An Open Letter from Unhappy Mobilink Franchisees to VP Sales

Mobilink, the largest operator in Pakistan has always faced issues with respect to their third party resource, THE FRANCHISES.

We have previously witnessed a huge strike by Mobilink franchisees in Karachi which was in the sales leadership of Irfan Akram and now in the sales leadership of Jahanzeb Taj, it’s the franchisees in Multan who are not happy with company’s managerial policies.

The franchisee union in Multan region have written an open complain letter to Jehanzeb Taj, VP Sales, Mobilink, which we have confirmed from multiple sources with-in the company and the franchises.

Franchisees have shown serious concerns about the regional mis-management practiced by newly hired regional heads and the way it is impacting their business and ultimately the company’s sales and revenues.

Franchisers from Multan said that the region is performing weirdly which topped in sales for one year, under the control of previous regional manager. They have threatened that they can come on road for strike if their demands are not met.

This is one of the many examples set by franchisees to openly oppose company policies.

We have attached the letter which is very self explanatory on what the franchisees have pointed out but the key points are:

  • Franchisee don’t want to work under the newly imposed regional polices.
  • Franchisee are bound to sell SIMs in Rs.100, purchasing cost of which is Rs.130 – that give them a total lose.
  • Franchisees are pushed to show Post paid sales which turns out to be just a number game whereas actually the SIMs are lying in the drawers
  • Franchisees a re pushed to show growth by putting Jazz load stock of 5-7 days in retailers SIMs
  • Franchisees have clearly mentioned prosperity while working under the regional leadership Ex-Regional Director, Abdul Muqeet Fareed and Ex-Regional Manager Khawaja Hasan but the the newly induction of Anwar Qazzafi, the franchisees are in immense pressure.
  • Last but not the lease, the franchisees have requested the Management to improve their system and procedures and work honestly so that it’s a win win situation for everyone.

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