Mobilink’s 420 – a Loot Maar Service: Letters to Editor

I own a Mobilink number (0300-22X-XXXX) for last 9 years or so. Recently I have been a victim of obnoxious and obscene messages from a Telenor number.

Firstly i called on 10th Oct 2010, at 111 they charged me Rs. 1.19, made me hold, for the longest i’ve ever, for 23 minutes, and said that I should call at 420, “Obnoxious Call & SMS block Service” by Mobilink.

I did that; call was being charged at Rs. 4.78 / min, they picked the call after 1.3 minutes so that the 2nd minute is started then they asked for CNIC details and other useless stuff for 2 more minutes and told that this number will stop sending you sms within 48 hours.

It took around 5.5 minutes & cost me Rs. 28.68. After 48 hours I got sms from my service provider that your complaint has been resolved.

And trust me I have been getting same irritating stuff from very same mobile number despite of Mobilink’s claims.

I called 420 service again for complaining that my issue has not been resolved – while they told me  that cross-network blocking is not possible through 420 service. It took me another 3 minutes for what they charged Rs. 14.34. Means a total sum on these calls was 43.02 and that too for NOTHING.

If this was the case then why did they misguided me & persuaded me to call at 420 – if SMS blocking service is not available between the service providers…???

I truly condemn this act of LOOT Maar by Mobilink.

I guess if every call at 111 or 420 is being charged heavily and is of NO help then there is NO helpline as such that exists to cater customer queries.

We get disgrace for a paid service out of our own pocket…!!!



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