Wateen Tops Another Chart, Plagiarization!

By Hamad Dar

When writing a blog online, we have started embracing the fact that it’s going to get copied and it’s going to get copied a lot. And since we already have embraced the fact, we let our stories and content go, well, sort of.

We like our words being spread, even if that’s the way they get it. However, it starts to itch us a bit when that goes way out of the hands.

We usually let people use our content (even word to word) requiring a credit link, just to credit our efforts there (even though it still causes us losses monetarily). But not everyone writes to us to ask, or puts the credit  link, we usually let that go too, unless it’s someone who shouldn’t really be doing that, or does it too often.

In-fact, the latter category, they have installed scripts which automatically lift content from our RSS feeds and effortlessly republishes it on their websites.

Wateen has finally made it to the said category. Almost all the content that makes it way to the “Wateen’s Infotainment Portal” is scrapped off from blogs around the globe.

We can put countless links here for reference which have been taken off from my website and there are again countless which are being taken off from other similar blogs and for some reason, they didn’t find it serious enough to write us back, when we contacted them through their contact form.

Below are few of the links which have recently been scrapped off from KoolMuzone

  • Atif & Rahat nominated best playback singer
  • Dil Dil Pakistan – Pakistan flood awareness
  • Ali Zafar paints for flood victims
  • Faraz Haider’s New Album – Andher
  • Rethinking Coke Studio season 3
  • Pakistani US-born rapper & doctor Lazarus

  • hammer

    you are so silly to shout on wateen for content. fact is that they are using cracked scipt for their portal ;-)

    • You are just like the name given by your elders “Hammer” ;-) nice name

      • Hammer man

        kakay kabhi meri tareef bhi kardiya kar :p

  • Omer

    Its so difficult to find Wateen’s tariff and outlet names at their website.
    By no means its looking an Internet company’s website but more of an entertainment portal.

  • Ahmer

    Stop being fox news and look at their fashion section. Now that’s hot. Alsofor me it works as I don’t normally find so much information about Pakistan on any other site. Good going Water… lastly khud to pirated dvd per movies dekhtay ho saray aur dosron ko kehtay ho na karain. Hypocrite!!

  • atif

    i seriously believe that management of pro-pakistani is extremely obsessed with wateen telecom. i have no doubt while saying that you people are throwing news about wateen based on your personal reasons…. there is nothing wrong with their portal, the only thing wrong here is you.

    • Malik

      Dear, I agreed with u because I never found a single positive news aboust wateen Telecom from this foram, indeed they are always on fanatical track just for the sack of number game

  • Shakeel

    Well it all part of today’s Internet world….Look around you… Plagraism is every where…and by the way wateen portal is giving enough entertaining news and all other stuff at one place…and why pro pakistani always there for critisism, they never appreciate anyone…it seems to be like they are part of GEO anti everything source of media hahahaha…growup kids:):)

    • kashif

      You are justifying plagraism as being part of internet world? you gotta be kidding

      yes wateen site is entertaining but the problem is they are lifting others’ content and not producing their own

      I bet you can make better site than wateen’s if option is to copy from other sites

  • Saad Durrani

    Well, pot calling the kettle black. I have seen so many entries on this website that are just ‘copy-paste’ jobs from GSMarena or Engadget when it comes to phone reviews.

  • Sohail

    Mr Dar do not try to get cheap popularity like our cheap politicians.
    i am not favouring wateen portal, but just tell that do you have any proof that you do not . visit the following links.
    These are a few, I can give twenty more.
    Now stop being Maulana Fazal ur Rehman…….

    • Yes, they copied too. What’s your point?

      • His point is that he is an ignorant and Obnoxious jackass :P

      • Gudge

        yar larai choro…. kis bath pa larta ho. wateen wala chori karta hain coz wahan rich log job karta hain jo kam karna paand nahe karta.
        laikan tum dono kyun gusa kha raha ho. chori to ap be karta ho, zara sophicate tareqa sa. laikan kam to wohe karta ho na….

        so chilll and aur chori karta jao……

  • Khurram

    Can you tell me how to auto publish content from RSS?

    • Mujtaba

      lazy enough to do Ctrl C + Ctrl V ?

  • Malmstien

    Is picking up articles from other websites and leaving a link in the end saying “via xyz” makes plagiarism go away? The site which the author refers to does that therefore the entire argument is in questioning. Propakistani admins should read through all blog posts being published here before posting it for public. As for wateen, they are only doing what everyone else is doing and that is to provide the interesting information from all sources around the globe to their readers. I don’t mind reading on their website, which I think is unique as well. I also agree with one of hte authors writing about watching pirated movies, that is stealing too, why not pay the producers and directors of the movie their due share. It is a wrong debate to start of with in the first place. Just sit back relax and enjoy.

    • ali

      “As for wateen, they are only doing what everyone else is doing and that is to provide the interesting information from all sources around the globe to their readers”

      Wateen is a multinational company, i had expected better than this from wateen. I am sure people like you had given a go ahead to webmaster to copy content from other websites

  • Khalid

    I am very thankfull to you Mr Dar, you introduced me Wateen Infotainmental which is far more multi dimensional than KoolMuzone.

    • ali

      wateen sucks. I would better opt for RSS reader if i was to get the news from various sources collected at one place.

  • Mulla

    I can see so many wateen employees in action today.

    This nation is so obsessed that they have given up the hope and has started considering the wrong as right way.

  • Agha Imran

    I thought KoolMuzone was the one copying content from wateen.net lol…anyways who cares,the wateen page looks good !

  • Hammer man

    the author must have supposedly been expecting a round of applause ( taalian taalian… cha gaye ho bhai :P ) and support from the readers after having read his post.

    But it back fired :)

    • insider

      situation at bashir tahir’s office may reflect differnet sitaution that you plotted

    • imran

      you are patting wateen, even worst

  • ahsen

    what else you can expect from a FnF company like wateen

  • somone

    webmaster would be fired (but only if he is not son of any GM)

  • umar

    The standard of our blogs are not upto the world mark.we have to take the criticism in positive manner not for point scoring.

  • Farhan Janjua

    Yes, they stole articles from Guppu.com too!

  • I absolutely disagree with you all. How many of you create content? Blog? Also, if you want all your information at one place, you should subscribe to sites and blogs via your Google Reader. Just because you don’t care doesn’t mean the author is wrong and it doesn’t justify content lifting. Also, before you accuse the author or anybody else of watching pirated DVD’s, please show us some proof will you.

  • Hassan Wajid

    it is like a war zone here. I actually liked wateen’s site for the amazing fashion updates and health articles irrespective of where they took from. works for me, don’t know about you. btw anum, show the proof that people don’t watch pirated movies. even the ones cable walahs run are pirated and we all have cable connection in our houses.

    2 wrongs don’t make a right but then again this is what blogs are doing these days as well. they take the news and put it up on their blog just because it is popular and then leave a link at the end, like that would make everything alright…

    hammad dar, the writer, is annoyed because they possibly did not credit him and on the other hand, he took the news from another site, which had taken from another site so just because they are leaving the link makes it fine… grow up people!

    • admin

      I am amazed at your logic hassan. How sharply you crafted the deal to defend a bad-doing into a good doing.

      And btw, up-mentioned stories by Hamad were produced by himself, and not picked from anywhere. One last thing, re-producing content (the way you said) doesn’t make any blog popular.

  • Haider

    Amir why not bring legal authorities into play?

  • Robin Ginolfi

    Great posting, well crafted I must say.

  • Junaid

    Amazing…..wateen Telecom is internet service provider not a shop for Movies and dramazaaaa and other things…wateen provide all news and hight internet speed in 600/man not 600000