PTCL Launches 10 MB DSL Broadband

PTCL has introduced a new 10 Mbps Broadband package on 10/10/10, This package is  in addition to its existing Broadband packages. The New 10 Mbps data rate is offered to the customers at Rs. 9,999 / month with unlimited download. Current PTCL Broadband packages are;

  • 1Mbps at Rs. 1,199
  • 4Mbps at Rs. 1,999
  • 6Mbps at Rs. 4,999
  • 8Mbps at Rs. 6,999
  • 10Mbps at Rs. 9,999

On the other hand WorldCall, one of PTCL’s rival, is providing 10 Mbps Cable Broadband in rupees 8,000. But it’s only available in selected areas – where as PTCL’s DSL coverage spans almost all over the Pakistan.

PTCL’s Delivery of highspeed broadband services remains a question mark – as company’s old infrastructure, particularly in far flung areas, may not support this much of data transfer rate. Only cities like Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi having new FiberOptic lines may support 10 Mpbs data rate.

  • its fake adcertisement .. im using 4mb package & complained a million times .. but neither the speed i get is 4mb & have very bad streaming..
    may allah guide these people to right path!!

    • 1st get your modem checked. Some old modems does not support 4MB. They will replace it and also get checked if 4MB connection is configured at MMM&BB NOC (Network Operation Center).
      Me myself and one of my friend had the same problem but after changing modem and correct NOC configuration getting 4MB now.

    • 1st get your modem checked. Some old modems does not support 4MB. They will replace it and also get checked if 4MB connection is configured at MMM&BB NOC (Network Operation Center).
      Me myself and one of my friend had the same problem but after changing modem and correct NOC configuration getting 4MB now.
      Call Assistant Manager MM&BB (Multimedia & Broadband) of your exchange.

  • What’s interesting is that a lot of people I know aren’t getting even 6Mbps on the Fiber lines. PTCL support staff says their infrastructure isn’t yet ready to support speeds beyond 4Mbps, so introducing higher speeds is actually weird.

  • Increasing Quantity, decreasing Quality…
    O Bhai PTCL, 1 MB per poori 1 MB speed to dy do phir 1 k sath ZERO jitny chahye laga laina…

    • 100 % TRUE

      i had requested several time for 4MB. REFUSE REFUSE REFUSE REFUSE REFUSE REFUSE

      I am in lahore JOHAR TOWN.

  • I have tested 12Mbps on my ONU line few months back (It remained for two days and was due to some PTCL mistake), The browsing and streaming was the same – pathetic. Only downloads boosted! + the ONU lines are the biggest problems themselves, When there is no electricity there is no Phone, no DSL, no IPTV etc, many times it remain down without any reason, and yes i am talking about a major area of Lahore!

  • Last year I get 2Mb DSL service from PTCL its good 2Mb
    This year from July they said its 4Mb
    but now its not even 1Mb.

    I am eagerly looking to switch to good DSL provider (if any) in Karachi

    PTCL done it again – PTCL kuttay ki dumm kabhee seedhi nahi hosakti

    • haha.sahi bat hay.yar is it true that they have doubled the speed.iam using 1mb(student package).i have enjoyed good speed but for past few days speed is not good.even downloading speed is <60 kbps..

    • Mr. Khan hold on please :)
      Other DSL company will not change the basic infrastructure….. (the existing PTCL lines will remain there) They will just switch your port to their DSLAM equipment and the issues will remain the same.
      In addition you might face pathetic customer service.
      So instead of changing service sign a complaint to PTA or if you are patient enough wait for ONU lines to be deployd in your area, or switch to a good cable net provider (if exist there) or try Qubee’s 1Mbps USB WIMAX dongle with unlimited downloads.

  • Unfortunately in our country every company/department is full of corrupt people..they find every possible way to suck the blood of their customers.. The thing is who will be able to use 10mb connection when majority of the country has the poor copper lines?first spend some money on infrastructure dammits then talk about 10mbps internet.. SHAME ON YOU PTCL !

  • lol france mein 100mb ka net 35 dollar ka hai. $35 yahan ke 3000 PKR hue. politicians ke bache afford karsakhte hain 10k ka net un ke liye nikala hai peetcl ne. aur obviously politicans ke bache ache areas mein rahte hain to infrastructure ka masla un ke liye toh nahin haina.btw i use 1mb aur mere pas toh sahe chalta hai no speed or dc problems, ap logon ke line mein fault hoga han bas utube ke buffering slow hoti hai kiyon ke 1mb hai shiad is liye

    • Why are you comparing the cost of internet in Pakistan with a developed country like France?

  • It’s just a hype from them. It’ll still take one year so to “properly” launch 10Mbps connection in Pakistan.
    They can’t even manage 4 MBps currently. Millions are complaining and silently switching to other broadband services. I was one of them :-D

    • Yeah Maybe they just “had” to launch the 10MB package on 10/10/10 (just for gimmicks).

      They just couldn’t resist the temptation, whether they were fully prepared or not!

  • Have a 4MB PTCL connection on copper line and very much satisfied. Good torrents download speed is always above 400K.

  • PTCL is just notorious for its pathetic infrastructure however it can easily provide a bandwidth of 10 Mbps.
    Its my personal experience that the places where infrastructure is working fine PTCL’s connectivity is best. I can really show the pictures of results that I taken time to time of my both connections (1Mbps & 4Mbps) with an average speed rate of 0.99 Mbps & 3.65 Mbps.
    I live in a fairly populous area of Karachi and my connection works excellent.
    PTCL is rapidly deploying its new ONU infrastructure and its working great (atleast in Karachi)
    However my copper infrastructure based connection is also working fine but is problematic during rains etc. ONU is working literally excellent!

    For Mr. Chohan….. My ONU connection remained non responsive for some days immediately after deployment and behaved samed exactly reported by you. But within a week it started working smoothly.

    • Sir, in your area, they must be replacing ONU cabinet batteries regularly due to some ‘bhai log’ living in your area. Elsewhere in Pakistan, people don’t enjoy such luxuries.
      And dont tell me that you dont face PPP Down, or Authentication Failure, or Request Timed Out issues. If you really dont, you must be neighbor of your exchange.

      • You are absolutely right Mr. Pappu. It could be a valid reason.

        I faced these issues only once after deployment, and now connection is working smoothly.
        Its a new information for me that ONU tower cabinets also contain batteries. I was not known of this fact.

  • 10Mbps ko kya kerna hai Sargodha muradabad mein tou 1Mbps he nahi theek work ker raha tou 10 mbps kya khaak kaam kerya ga

  • I’m using 4Mbs connection and often gets the speed as per package … the main issue using PTCL is of their Sarkari approach in Support … their management is changed to Private style but the personnel responsible for visits on complaints etc. are still of Sarkari minds …

    My question is how PTCL will be able to provide 10Mbps on existing telephone line infrastructure … as per my information this bandwidth is not possible on Copper Lines while in ONU case last mile is still on copper …

    Any body has its answer ??

  • TO Amir Bhi
    Is it possible to give the link of this post to the support of ptcl so that they can see how famouse is there PTCL DSL connection going on around the country ..And please tell them to end the monopoly and let the new ISP come and don’t interfer with them if they use currently copper based infrastructure

  • Why isn’t the regulator taking any action against this deceptive marketing.

    My experience: Living in North Nazimabad, Karachi—> saw the 800 Rs./4MB ad –> phoned support, asked them to upgrade my connection which they did immediately (in their system) —> Waited for 2 weeks, no 4MB—> went to the exchange complained to the DSL officer —> “Your area does not support even 2MB properly, advise#1 convert back to 1MB”—> did that, came back and checked—> connection upgraded to 4MB —–> SNR dropped to 5 from high 20s, unstable ——> Called PTCL support, info. showed 1MB in their system, advise#2 go to your area exchange —–> did that, the officer forwarded my “line profiling request” to the NOC, “every thing will be ok in half an hour”——> this was 1 month back——> Now I visit my exchange every Saturday —-> they have sent repeated “line profiling” requests without any positive result —-> Support advise #3 “Disconnect existing connection and request a new one”

  • get world call beleive me guys they are the best company i have 4 mb i am geting good speed on torrents no copper line issue or modem issue i will suguest u guys to go for world call

  • ptcl keep advertising fiber optic lol wht a joke fiber optic is very exepensive only copper wire comes to your modem from ptcl box there is no fiber opric ptcl miss guieding customers

    • Yes but that box is connected with ONU fiber optic cables. The box then provides copper cable conectivity to your modem.

  • PTCL should focus on their quality instead of launching new packages.
    First thing they need to do is to improve customer support and service.

  • Why they have introduced Nitro ??
    Beside this ..they must take care of the previous networks by giving 24/7 support …. :@

  • PTCL is worst service provider, when I always lodged complaint on every DSL service break down, local PTCL staff finally deactivated my PSTN channel and didn’t remove last entry of complaint as “serviced” so I can’t lodge more complaints in case of service break downs.

    There must be a complaint ban on politics within PTCL and firing of poor service staff immediately. There are enough talented youth in Pakistan to service people 10 times better.

  • I didn’t have a fast/reliable internet at home. Thats why I had loss in my web development business so many times. I had to move to another countryh for all this mess up. I now live and work in Oman and I love it here.

    The problem is with their old lines which stop working after a drop falls from the sky. Poor maintenance and not caring about their customers is PTCL’s specialty.

    I lived in Manshera and there are two exchanges there. One is city exchange and other is township exchange. The township exchange provided better service and my connection went offline just for 1 day once while whole Pakistan was having issues.

    While my home is situated in City Excahnge area and I live 5 kms away from mansehra where lines are bad, so again even after paying 5000 for 4 MB line then, I didn’t get the service I wanted.

    I get better speed on my 3G USB adapter than I had on my 5 MB dedicated line on PTCL.

    I will be coming to Pakistan for a few days but I am not confident about their service as my parents live there and their stupid PTCL broadband (socalled) is usually not working.

    PTCL needs to improve service and then go ahead make changes to service plans. Cheap advertisement wont take them anywhere. Are you listening PTCL?

  • Dears,

    I dont think that PTCL can offer such a high spped for more than 1% or 2% of his customers because to deliver 10 Mbps, the line quality should be superb and should be very near to the exchange. PTCL has deployed some fiber, but not till the customer premises. PTCL has deployed fiber only in the core, customers are still connected with the copper.

    So I dont think that PTCL can accommodate more than 1% of his customer with 10 Mbps.

  • i have a 4MB get 580KB\s Download speed which is great,also streaming from goes smooth(I use to access hulu its only available in US)
    but their support my internet was getting disconnected for no reason and they were making fake live calls that they have fixed it which pissed me off :|

    Also,whenever they go on a strike their idiot linemans intentionally cut our lines or mess something up >_<

    • Because the majority of their customers are on 1MB package. The don’t wanna cut their ‘cash cow’ (major source of revenue).

  • First be capable of providing the lower limit packages at their full capacity then go for 10 mbps .. what u will give in 10 mbps actual speed will be less than half as in other packages.

  • yar pahly bat hay ka app ki wire Fiber Optic par hay ya Coper par achi hay jitnay bhi puranay connection hain wo coper par hain agar ap fiber par karwana chataay hain to PTCL is ki fee 500/. lata hay to ap ki speed sahi ho jay gee

  • I purchased ptcl evo 3.1, I am registering my complaints since then that its not working, download speed is marely 15-20kbps but they kept saying sir we are working on it and during this time period they are charging as well. Really pathetic PTCL…..

  • PTCL is getting MAD as they don’t have Fiber Optic in All Places which supports 4MB and More So people don’t convert to 4mb if u don’t have good pairs or Fiber Optic Installed.

  • I dont think that PTCL lines can support such a high speed. I have upgraded my 2MB into 4MB. After this i am suffering with low line parameter issue. No relevant person looking in this matter.

    • As I said so Iam have faced This problem also , Furqan you Should go directly to your Exchange to solve this problem.

  • i had really bad experience with PTCL , their telecoms engineers are so stupid and incompetent , whenever i had problem related to my DSL, i myself had to tell them where was the actual problem.either it was their DSLAM or MDF or Routers or DNS Servers etc etc.and for those who are facing signal loss problem or “line losses” problem , should use CAT 5 UTP or STP cable from their DP to thier modem (CAT 5 can carry the signal upto 600 Meters without problem ). and should use a low loss pair from DP to MDF (exchange).

  • bhai mera s27 september ko dsl band hogya phir aik haftay baad sahi hua phir say mujhay sirf .9mbit/s mil rahee hai jab say main nay 4mbit ka package karaya hua hai roz us ko 1218 par complaint kar kar thak gya hoon bar bar senior technician ko transfer kar daitay hai. senior technician roz yahi aik jesi setting karatay hai phir bhee kuch nahi horaha ptcl f***

  • You are talking about 10 mb. In Chitral we are using dail up internet. There is no broadband. The rural and remote areas should alsn be given broadband.After all we are also pakistani.

      • lol late to meeting energy demand, late to resolving the city’s water crisis, late to adopting new standards of global digital economy, late to meeting the needs of a network starved nation…..the only thing pakistani politicians are not late for is the elections!

  • Guys trust me, use worldcall cable broadband. i am currently using their 4mb package and it is suberb.i get downloading speeds upto 530kb and youtube buffering is also fast.there are also no disconnections. nowdays the cable worldcall doesnt have any issues in loadshudding or any other problem so the internet is perfect. i also used ptcl 4mb before but it sucked and i switched to worldcall which i am satisfied with.

  • i m using ptcl 4mb
    my home is 3km from exchange
    snr is below 10 n attention rate is 55
    bt still get 450kb/s speed.
    bs ptcl ka phonena kharb hu mara :)
    ptcl is sai ha bs……………

  • yar mene gaur ki hai ap ki baton me kuch, ek to yeh k ek misunderstanding hai wo yeh hai,
    1mbps asal me 128KBps hai
    2mbps 256KBPS hai
    4mbps 512KBps hai
    6mbps 768 KBps hai
    8mbps 1024KBps YA 1MegaByte per second
    10mbps 1280KBps ya 1.28 MB PS.
    because companies speeds ko bits me show karte hen small “b” for example 1Mbps,2Mbps… and so on. or ek byte 8 bit k brabar hai to ek mb me 1024 bits hote hen. to app ye mat socho k apke pas speed kam hai.. or 2sra yeh hai k ap ka package chahye 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 ya 100MBPS ka ho apko speed wo milegi jo apka cpe ya modem support karta hai.. 3sra yeh k jahan se apka copper wire a raha hai jis be tower se app us wire ki condition b to check karo… or ek bat ye pakistan hai yahan companies attract nhe hoti customer ki aur, yahan customer ko attract hona parta hai, zarorat apki hai islye subkuch apko he karna hoga q k hum awam he zemedar nhe to system ko q tum log kasoor war tehra te ho.. JAZAKALLAH

  • I am using evo 3.1Mbps so called 3g. and its totally crap besides it have no signal issue but the main problem is the oscillations of downloading/uploading speed between 10-150kb per sec./ 5-30kb per sec. at torrent with maximum seeds and minimum leechers.
    I am going to change it to some other provider kindly do advise me what should i choose to ??

  • PTCL is giving full speed.

    slower speeds are due to pair problems or attenuation.
    ppl are expecting 1 MB speed on 1 Mb connection.
    they dont even know the difference between MB and Mb.
    the maximum speed that you can get in ideal conditions is 128KB on 1Mb connection.
    once i got [email protected] on torrent.
    you can never get full 128KB just like u dont get full voltage on power sockets.
    search google for more detailed reasons.

    now i am using 4Mb and my average speed for torrent is 400KB which is what it should be..

    moral : before you complain about slower speeds, make sure you know the “Mb” and “MB” difference!

    • great saying ! some ppl are stuck in and dont know the difference in between Mb & MB

      i have 4Mbps connection of PTCL and on IDM i got 470-530KB/s

      On Torrent 400KB/s average

    • I know the difference but most issues of ptcl is about their long downtimes and poor and often rude response to customer complaints.

  • ptcl dsl conaction jab ly lia to samjh lo ap ny problems bhi sath hi lay leen. 1mounth main 15 din complains karny main guzar jaty han , main 4mb use kar raha tha ma ny package chang bhi nai karwaya or mera khud hi ptcl ny 1mb kr dia ,hay koi hal? koi hal ni,ab yaa to wateen use karna pardy ga ya witrib, ya phir ptcl evo chack karni pardy gi, jab bandy ko inty conactions chang karny pardain gy to ho gya kabarda? ho gaya na? main bohat mayoos hon ptcl sy /

  • salam

    Allah ka shokar ha bhai logo mera to belkul sai chalta ha ptcl 4mb mare download speed ate ha 350 se 480 tak mera fiber connection ha kabe kabe kam be ate ha laken zadatar itni he ate ha download speed

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