Nokia Launches its Recycle Program – a Customer’s Social Responsibility

Pakistan has become 86th country in the world where Nokia has launched its recycling program, through a press event in Karachi.

“Take Back” program will have recycle boxes at all 9 Nokia Care centers across the country. Along with, there would be 400+ collection points and a mobile van in Karachi to serve urban mobile market.

The initiative is launched to invite the mobile phone users to recycle their old phones.

Nokia isn’t accepting only Nokia made models, but also Samsung, Siemens and other makes are also encouraged to be dropped into Recycle Boxes.

Moreover, customers can drop old batteries, chargers or any other accessories in drop boxes too.

When asked about any incentives offered to customers or society in return, Nokia said that there are no incentives for customers in this. They will have to drop their phones for no-return at all!

So there is no monetary advantage involved here. Nokia assumes that it’s the customer’s social responsibility.

However, for society’s betterment, Nokia said that it will re-invest money saved through recycling, which ultimately will help company bring better devices at low cost.

In response to a question that there are already options available to customers where they can sell their old/useless phones for Rs. 200 or so, Nokia said “Naiki ki koi keemat nae hoti”.

During the briefing, Nokia said that devices collected through this program will be shipped back to Hungry. When asked about the establishment of a recycling unit in Pakistan, Nokia explained that transporting it outside Pakistan is less costly than actually maintaining the plant here.

Following are other highlights of Nokia’s Briefing:

  • Nokia is saving some 500 million Euros, globally, out of this recycling program
  • Nokia was the first company in Pakistan to introduce simple packaging.
  • 80 percent of Nokia’s new devices are recycle-able. New packaging is also made up to 65% of recyclable material. It’s free of PVC since 2006.
  • According to Nokia’s country manager in Pakistan, average life of cell phone is one and a half year or two at most.
  • According to a survey conducted by Nokia, only 3% people know about recycling. 74% have no idea about it. 50% of the people are unaware that it is possible to recycle mobile phone
  • Interesting fact: According to Nokia’s surveys almost 8% of cell phones are stolen each year.
  • Nokia has been trying to reduce the cost of cell phones so basically they are putting their saved money in reducing the cell phone cost.

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  • Its nice to see such initiatives. But the picture posted does not really correspond to our social values/ culture.

    • a girl wearing a t shirt is common nowadays O.o
      [ regardless of if it is right or wrong]

      though recycling isnt common in pakistan

    • Well, I would not say it useless. Many phones become useless e.g. your set got wet and gone useless, that can be dropped in that kind of boxes.

      But yes people don’t care that much here about recycling or environment stuff, so a parallel media promotion and measures to raise the awareness are must from nokia, if they really want to pick up a good number of phones from this country to recycle them.

  • Naiki? Kis baat ki naiki? Nokia walo khairaat mang rahay ho kya? The beggers must pay the customers.

  • Ya Agree with Fakhre Alam,

    Agar kise qisam ka koi faida ya koi discount card wo customers ko direct isse kar daina phone ke lagat daikhtay huay to wo pphir bhee theek,

    Warna aisee naikee karnay say kya faida,
    Nokia walay kon say free main kisee ko phone bant,tay hain, pasiay laitay hain to he phone daiktay hain na,

    Complete Useless….

  • Basically they want to generate money by fooling the customers inteh name of social responsibility, the parts inclding the IC chip and other board inside the phone along with speaker , camera ,keypad etc have got a certain value , and if they manage to come up with certain amount of phones ,they can hire a low cost technician to release these parts for reuse, ultimately reducing their cost, favouring them again after paying them huge amounts on purchase of their brand is simple foolishness, no doubt if they pay some amount for the concern its apppreciable , otherwise its better to give the phone to child to play :P
    Zillionaire ko phone daina koi naikee nahi , sorry :P
    Its an organised form of beggary

  • I appreciate this good start of CSR (customer social responsibility)from Nokia in Pakistan. There are other such ideas like corporate social responsobility wherein Multinational/national corporations are donating towards sports/scouting and other such activities. I suggest some type of incentive (awards coupons to recognise loyalty) to dropers of old sets. At the same time others manufacturers may also follow this example.

  • Its only benifit the company and it have no or very tiny effects to its customer or gernal public

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