Pakistan not to Participate in GITEX!

Pakistan will not have its pavilion in GITEX this year (in Dubai from October 17 to 21) as PSEB has failed to gain required approvals from the government, as communicated to us by sources in industry.

GITEX is the only international event where Pakistani companies have been participating as a group under the umbrella of PSEB for last 10 years, hence is considered as only chance for local industry to meet the global clients.

PSEB used to setup Pakistan’s country pavilion, every year in GITEX, while it offered 50 percent subsidy for local companies to participate in the event.

This is not going to happen this year and India is going to cash the situation to reap the benefits.

Apparently, it seems like budget remained a primary concern for disapproval, however, lack of government’s interest in ICT sector is said to be a major factor.

Infamous bureaucratic procedures have confined the PSEB and ultimately the Pakistani companies to remain deprived of this business boosting opportunity.

This year at least 16 Pakistani ICT companies were to join JITEX. They were relying on PSEB’s shoulders for their arrangements. But today, PSEB sent out an email informing these companies that PSEB will not go to GITEX.

“We were all prepared, we had announced our participation, we had PRs issued but its impossible for us to make arrangements at our own now, when there is only a week left. All prominent locations are taken at this point of time. Even if we manage to make it, surely we gonna get the worst possible stands”, told us a company who was to participate in GITEX.

No wonder, the government is busy in its political games and destroying the economy. One may ask, what is preventing the government to appoint an IT Minister – yes, we don’t have IT minister for over 2 years now. Like a character use to say tin a TV drama: “What a Country – What a Country”

Following was the letter sent to all ICT companies in Pakistan by PSEB;

Dear All,

With reference to PSEB participation in Gitex 2010, I regret to inform you that PSEB has not received the mandatory approval from the relevant government quarters despite all possible efforts.

No effort was spared by PSEB in attempting to ensure the participation of local IT companies in Gitex 2010. In an effort to reduce the cost, PSËB reduced its own space use to a chair and a desk instead of a full cubicle. In addition the visits of the Managing Director PSEB and Director International Marketing to attend Gitex were also cancelled to make the trip more affordable.

The selected companies apparently also lobbied the government quarters in order to obtain necessary permissions to Gitex.  All these steps however were apparently still were not sufficient for the proposed participation to go through.

The participation therefore stands officially canceled. We are extremely sorry that we will not be observing a tradition that has been in practice for the last 10 years but we hope that you will understand our situation. We also regret the inconvenience it has caused to some of you who have started to make travel arrangements.


Manager Intl Marketing

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • well – lets look at it realistically – it is only a junket for people to go ______ in dubai – so no loss to the rest of us. if these business men want exposure they should get of their lazy ______ and get out there and do it and not sit on their hands waiting for people to throw them a bone.

    those of us who pay taxes should not pay for the fun and _______ of these _____

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    • Hi Truth,
      Have u ever gone fishing? Consider GITEX as fishing- u go out there , setup ur stall put bait on ur stall and wait for some fish to get hooked.

      Secondly, presence is must in such forums, whether u earn or not.

      Thirdly, this is Idiots’ government,,, dont expect much from them- Do IT AT UR OWN!!!

  • Very sad indeed, last year we were part of of PSEB contingent and this year luckily we made a plan to get stand on our own in a prime location ….

    I guess we will be few of the Pakistani companies presenting there.

  • Not being able to go GITEX is not as big a concern as the incompetence of the government. GITEX happens to a be a visible event, so it being messed up goes noticed. I can only imagine how other important, yet not so visibile, government level infrastructure setup initiatives are going!

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