Mobilink’s 420 – a Loot Maar Service: Letters to Editor

I own a Mobilink number (0300-22X-XXXX) for last 9 years or so. Recently I have been a victim of obnoxious and obscene messages from a Telenor number.

Firstly i called on 10th Oct 2010, at 111 they charged me Rs. 1.19, made me hold, for the longest i’ve ever, for 23 minutes, and said that I should call at 420, “Obnoxious Call & SMS block Service” by Mobilink.

I did that; call was being charged at Rs. 4.78 / min, they picked the call after 1.3 minutes so that the 2nd minute is started then they asked for CNIC details and other useless stuff for 2 more minutes and told that this number will stop sending you sms within 48 hours.

It took around 5.5 minutes & cost me Rs. 28.68. After 48 hours I got sms from my service provider that your complaint has been resolved.

And trust me I have been getting same irritating stuff from very same mobile number despite of Mobilink’s claims.

I called 420 service again for complaining that my issue has not been resolved – while they told me  that cross-network blocking is not possible through 420 service. It took me another 3 minutes for what they charged Rs. 14.34. Means a total sum on these calls was 43.02 and that too for NOTHING.

If this was the case then why did they misguided me & persuaded me to call at 420 – if SMS blocking service is not available between the service providers…???

I truly condemn this act of LOOT Maar by Mobilink.

I guess if every call at 111 or 420 is being charged heavily and is of NO help then there is NO helpline as such that exists to cater customer queries.

We get disgrace for a paid service out of our own pocket…!!!



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  • Mobilink is a fraud company, its their very old practice of looting their customers for similar things.

    I used to have a mobilink no, and many times there were unjustified deductions from my balance.
    and they used to charge 10 or 15 sms when i had sent only 2-3 sms.

    Mobilink’s Pakistani management should feel ashamed of looting Pakistanis and sending their money to Egypt and getting salary rises and bonuses in return.

    • i do agree, i always tried to use my old mobilink number, but due to such kind of bad activities, i am not using it… I am on Ufone network, much better than others.

    • @ Truth Teller – i have been reading your comments on this blog. How interesting that you use the same comments about all companies other than Zong..
      @ Admin – you guys should seriously see to it that your blog does not become victim of viral marketing and remains a source of authentic information.

  • I myself am a mobilink user currently and I have to admit I am far from impressed by the way they handle their customers’ complaints/concerns.
    Their CSRs are put out there to take calls when some of them don’t even know JACK about what a customer is asking.

    Very unprofessional from a company of such magnitude.

  • hmm
    ya u 101% right. telenor ma bi kush asa hi ha holding ka system… the best time 2 call any Call center call in 6:00am to 7:00am :-)

    • I used Telenor for some time.
      Their call center is VERY efficient.
      I’ve honestly never had to wait for more than 2 minutes.

  • That’s why I ported out of Mobilink but frauds happens in almost all networks, we just need to see that they don’t do this with our preferred services.

  • I think ZONG Customer support is best, I m using since 2 year and each time i complained, i received immidiate respons.

    Live Long ZONG

  • bhai lot mar mobilink nhe kar rhe ap khud loty ja rhye ho ap pta mien complant karo jahan koi paisa nhe lage ga or 1 week mein ap ka issue resolve ho jaey ga or mobilink key lot mar key b comlaint karo pta ko phir paisy agar wapas na aye to batna yeh mobiles compnies to aye hey loot mar key lye hien custmer ko hey samjdar hona parta hy bahi

  • pta mean paksitan tele communication authority mujy b ek dafa koi no tang karta tha tu mien ny zong ko call nhe key bal k pta ko key phir mujy zong key represntaive ny 2 din bad khud phone kya tha or mera issu resolve ho gya tha

  • When I was having similar issue that a Warid number was giving me Miss-Call almost 24 hours a day I just went to Warid franchise with written application against that number.

    They accepted my application and asked me to send a copy to CPLC too (they gave me their fax number).

    The next day I just got a call from CPLC and the person said we received your complaint and we have taken action against that number. Now if you “ever” get any miss-call from that number please call us (on their given number).

    I never got any miss-call again :)

    Written complaint has definitely more value than just sitting in home and call to block someone number. I know they are offering such service but hey this is Pakistan, here nobody listens until you “SHOUT” so how can you expect them to listen to you?

  • Why Mobilink Is Not Introducing ‘ Call / SMS Block Service ‘ ?

    On The Other Side, Daily Mobilink Keep On Sending Useless Promotional Services SMS.

    Mobilink Is Toward Downfall. Almost Everyday This Happen That The SMS Which People Send Me At 7:30 AM, I Receive Them At 4:30 PM ( Mostly With Hours Delay ).

    Mobilink Is ” Ununderstandable ” Rather Then ” Apna Hai “

      • @ Nazish….
        and the good thing is that you dont have to call again and again over helpline to block the desired numbers.
        you can add 50 numbers and they charge Rs.15+tax/month which is very nominal. moreover you can manage the block list through their website (add or remove any number when ever you want)
        add 1 or 50 numbers you’ll be charged the same and both calls & sms will be blocked at once :)

        • Nazish, I feel sorry about this Loot Mar and can relate to this as well. Mobilink call center takes lifetime to get through and even then they keep one on hold for umpteen minutes. However, I see no improvement with you changing the service. All mobile companies in Pakistan, without exception, invent ever innovative ways to rob customers out of their money, And at the same time they run proud CSR and ethics campaigns. Let me say that this is one of the ways, if not the only, businesses think they can maximize their profits :(

  • I have been a Mobilink customer for quite some time now. I am very happy with their service. Secret of my success is that I have never ever used Mobilink’s service numbers for complaints but rather go to their customer service center and scream at them. In this way, some thing always does happen and my complain gets solved.

  • Go for Zong….. they offer the cross network blocking of both call & SMS.
    and trust me their network works in such cases :)

  • @ Nazish….
    and the good thing is that you dont have to call again and again over helpline to block the desired numbers.
    you can add 50 numbers and they charge Rs.15+tax/month which is very nominal. moreover you can manage the block list through their website (add or remove any number when ever you want)
    add 1 or 50 numbers you’ll be charged the same and both calls & sms will be blocked at once :)

    • @ Observer:
      If u have a mobilink number call at 420 & u’ll come to know that it is charged 4.78 per Minute.
      Please update ur information before commenting on facts…!

    • @ observer….
      this is not something outside the PTA law. Nazish is talking about 420 helpline and mobilink charge as much as they want.
      but what ur talking about is normal helpline of 111 which is charged on per call base.

  • I agree, mobilink is a loot maar network. There Helplines are totally useless. They never provide any satisfaction to your query.

  • I did MNP to WARID from my 7 years old Mobilink no. reasons are same access charging ,poor service and poor client services.

  • Maray ghar main sub ke pass Jazz kay number thay,

    Main nay apnay ghar or office kay tamam mobilink number Jazz say Warid pay convert kar dyea hain,

    Warid is Always is the best i have ever found,

    7 Rs. may 700 sms pura hafta, or 30 Rs. main 10MB internet, or 10 Friends and family number jis pay aap daily raat 11 say suba 7 tak 3Rs. pay pura ghanta baat kar sagtay hoo or saturday sunday ko pura pura din 3 Rs. pay pura ghanta baat karoo apnay warid friends and family numbers pay or 60 payisy p.30 sec main baat karo apnay 10 friends and family numbers pay

    Really Warid Rocks,

  • 100% agreed

    I was user of Jazz since 2004 but due to their attitude (especially poor help line service)I just converted my number on ufone.

    Ufone welcome me with free sim + Free airtime of Rs 100 + 100 free minutes

    With regards,

    Nauman 0300-455xxxx

  • Thinkable point is that if such complaints happen again and again in any network which we move or port out, then what we do this way !! The problem and polices facing ever where we never can blaming to any !!we invest few hundred’s or thousand’s and give complaint from them and they invest Billions of dollars what they think about us !!! they invest for us for giving batter services ,for batter achievement and they have performed , They never complaint that they did not get a good client or customer !!!other way we can say if we are customer’s of any then say how we satisfy ,give advice write for them speak for them .

    Happy time

  • mujay samaj nahi ati log phir b mobilink aur telenor kion istemal kertay hain. yeh aisa loot mar ka pehla wakiya nahi hai.

    mobilink aur telenor ka lootmar bazar hamesha sargaram raha hai dosri companies say ziyada.

  • Illegal/fraudulently deducting the money from balance.

    I am retired Vice President (Addl. Secretary) of the Pakistan Central Cotton Committee, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, now settled in Qassimabad, Hyderabad.

    My cell phone number is 0300-3021103. One fine morning I got the SMS from Mobilink that “Thank you for using the mobile internet. Rs: 9.99 has been deducted from yesterday’s mobile internet usage. Keep on enjoying unlimited browsing on mobile.” I took a bitter pill and did not complain about these 10 rupees by feeling that may be this may be a misunderstanding. LET ME TELL U THAT I HAVE NEVER USED INTERNET FROM MY MOBILE SET.

    Again, to my great frustration, I got exactly the same message today the 5th May at 2.35pm deducting again Rupees 9.99 for using internet. Now what kind of shamelessly money collection is this? When we do NOT use internet why such deduction?

    Is ther any body in the higher ups who can ask these buggers what the hell is going on? and why they are deducting the internet usage money when WE ARE NOT USING THE INTERNET AT ALL>

    I request to please pay me back rupees twenty along with apology and streamline/correct your channels/lower officials who are grabbing such small amounts shamelessly and harassing/intimidating the customers.
    I hope my grievances would be redressed.

    THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENT HEARING and waiting for your early response. REGARDS.

    Dr. Barkat Ali Soomro.

  • Illegal/fraudulently deducting the money from balance.

    As an epilogue, one can find my complaint on the subject dated 5th May 2011. In response to that complaint, I was remitted thirty rupees in my account, 0300-3021103, on 6th May 2011, by saying that rupees thirty are being credited to your account in lieu of your complaint.

    On 10th May, I received a call from Ms. Rabia stationed in Lahore, cell phone no: 0300-8498527 at 5.12pm, that there was a technical problem in the system by which rupees twenty were deducted on account of internet use. She said she is sorry and will see that it will not happen again. My plain reply was “I don’t buy that sort of ‘shit’ on technical ground basis as this is the organized way of mincing the money bit by bit.”

    Exactly on the same day at 6.34pm my wife receives the SMS from Mobilink saying that “Dear customer, your mobile internet has been activated. Please make sure you have saved the settings sent earlier. Rs: 9.99/day for unlimited usage apply. My wife’s SIM is purchased in my name and her no: is 0300-3049005.

    The irony of the fate is that before this warning , Rs: 9.99 have already been deducted from this number ( 0300-3049005 ) on account of mobile internet usage vide Mobilink’s message on 10th May at 2.31pm., though my wife and me never used mobile internet. Now who would believe that this is technical fault or some technical problem. If Ms. Rabia is reading this complaint, will she care to take some effective remedial measures OR THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS ORGANIZED THAT WAY!!!

    I need at least some sort of explanation and with apology of returning the deducted money together with assurance that this sort of paradoxical attitude will not be repeated to any customer. I am anxiously waiting for the reply. THANKS and REGARDS.

    Dr. Barkat Ali SOOMRO
    Qassimabad, Hyderabad, Sindh.
    0300-3021103. 022-2654392.

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