Zong Launches Android Handset, Priced at Rs. 15,999

handset-for-website Zong is all set to launch a fair priced Android handset in Pakistan. Already available Android 2.2 handsets in Pakistan have been priced for the high end segment of the consumers.

From what we have heard so far, Zong’s Android is Priced at 15,999, Rs. 10,999 with a new Zong SIM.

It has a 2.8-inch capacitive touchscreen, a 3.2-megapixel camera and GPS. Smart-phone comes an ability to access the Internet using 802.11n WiFi. The Qualcomm processor is said to be clocked at 528 MHz.

Zong’s Android handset has Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor and Ambient Light sensor as well, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and an microSD slot.

The applications available in an Android Phone are unlimited, facilitating the consumers to always stay connected with social networking groups, configure multiple email accounts, get information about important places in nearby vicinity and download unlimited free application and games.

Expressing his views Salman Wassay, Director Marketing, ZONG said, “Currently the Android handsets have been priced at a premium. With Zong’s fair priced handsets, we aim to bring the emerging technology within the reach of a greater number of consumers in order to let them experience the state-of-the-art technology at affordable rates.”

Android is an emerging mobile technology still in the development phases which offers unlimited applications including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Maps, Voice Search etc.

Providing state-of-the-art technology to its subscribers is the hallmark of Zong’s philosophy. With the introduction of Android handsets in Pakistan, Zong has taken lead in the telecom industry by coming up with yet another innovative product for its subscribers at an affordable price.


Zong Android Handset Now Available for Rs. 10,999

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • what a looser…

      if you dont have any sense of difference between Android and Symbian then you should better shut your mouth.

      Symbian is a fail and have no future while android is the one who is killing iOS4.

      • Apple was never in the competition dude. Competition in between Symbian and Android. And also symbian is still the largest os used in smartphone’s. And also symbian is the only OS that can run on low specs. See Nokia N8. Its doing its job very well with only 680 mhz arm 11 processor and 256 mb ram.

    • Nokia n8 no doubt a great phone with excellent features like Excellent camera, flash and divx support but slow lacks in RAM and processor speed.
      Demoed one @ ufone service centre.

  • So which handset will they give? Huawei Ideos? (Which was mentioned in the comments by Ahsan in another post:

    “huawei ideos has only been announced in kenia yet and it costs 100$ thats around 10 k so if you can wait you can actually get an android phone in cheap”)

    P.S.Typo in Post:

    “Zong is all set to launch the a fair priced Android handset in Pakistan.”

  • It must be running android 1.6 like x10 mini and pro.
    They must launch a premium mobile with subsidized rates like IP 4.
    Anyways a good initiative.

  • i dont know about this set but zong has launched two sets definitely . one priced at 1999 and other at 6999(touch screen).one is already in market for 1599

  • The good thing is that our telecom operators are aware of the smartphones and the latest gadgets.They will offer good smartphones if there will be a competition for it like in foreign countries.Every telecom operator is trying to offer the best for the customers at best prices.

  • no new android handset is available in this price range. good work zong. and dont compare it with N8 . N8 belongs to a different category.

    • Good work but this set should be available in 8000- 10000 as in US, Europe its price is nearly 12000. But ZoNG is charging 16000 for Huawei made set, I guess it will be costing them no more than 6-7 thousand.

      • Dude. When adding taxes and duties, the set will be expense. I work in book trade. When a book is priced at US$1, it would not be Rs. 86. It would Rs 102. Books are not subjected to duties but mobiles are. Then Zong will keep a charge for after-sales and a profit margin. They giving free access to apps and 48MB worth of Internet. All these costs are adjusted in the Rs. 15,999/-.

        Not bad at all.

  • well
    i am shock people comparing N8 with this mobile on the first hand
    N8 price are much lesser in foreign then in pakistan
    but in pakistan there is GST + mobile import duty which is around 10% or more i think
    so all are much educated to calculate things…
    100$ mobile will cost u around 8600rs i admit
    bt that 8600rs with some around 30% tax will surely go much above..
    zong is also calculating its on net minutes and internet charges..
    definately they are not going to offer it in free of charge..

    the same thing goes with N8 which ufone is offering
    although since it is much more expensive set almost more than 100% of this zong offer so definately there margin will be much lesser than this!!

    But i appreciate zong mentallity..
    they are actually making new trend and allowing pakistani users to open there hands on much updated new mobile phones…

  • I tried this phone today at my Office and I would say its a pretty nice handset for such a low price. And if you want to compare it with other phones in the same price range, then I don’t think there’s any other handset offering all the same features.

    • I agree 100%
      I have been a user of Android since a few hours and I can say it confidently that I dont want to go back to my N95-8GB/N96 EVER!

      The only CONS are that its network locked which you can get unlocked from the market at a reasonable price :)

      The funny thing is I was asking the same to the ZONG rep @ Liberty market and he told me the same ;) “You can get it unlocked easily” :D lol

  • @all of the dumb peoplw saying that the phone is fairly priced

    It costs a hundred bucks thats 8600 rupees for you geniouses . I dont know the tax rates but lets suppose they put a 2000 rs tax on this phone that’s 10600 . That’s the peice the phone costs zong .and since it is carrier locked it shou’d be offered at a lower price. as for the free internet for six months, it’s 8mb per month for god’s sake are we what still in the era of pre dailup even when we used to buy those 10rupees net cards? Idiots
    Hell ufone is giving a 25% discount on the n8 and without locking it to ufone’s network and also discounted internet for sometime.

    • Well, why is it not in the market then :) I surveyed all the mobile markets in LHR and could not find a single Hawawi handset.

      With either Android or iPhone or Blackberry, you have to have an unlimited internet or at least 10-15GB bandwidth, I agree that 48MB/6mo is just joke.

      Another point to note here is that I got it unlocked for just Rs. 150 :) so network locking is no big deal.

      For me, this is the most affordable Andriod in PK, farewell to my N96.

      • i know what you are saying but what i’m saying is that zong is having about a 5 thousand rupees profit on each set sold which is unfair moreover the phone is network locked[ regardless of how much it costs to unlock it .

        pardon my spelling in the previous comment , havent got used to touch keyboards yet = )

      • From where did you get it unlocked Asim? I spent almost 2 hours in Hafeez Center and the guy at Links International said it would takes Rs.3000 to unlock it. Can you please tell me the shop or website?

  • T-mobile launching this set named as T-Mobile comet… Qasim it doesnt made up of e71 (china) made quality…
    i went zong CSC and used this phone, its good as far as speed , touch is concern…
    i’ve only issue with the display resolution (320 x 240) and i’ve heard some of the apps might not work with lower resolution screen… i am trying to find out whether this is true or not

    • wswr saqib:

      wifi is a local area network that uses high frequency radio signals to transmit and receive data over distances of a few hundred feet; uses ethernet protocol 802.11 …

      i use my phone’s wifi to browse the internet when i’m at home rather than use GPRS, i can also make calls over SIP using wifi (well, and GPRS)

      newer phones like the IDEOS can also act as a wireless AP, and share their GPRS/EDGE connectivity and also provide a bridge to other wifi devices

      • Thanks Wasim Baig for this precious information.
        means wifi is a Mobile Lan Card :)
        in short way we can say that mobile wifi work like PTCL wifi router, u can surf high speed internet and share too.
        Dear Wasim i’ve a Question in my mind, can we share internet by wifi to our laptop or PC?

    • Buy wireless modem or access point in price of <2000rs, and connect your phone to Wifi with your PTCL or Linkdotnet DSL for free fast internet on phone ;)

  • salam , can someone please tell me where can i get the huawei ideos phone unlocked ! , in lahore or islamabad!

    • Dear in Lahore u can unlocked in Hafeez Center and in Islamabad u can unlocked it Irfan Mention F-10 Markaz

  • guys… if you are concerned about price, please take my 2 cents…

    1: you wont find a cheaper set with android 2.2 at this price anywhere else… (for those who think it should cost 8K, go get some sleep…)

    2: you can only find a 2nd hand set at 20k+ with android… and this one is brand new.. so why cry?

    I am using Samsung Galaxy and a Android user from past 4 months… once you use it… you will forget symbian shit…

    and WHY THE HELL YOU ARE COMPARING IT WITH N8? its like a fight between MAC and WIN…

  • @ ALi,

    get me 100 iphone at 16000 Rupees each! By the way Android OS is now the most popular OS in US, even beating Apple’s ios 4 which is there in iphone 4.

  • @Arhum,

    Yeah, you can buy the latest Android set by Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S, 4″ super AMOLED screen. Only in rupees 50,000/=

  • Cm’on guyz yaar that was superb android (froyo) with 528 processor.. i think itz better to transfer to android based sets… So Bye symbians..

  • Well after researching and reading the comments here, this set seems pretty good. I might just buy it.

    I have an E71 currently.

  • That is right, some of applications will not work with this phone due to screen size.

    And this handset comes with only 6months warranty jiska matlab china maal kabi bi kharab ho sekta warna 1 year tak company apnay zimandari leti.

    • Well said, why 6 months? And when price isn’t subsidized , but in fact over prices then then why network locked ???????

  • Hi, i am interested in buying this…
    But is there anyone who will share the experience of using it after unlocking, i hope that it will not have any prob after unlocking.

    I do not want to use zong.

  • Dude its doing its job very well and its not slow and also symbian is not resource hunger OS as android or iOS. And also you can play HD games with it.

  • Salam Saqib

    You said that you can also make calls over SIP using wifi (well, and GPRS), Please how it is possible.

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