Telenor’s Easypaisa Turns One!

Easypaisa has successfully completed one year of operations. The service, which was launched jointly by Telenor Pakistan and Tameer Microfinance Bank last year, has helped provide people across Pakistan with access to convenient financial services.

Roar Bjærum, Vice President Financial Services, Telenor Pakistan while commenting on easypaisa’s one year of completion said:

“Easypaisa is a uniquely convenient way for everyone to carry out financial transactions such as money transfer and bill payments. More than six million transactions worth Rs10 billion have been moved through the system in this one year, with a million transactions worth nearly Rs2 billion moved in the last month alone. These numbers reflect our customers’ increased trust in the services. Our aim is to continue to change the way financial transactions are carried out in Pakistan, and to develop a portfolio of easypaisa services that meet different customer needs.”

Ali Abbas Sikander, Group Executive Director Technology & Operations, Tameer Microfinance Bank, speaking about the milestone said:

“In Pakistan, there are currently an estimated 30 million economically active people who have no access to basic transactional services, let alone savings and other financial safety net solutions. Now, with easypaisa, these people can have a bank account without a physical bank branch and can conduct financial transactions from the comfort of the home using just a basic cell phone. All transactions are transparent, regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan, and are accounted for towards the country’s economy.”

The service, when it was launched a year ago, was available at 2,200 outlets. Currently, easypaisa services are available at more than 11,000 outlets in 700 urban and rural areas across Pakistan. The spread is even greater than the number of bank branches in Pakistan which is 8,000.

  • Well done Telenor! they have lived up to the expectations of everyone, though they had their share of problems initially (expectedly coz of one of a kind product in PK), they have turned the tables around wonderfully. International remittance is simply too good!

    In the current environment of Telcos where everything (tariffs,vas etc) gets copied so easily, Telenor should be proud over the fact that 1 year has passed and still no competition from other telcos! i suspect they will enjoy this monopoly for some time to come!

    Thumbs up telenor!

    • Having used the EasyPaisa more than 6,7 times in last 3 months. I’ve to say its fast (minus the hassling paper work at shopkeeper’s end).

      The most annoying and weak thing about EasyPaisa is the measly and small 10,000rs monthly limit.

      You can only receive 10,000rs per month on your ID card. THATS IT. good luck waiting till next month ;p so you can receive any more money after that

      • @babaG

        open an easypaisa Mobile Account if you have a Telenor SIM and enjoy higher transactional limits, cheaper transactions, and no need to go to the easypaisa shop (except Cash Deposit/Withdrawal). No ID card hassles, no receipts etc.

        Open your easypaisa Mobile Account at your nearest Telenor Franchise or Service Center.

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  • Hi,
    I want to know that what are the transaction charges on EasyPaisa. Are these per transaction or per amount.

    Please let me know thanks.

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