After Android, Zong Launches 3 Low-End Handsets

Zong looks serious about handset market. It’s recent launch of Android handset at Rs. 15,999 is already getting popular amongst the masses. Along with, Zong has offered these four low-end handsets to meet requirements of all segments.

Zong’s this aggressive move is going to impact already struggling Nokia. Not only this, other operators will be compelled to offer handsets too – if Zong’s offers become lucrative.

Details and pricing are as following:

Zong_G2201 G 2201

Following the immense success of our previous affordable handset offers, ZONG is back with another handset deal with the latest affordable handset offer that is bound to catch your interest and attention. The stylish and affordable G 2201 handset coupled with an amazing bundle offer from ZONG.


Rs. 1,999 with SiM


  • 1,000 free on-net minutes
  • 1,000 free SMS to any network
  • Free GPRS Package for 15 days @ 2 MB/15 days
Handset Features
  • WAP
  • FM Radio
  • Torch

Zong_R31 R 231

The R-231’s sleek and stylish design along with its music related functionalities is a truly appealing blend. The trendy handset is packed with numerous features and a remarkable bundle offer of free calls and SMS to any network in Pakistan.


Handset with new ZONG SIM: Rs. 3,499/-


  • Rs 225/- FOC balance divided over 3 months ( Rs 75/month); the balance is valid for on-net calls, off-net calls and SMS
  • 6MB free GPRS each month for 3 months.

Handset Features

  • 2 MP Camera
  • EDGE Support
  • FM Radio
  • 34MB Internal Memory
  • Micro SD card Supported

N 281

Zong_N281 N 281 is low-end touch screen phone offered by Zong at an unbelievable price. Along with this splendid TouchScreen handset and high-quality camera you will also get an incredible bundle deal of free GPRS and balance to make calls and SMS to any network in Pakistan.


Rs. 6,999 with SIM


  • Rs. 300 free balance distributed over three months, which can be used for of-net, on-net calls and SMS
  • Free GPRS package for three months @ 6MB per month

Handset Features

  • Touch Screen
  • 2 MP Camera
  • EDGE Support
  • FM Radio
  • 20MB Internal Memory
  • Micro SD card Supported
  • 8 Pre-Loaded Bookmarks (which include Facebook, Gmail, Google, CricInfo, ZONG, Wikipedia, Yahoo)
  • ZONG Music Hot Key for one touch access to ZONG Music IVR

According to info provided to ProPakistani, there is another handset in the queue, named as Zong R 221. However, Zong’s website isn’t mentioning this phone as of now. If launched, Zong R 221 will be priced at Rs. 2,499 along with SIM.

All handsets are available at Zong Customer Service Center and Franchises.

All handsets come with discount of Rs 150/- for Subscribers who want to avail the offer on their existing ZONG SIM.

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  • much better offer!!
    allowing people to open hands on new mobile and also good opportunity to grow network user :-)
    thumbs upppp!!!

  • I check on web these sets belongs to ZTE
    But I don’t know which operating they have ?
    Symbian or Java.

  • On these set zong should offer free balance for 1 or 2 year that should be the cost of the set as offered by zong previously that make this offer GREAT :-)
    I already have zong free mobile and using it since 2 year and still going strong :-)

  • zong takes the market to another level

    ufone n mobilink should also focus on such offers rather than abusing each other in a non-sense manner.

  • “Zong’s this aggressive move is a going to impact already struggling Nokia.”

    I hope you were being sarcastic?

  • i want to get some information about zong’s n281. please give me.
    1.can we install software in this mobile?
    2.can we watch on line videos on this set.videos like on utube or facebook etc
    3.can we connect internet on the coomputer through this handset?
    4.can we play java games on it?
    5.Is this is warrantteed?
    Thank u
    reply me on my mailing address([email protected])
    thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Salam Dear All ,
    I am Mohsan from Islamabad
    I wana purchased Recently Zong Hand SET R 231.
    That realy good.
    i wana Sale this set.
    any one purchase plz contact 03335681988
    Set Featuers:
    Handset Features
    2 MP Camera
    EDGE Support
    FM Radio
    34MB Internal Memory
    Micro SD card Supported

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