Huawei Files Petition Against Warid for USD 100 Mln Liabilities, Gets Stay Orders

“Huawei International Pte Limited and Huawei Technologies Pakistan Pvt Limited on 23 August 2010 instituted three petitions in the Lahore High Court, Rawalpindi Bench, for the winding up of Warid Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd. The petitions have been filed only after repeated assurances by Warid that the outstanding and admitted liabilities would be repaid”, said a statement issued by Huawei Pakistan Middle East.

Press statement, signed by Fatima Beckmann of Huawei Middle East, said as interim measures company sought stay orders against Warid from disposing off its assets and the transfer of shares. It claimed that the court has granted stay orders. Statement said that court has also directed Warid to submit its monthly statement of income and expenses. Huawei claims that it is seeking from the court the appointment of a provisional manager while the petitions are pending.

Huwaei has pleaded that Warid owes the three Huawei companies a sum far exceeding US $ 100,000,000 (US Dollars One Hundred Million) equivalent to a sum exceeding Pak Rupees 10,000,000,000.00(Pak Rupees Ten Billion).

The Petitions will be heard by the Court in Pakistan on the 26th October 2010.

Huawei said that following the institution of these petitions and the grant of the stay orders by the High Court, Warid and Huawei have attempted to settle the issue, as mentioned by a rejoinder published by Warid Telecom.

However, no meaningful offer was made by Warid, and no payment has been received by Huawei, said Huawei, and this is why company is vigorously pursuing the petitions.

Earlier, Huawei had got this public notice published in various newspapers:

huawei warid petition

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  • Warid Issues Rejoinder

    We refer to the Public Notice issued on 30th September, 2010 by the Deputy Registrar of the Lahore High Court in respect of the Petition for the Winding Up of Warid Telecom (Private) Limited (Warid) presented by Huawei Technologies Co., Limited (Huawei).

    Huawei petition is a vendor dispute which Warid and Huawei are in discussions to resolve amicably, failing which Warid intends to vigorously defend the claims initiated by Huawei.

    Warid is one of the leading telecom companies of Pakistan providing GSM services to its loyal and ever increasing 17 million subscriber base. Warid has achieved its current market position through focus on customer service and innovation, recognised for its superior quality of network and strong brand image.

    Warid is a joint venture between Abu Dhabi Group and SingTel of Singapore. Abu Dhabi Group is one of largest foreign investors in Pakistan having diversified business interests ranging from Banking, Insurance, Media and Real estate, namely Bank Alfalah Ltd., United Bank Ltd., Wateen Telecom etc.

    Warid thanks millions of its satisfied customers for their support and ensure them that the company will continue to seek further growth opportunities to enhance their telecom experience.

    • Huawei is a very negative minded company and I am very happy that he is now against a strong opponent. I pray that Huawei similarly get loss in recovery as he has done to hundreds of employees in clearance and salary payments. Warid management please give them tougher period and let them learn the lesson for doing false things with their employees.

      • _____ how the hell you can be negative minded when you ask someone to pay what he/she owes you?

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        • HW Ex Employee is right.
          Huawei’s attitude towards its employees is very negative, bad, opressing and disgusting

          • Huawei is f…g running business like dictators, as small Hitler’s in their own rights at all levels inside, while to customers they show different face for inside, no moral, no ethics and for deals they will sell their ______ and _____, these Chinese will be 100 times worse if they attain power like west… all should try to _____ them as much as one can.. Support USA who are far better morally & ethical compare to these Chinese _________…

            J Khan

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          • Well I’m working with Huawei and that’s very rightly said, Chinese Bas****ds believe that Pakistanis are their SLAVES and they treat us really bad.
            Pakistan is not gaining anything out of this so called foreign investment. Our people are not getting jobs here. In my department we are only 10 locals against 18 Chinese Engineers. And how are employed in Huawei do not get paid properly (i.e. around 30k avg.). On the other hand one Chinese Engineer cost almost 500k avg. per month.
            These are the facts and nothing is hidden, if anyone wishes to know more please do contact any other Pakistani guy who is working in Huawei Technologies.

        • In the same fashion employees ask from HW Management but they don’t pay it right. Think rationale and two ways instead of one angle being from HW perspective.

        • Guess this story is taken over by Warid Employees trying to defend their company. ;p

          Why not just pay the money you owe to the chinese company man.

  • Why am I not suprised? This is what happens when a company is not run on the basis of merit but as a friend & family affairs.

    I wonder how many other payments are due? and what action will the creditors be taking?

    • but you have to bring other issues also in lime light, and settle everyone’s payment being a good corporate citizen

  • Intresting news :) i think its just a vendor news and thats all about it.

    Noting will happen to Warid Users so no worries, or wasy be aasa disputes ho he jata hain large businens main.

  • HAHAHAHA!! WARID is in for big trouble.. I truly wish the court orders all assets to be sold and employees paid three years gross salaries to compensate for the mental torture to its employees :)

    • mokiaMonster
      Please note
      1) If you are ex-employee = You had took earning for you and your family with some extend , You should remeber that.
      2)If You are explyeee = Give resign and go somewhere else becuase you are not sincere with your company and hoping hat company will be sincere with you.
      3) If you are not ex-employee / employee then you should behave like MAN. There are around thousand of families indirectly and directly related to warid.

      Regards Bro

  • Out of all 5 GSM companies in Pakistan, Warid Telecom is the only one getting itself into a lot of trouble, hearsay and rumors. The company is keeping up appearances, I think.

  • Dear Sir,
    I know this Fathima, she met me some years ago in 2003 and told me that she is founding a company, BLUEPRINT INTELLIGENCE which will be 100% BEE women owned company.

    Latter, she escaped without informing us. Can you please tell me her contact numbers?
    She is a confused personality.


    Julia B.
    +27 (0)11 784 2372

  • blueprint intelligence was founded in 2003 by Fathima Beckmann.

    Her expertise of over 14 years of corporate affairs, international marketing, communications and social investment experience within the ICT & Telco spheres brings global knowledge and experience with local insight.

    Fathima has held executive positions at Intel Corporation, MultiChoice and Vodacom. Her global reach has seen her work on projects in the US, Middle East & across the African continent.

    Her coupled strength of being analytical and creative bring a refreshing perspective to strategy development & social investment programme management.

    She has a passion for technology, communications, yoga, working with children & conserving our beautiful Planet Earth.

    Fathima has served as a board member on the Expo for Young Scientists, Mindset, MultiChoice Foundation, SACAR(The South African Chapter of the African Renaissance) & Cotlands. She is currently the Environmental Director for the Lonehill Resident’s Association.

    blueprint intelligence is a 100% BEE women owned company.

  • All i can say is, how can a company be loyal to its customers when it cannot be loyal to itself.

    Warid has hired the biggest cowboys in industry that think through their back****.

    Warid, you will pay for all the money you have looted.

  • Where are all croks have gone, like Tariq malik, Marwan and so on… who scerwed a good company, these arabs are so dumm that they handed over lots to these idiots and now they are all run away..Marwan is in Eisalat now.. to screw it..

    a sad day for telecom…

    J Khan

  • Dear Huawei,
    This is very unethical act from your side to destroy image of your partner who always support you, not only in Pakistan but in other regions also and even Huawei acknowledges on company website as “Huawei – Warid Bridges the Digital Gulf in Pakistan”.

    Everyone here is shocked after reading this official statement. No one was expecting such childish act from the so-called global leader.

    Now other operators must also be careful while signing any contract with Huawie.

  • Well done Fatima, a great work, you exposed how _______ Huawei can lend money up to 100m$ and sit back, sure this company is not running a normal business. Or a business with morals or ethics…

    They have devious motives; their CEO x army man is just a stooge of Chinese government….

    No way you can run business without government’s support..

    And true ugly face is exposed by this wonderful lady Fatima Beckmann, I request all Telco professionals to applauded her…..

    [Comment Edited]

  • The Arab owners of Warid have slapped setback to the telecom sector in Pakistan. Another Arab group has not paid the PTCL purchase price in full (though they have been taking divided money out for years) and now owners of Warid, will never pay the money to Huawei. These Arabs have come to Pakistan to loot and not to earn. The bad management practices of Huawei are a separate issue.

  • Dear all,
    Here name is Fathimah.
    Pls. dont be confused with the Muslim name “Fatima”.

    She is a Hindu lady, married with a Christian named “Beckmann”.

    Just check her comments on the following blog, posted on January 22, 2007 in which she ended by saying “Namaste” in Hindu style.

    I am quite sure. just like Vodacom South Africa, Huawei will very soon know about her non-professional activities, like running Yoga Club, Massage Center or who knows ________. I think she is on payroll of Israeli and Indian Lobby to destroy friendliest relations of Pakistan with China and UAE.

    How a Hindu lady, married with Christian have any sympathy with Pakistani, Chinese or Middle Estern people????

    Please think about it :)

  • Fathima is from South Africa and her country enjoys diplomatic relations with Israel since 1949.

    While covering this Huawei-Warid dispute, Media must also expose her suspicious past. Who knows she holds Israeli passport and trying to penetrate in Pakistan and I agree the statement issued by her will effect very much on the Pak-China Friendship and Pak-UAE brotherly relations. Fathima is simply pleasing enemies of Pakistan.

    Middle Eastern and Pakistani People must stop this Hindu lady immediately before she will give birth to media disaster.

  • Dear Aamir Atta, please change the name of topic “Fathima Beckmann” instead of that “Huawei Files Petition – – – – – – – – -“

    • Agree 100%.
      She behaves like a B-grade celebrity who wants to be in scandalous news to promote herself on the expense of someone else.

      It’s good to see traditional print media and TV channels understand and didn’t give importance to her stupidity.

      Simply ignore her.

  • I dont know where this discussion is heading…
    The issue is quite simple… Warid owes $100 million to Huawei that they must pay… it is a business transaction and has nothing to with nationality or religion… And Huawei had every right to pursue the case since Warid did not pay…

    • I agree with AA, at the same time I would commit that, its nothing to do with religion, but it is almost true in Arab culture, they don’t pay for weeks, months, years to even poor workers, Warid from UAE doesn’t surprise me at all..
      Feel sorry for company such as Huawei who had been so helpful and accommodating in building networks at their own expanse and now have to go through this hassle… Hope Pak justice system functions to norms and make good judgement, which of course will be in Huawei’s favour.

      All the best to Huawei


    • I agree with AA

      Warid is a habitual contract breaker.

      The same kind of attitude is displayed by Warid towards its franchisees; who are small level investors.

      I hope Huawei gets its payment, and also that Honourable Court makes sure that other vendors and franchisees get their over-due payments too.

  • I have read all the comments for and against Warid as well as Huawei.
    In my opinion, and also based on my information about Warid, the culprit must be Warid Telecom.
    Nepotism and favouritsim in Warid is at its peak.
    Its very much possible, that Warid owes this money to Huawei, and not trying to wriggle out of its earlier contracts and commitments. The same thing has been done by Warid’s management to its employees, franchisees and other small vendors.

  • Well, I think Huawei should immediately terminate its legal and treasury head who cannot ensure the receivable.

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