 thousand,