Dell Insipiron N5010 – Preview, Price, Features

Dell-inspiron-N5010This model is known by two names i.e. Dell Inspiron N5010 or Dell 15R. It is a home machine and forerunner of 1560’s sequence dell laptops. It is weighted at 2.47 kg with almost (380 W x 259 D x 20 H) (front) / 32.8 (rear) mm dimensions.

Dell Inspiron N5010 comes with 15.6 inches for 720p HD WLED display resolution of 1366×768 and black bezel color matches with silver palm rest.

WLED stands for “White Light Emitting Diode”, it uses a lesser amount of energy and is environmentally friendly that produces smoother and brighter lighting of the display with enhanced clarity.

Dell Inspiron N5010 offers true life display (anti-reflective) technology that enhances the gloss, sharpness, wide viewing angles and vibrant colors for watching content on the screen.

Dell Inspiron N5010 is ready with full size keyboard with integrated numeric pad. It enhances the pointing device experience by providing smooth touch pad with On/Off button and dedicated vertical scroll Up/Down pad.

The right side of the Dell Inspiron N5010 has a built-in DVD burner and eSATA port, a 10/100 Ethernet port and an SD card slot; while the left side has a USB port, microphone and headphone ports and an HDMI port; the rear has two more USB 2.0 ports, a VGA port and the power connection.

Chipset / Motherboard:

Dell Inspiron N5010 is equipped with Intel H57 chipset, which is part of Intel 5 series chipsets replacing the old two chip approach. Intel rapid storage technology, INTEL RST 9.5 brings additional storage performance and data protection with low power consumption features.

Support for eSATA combined with Intel RST provides much better performance than USB 2.0 or IEEE 1394, so it may be ideal for data storage and transferring purposes like multimedia professionals needs high speed data transfer and copying devices for the content.


Dell Inspiron N5010  comes with Intel® Core™ i3 2.13 GHz 330M, with 2 cores and its hyper threading technology enables dual core CPU to grip 4 threads at one time. It should be able to handle good amount of applications at optimum level but there could be possibility of advanced CPU for demanding games.

It is loaded with instruction set of 64 bit technology, Enhanced Speed step, Intel Virtualization Technology, Idle States, Thermal Monitoring technology, Intel fast memory access, Intel flex memory access with integrated GMA HD 500MHz, integrated DDR3 1066 memory controller.

Cache and Memory, (RAM/Hard Drive):

Dell Inspiron N5010 features 3MB smart cache for better giving out and set up with 250GB hard drive supporting (High rpm); hard drives are capable of working under vibration with power saving options. 2GB DDR3 (DDR 800, 1066, 1333 and 1600) RAM twice the data rate of DDR2 for in-depth memory processing such as gaming, digital video editing, producing DVDs and running software applications.

You can also extend RAM till 4GB DDR3 to utilize maximum optimum performance on the laptop for most favorable computing with availability of two RAM Slot banks.

Integrated Graphics:

Intel H57 provides elevated visual performance for crisp images, vibrant colors with high definition audio and video experience. It offers full support for Windows 7 with influential performance and instinctive design. Intel clear video HD technology provides higher processing capacity to facilitate a wealthier amusement experience.

Intel HD graphics provides multiple options for connecting with different displays like HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) and supports HD high resolutions like 720p. With its TV setup utility, it provides step by step guide for configuration with TV. Dell Inspiron N5010’s graphics memory may range from 384mb till 1024 mb dedicated and shared depending on the model series.

Networking Details:

It is offered with W-LAN 802.11b, W-LAN 802.11g like Intel WIFI link 6200 /6250 or Wireless WLAN Half mini card optionally, depends on the model series. It is also ready with Bluetooth 2.0 and Ethernet controller. Dell Inspiron N5010’s networking features fulfill basic networking requirements to keep connected on internet or intranet.

Multimedia Details (Optical Drive, Speakers, Webcam and Sound Card):

Dell Inspiron N5010 features High Definition soundcard, which produce optimum digital sound. machine has speakers that produces great sound for movies and music. Its optical drive is capable of playing audio / video DVD discs with burning capabilities ranging from DVD RW/R (8X) and CD-RW with DL support.

External Ports:

  • 5 in 1 Digital Media Reader for Secure Digital Cards, Multimedia cards, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, xD picture cards.
  • Usb 2.0
  • 1 HDMI Connector.
  • 1 eSATA+USB.
  • 1 VGA port.
  • RJ 45 Ethernet connector.
  • 1 Headphone out and Microphone in jack.

What’s in the Box?

  • Manuals
  • Laptop Charger
  • Screen LCD covering cloth
  • Applications & Drivers CDs

Availability in Pakistan:

Dell Inspiron N5010 is available in Pakistani local laptop markets. Dell Inspiron N5010 is offered in the price range of PKR 55000/- to PKR 60,000.

It is available in PKR 55000/- (As of 16 October, 2010) on Mega.Pk.

Please be informed that, you may get/observe price difference while visiting your local market. Please visit market and have detailed research before you buy. (Prices are subjected to change).

Disclaimer: Please be informed that, Websites mentioned in the articles are only for citing references. Author is not responsible for any purchase / sale /exchange/loss/Price Quotation/ decision made; but not limited to, after reading this article.

  • I am using this laptop at my workplace. Trust me, I’ve never used something so pathetic. My Acer Core2Duo works far more better than this.

    We fall for this machine due to its high configuration and (relatively) low price.

    Let me write a few cons,

    1- The Graphics Card Drivers keep crashing in some of the machines, you can try reinstalling OS or whatever, the issue will stay intact. I searched the internet and found that something is wrong with the Graphic Card (Motherboard not supporting GFX Card in some machines)

    2- Keyboard, although this laptop offers a full size keyboard with numeric pad but the quality of keys is pathetic. No indication if Caps Lock or Scroll Lock or any lock is on or off.

    3- Mouse track, one word pathetic, you’ll be rubbing your fingers on track unless you connect external mouse.

    4- Heat, the plus point here is you can fry eggs. Yes this laptop generates good amount of heat.

    5- Speed, I’ve used this machine for both Work and Entertainment purpose. If you run too many programs when working (I run Bazaar Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Programmers Notepad and a few others), speed goes extremely slow which is clearly not something you expect from 2GB RAM with Core i5 Processor. I’ve experienced delayed playback if watching 1080p movies on this laptop.

    In short, after using this Dell machine, I’d recommend everyone to stay away from this machine, better get yourself a HP Core i3 or if you’re low in budget, try Compaq or Acer.

    • I am using the same laptop at my workplace and I totally agree with what you got to say! Not to forget the screen is literally pathetic and gives odd results at certain viewing angles :|

    • Dear Abdullah…. i agreed with u . i also purchased this notebook when they lunch in Pakistan..
      i also suggest friends to keep away from Core I Series…. and also from Hell (DELL) … c2d/Quad is better then I series

    • Thanks for your review Abdullah, every one suggested me to buy this DELL machine, but I went for Toshiba Satellite despite high prices.

    • You’re welcome guys. I just wanted to make sure no one gets trapped just because of this laptops looks :D

      • @Abdullah Ibrahim

        Can you recommend a good laptop of range upto 55000? for use in home and office. I will be grateful.

        • Aamir, if you could increase your budget a little bit like 65-70K you could get yourself a HP DV6 series laptop. I bought that 1 month ago, I am really happy with that so far.

          7-8 months ago, you could have bought an awesome compaq laptop for that price, but now compaq laptops are coming in cheap build quality (not sure about the performance).

          If you are tight in budget, and can’t go further. I’d recommend you two machines, either HP Pro Book or go for an Acer machine.

          People will say that Acer is not that great, but I am using Acer since 2 and a half year without any problems (just except card reader no longer works). Only drawback of Acer is you can’t make the most out of it in terms of Entertainment (low quality speakers etc).

          Also when buying laptop, make sure that laptop is coming with local warranty and you can claim that warranty via any channel not only through the dealer. Lets say if you buy an HP laptop from shop A, make sure you can claim warranty from any HP channel, not from just shop A.

          I have 3 laptops and once LCD on my work desk, I had to do a little research after I got ripped by buying Dell, so feel free to ask any questions you may have, perhaps this little experience of mine can help someone out :)

          • I like your analysis! I have the same suggestions to everyone, i did give out comments below as well you can read, but I am worried you got a HP DV6 :S I hope it runs fine.!
            I maybe wrong but I have seen two things in HP which I have not seen on any other brands, the graphics IC burns or i dunno something happens to it or the BIOS crashes!
            I have close come and go with a local computer store and many times I have taken HP notebooks for repair, Dell very old models go for repair, but HP brand new ones! acer well who has acer here, everybody for no reason have a grudge against it, lol poor acer.

            I would really like to know your experience on some brands, if you have had any?

    • Dear

      Thanks for your analysis. I have Hp Dv6 1053cl, i want to buy a machine(new or used may be) with 1 GB graphic card, as i wana play games on my laptop as well. My requirements are like around 500gb hard disk, atleast4gb ram, 1gb graphic card, 15.6″ screen.

      P.S. Pl. do not recommend desktop for gaming. kindly recommend a sol. in laptops.
      thanking you in advance

  • Im glad i purchased inspiron 1545, instead of 1564 or the reviewed model (N5010).
    Inspiron 6400, 1545 and Dell studio have excellent build quality. They are as good as Vaio, if not better. (Sony fanboys, please refrain from whining.)

    • AMD makes good graphics, but when it comes to processing, I am sorry, intel is the winner by a mile,

      I know AMD actually comes up with newer technology first but let me put it this way, AMD invents a CAR, intel then invents a SPORTS CAR ;)

    • i want to buy this but you people have made me with draw from this model.
      zeeshan u tell me wts are your specs and how much do you use it. cx i am worried it might not come upto the task.

    I M new USer of this DELL INSPIRON
    ND I m saying it confidently that IT is MUCH MUCH MUCH batter than HP samSUng or other paeties. It give best ov my experince ov using Notebook Technology. nd i m feeling none ov hasitation in saying that IT is equal to VIO.( SOrry to fans ov HP nd SAMSUNG)

  • i almost bought this laptop, thank u for the post. now what i find is more intriguing here. the laptops available on the international market of this N5010 type are 4 Gb. the ones in Pakistan are coming with just 2 GB ram. why is that?

  • I agree with dell Lovers. After researching and using near about 200 laptops I am agree that DELL is leader and king of laptop market. HP or Bankrupted company of past Comapaq are far behind in making laptops. HP always designes pathetic machines with very poor work performance. I my self review this machine Inspiron N5010 and found very good performer in a good budget. Sorry to say that I am not agree with these lunatic Computer user those have a very little experince of 1 to 2 laptop. I only except the reviews of Experts like Cnet, PcStat etc. I you want to buy this machine go without hassitation, buy it and have fun.

    • I agree with the post, even though right now I am commenting from the same laptop :D. This is Dell N5010 core i5, 2gb, 500gb, 1gb 4650 ATI.

      They keyboard SUCKS!!! The finishing is also pretty bad, its just that its all shiny, all that shines is not gold! well said.

      Performance wise, I wont say the best but I wont say the worst either.

      I Have HP and another Dell Studio 1558, HP never buy HP never ever eenenrenvnnver buy HP!!! you will thank me later!!! Dell studio is impressive, inspiron is like @#$#@$#@ sort of unfinished. But I love their chargers hahahaha.. I have not seen another brand that can recognize that you are using its own brand charger!! try using a HP charger on Dell, it will run the PC but wont charge the battery!! wow nice technology, and I love the light they gave on the tips of it!

      And hey you guy the cnet review one first of all accept is spelled “accept” not “except”. Cnet, PCstat all their reviews are good, but keep in mind they are paid as well!

    • My Suggestion would be
      1. Lenovo
      2. Toshiba
      3. Fujitsu/Acer
      HP- NEVER BUY.

      Lenovo’s are really solid machines, you would be lucky if you can hunt down anyone selling it!! Galaxy has it online but when i went to purchase every time its out of stock. I found one lenovo at a shop but that one was ugly. so keep looking.
      Toshiba’s are great!
      I do not have a mentality to hate any company other than HP, why because they die and that is a FACT! now acer, i dont know why they have such a bad repo in PK but they are really good! all the people you have been hearing acer sucks bla bla ask them have you ever even used one? hell no!

    • read comment above. btw n5010 is not the best system but neither its the worst. my points were critical analysis, but for a normal users perspective it maybe fine!

      But if i were in anyones shoes and I was to purchase a core i3 laptop, I mean a low range one without graphics i would definitely go with acer! the same n5010 config costs for around 42 to 45000, which i think it v v v v reasonable.

  • Important.

    Iam an engineering student and i got a networking type of job which i can do staying in my home. so suggest me a laptop that can work.

    second option, should i go for 2nd handed laptop???

    i thought dell n5010 would b a better option but after reading above comments i withdraw my decision.
    My range id 55k.

    • Yaar the Dell inspiron has really disappointed me! specially the keyboard!!!! I dont know if its me but I HATE THE KEYBOARD.! and you know what I purchased 3 of them actually for office use, I got complains from both the other users, they keyboard literally sucks.

      Look, don’t go for a second hand laptop, specially in Pakistan! a decent core2duo is at least recommended! if you find a core2duo processor machine I dont care what brand just get it, it is an amazing processor.! the best processor I have used so far by intel. I know i3 i5 and i7 are out, it has better performance than i3! now here you can get a used core2duo for like 28 to 35000 rs in used, but why get used when a new one is available at 42 to 45000 by acer, if you are not worried about the resale then acer is a very good option. pata nahi bechare acer ki kyun itna badnaam kia huwa hai, lol.

      In new if you can find Lenovo anywhere, grab it! I searched in SOoo0oO many vendors I could not find anyone selling lenovo, acer timeline x, dell vostro.

      I could not find 14″ laptops here can you believe that, the whole world is going for smaller stuff and here I see people preferring 17″ over smaller screens, hahaha you guys will cry soon, laptops are meant to be portable remember that, if you want a bigger screen just get a external lcd for it.

      My recommended pc would be for rookies:
      core i3 370 (guys getting inspiron n5010, note that all models come with different core i3!!! but even if its the lower one they charge the same for it, so beware!)
      2gb DDR3 (Don’t worry you guys must be thinking so low why not 4gb, well it is 2gb but its dd3, performance is alot higher than ddr2, 2gb is a LOT! trust me on this! to drive 100 cars you dont need a 1000 lane road!)
      320 to 500GB hard drive (again those buying n5010 i3 there are 2 models 1 has 250gb and the other 320, rate is the same)
      graphics : intel are OK but games wont run so smooth, ATI excellent or NVidia! i have not tried a Nvidia graphics on laptop, but I do prefer nvidia over ATI, but I cant say because I have not seen it with my own eyes, which one is better or not.

      in conclusion just get any vendor EXCEPT HP! dont get HP please no matter how shiny they look, they are tempting devils!

  • hello ppl,
    i have just started software engg.i want a really good laptop,my range is 65 to 70,000…it would be really kind of you people if u suggest a good and fast laptop for me
    i liked n5010 but now after all ur posts i am disappointed..plz tell me of some laptop that is good for a software engg.

    • Read my older comments first,

      I did say a lot of cons for the n5010 now let me state the pros:
      * better warranty claim than other brands!
      * Performance is good, not bad.
      * design is good.

      let me state the cons again:
      * keyboard not of my standard (actually dont listen to me! muje keere nikalne ki bohat aadat hai, I am a very critical analyzer, as i said before i think keyboard is fine for a normal user)
      * finishing seems to be unfinished to me ( again according to me, so dont take me so seriously)

      I would suggest you go to the market and see the n5010 yourself, check the keyboard if it suits you, and feel the system whether it seems fine to you, as I said performance wise it is good!

      if you do go for dell then why n5010? why not n4010? i have made the biggest mistake by getting the 15″, i could not find the 14″ at that time and now so many are available.

      if you do get any system make sure its
      2gb or 4gb no issue
      graphics ATI (Important, you may not play so many games, but the graphic card does make the PC run faster!!!)

  • ufff confused..after all i need to be flexible in range after visiting market myself.

    but if i get some snap shots of laptops it would easier for me to make my mind.

  • thankyou!!
    tell me about dell inspiron 1440 its 14″.
    i will not buy it from pakistan,one of my reletives is going to bring it from dubai,as ppl say that in pakistan pirated windows and drivers have problemsi have to just give them one model no.thats i am confused a bit

    • Yaar the 1440 is an older model, now its n4010, but 1440 was really nice.!

      If you are ordering one from abroad and money is not that big issue then get Dell studio xps! you are going to LOOOOOVE IT.. it does not come in 14″, but it is slim, light and the look and feel is amazing, it has leather sort of cover when you touch it. really nice! just google dell studio xps, remember dell studio is different and dell studio xps is different. see the 360 degree view on the dell site.

      about the original windows, well yes get the one that has original windows 7, it will be a peace of mind! if no anti virus comes with it then just download microsoft security essentials and install it, so far ms essentials is going great. incredible antivirus plus its a spyware and it does not take any load on the system.

      • Yar can any1 tell me where DELL Service centre lahore is??? I can’t seem to find its address/
        I want a RAM upgrade for my n5010 (2gb->4gb).
        Btw if I buy RAM myself and add that to my laptop will this void warranty.

  • hi all,
    plz can anybody guide me that what laptop i should buy..
    dell Inspiron N5010 core i5 (core i5,4GB ram,with 1 GB graphic card and other one is Sony VAIO EB1 (core i5,4GB ram,blue ray and shared HD graphic) with other same spec as N5010 but without dedicated graphic card,
    i am very much confused about making seleection…EB1 is of 75 and dell is of 71
    plzzzz guide me ASAP,

  • Any one got experience with IBM Thinkpad Edge ?? I have planned to buy Dell n5010 bt Sharyar was rite its keyboard made my mind change. 2nd option was HP Probook but reviews of my frnds for it is not so gud as well. I cant afford Sony Vaio .. so left is IBM ..Will it be a gud decision? plz advice..My Range is not more than 60

  • hello hi guys today i buy dell n5010 core i5 2.6GHZ 4gb ram 500 GB HARDESK
    70000/reupes in gulhaji plaza so tell is it good or not, help me guys.03005870218
    who i expart in computers call please.

  • hi guys i hav dell n5010 core i3 it is a very good machine i hav ever used….let me explaine u there are many companies for mobile products NOKIA is king in all of them cuz its got solid body structure also smooth operating system dell is just like from all laptop companies m not appreciatng dell systems cuz i bought it m appreciatng cuz it has ability to do that other laptops dnt hav nd i hav also desktop by dell nd dnt listen idiot peoples lik sharyar cuz they dnt want other people hav good things in their hands
    in other words jealous or cheap guys……………………………………… so you guys dnt need to worry about dell produtcs may b somebody said after reading my cooments that someone had paid me for d.apreciation bt the fact is……… one paid me guys jst deal it nd feel it.gud luk

    • Mr Mubashir, I can see that you are simply appreciating the product by its name, while typing this msg I am on the same N5010, and I still say it is one of the worst machines by DELL.
      I am not a Dell Hater! I have 3 Dell computers myself, I even have a DELL XPS Studio now, I love Dell, I have even worked for Dell in Malaysia, Michael Dell the founder and owner is one of my inspirations in this field. but then again n5010 is a v bad laptop!!!!!!!!!! you look at it in this way because maybe that is your first and only laptop, so I can understand, it is normal. you don’t seem like IT savvy either, so before saying idiot to anyone, please read all my comments. I have bought 10 n5010, after testing on them my extensively in office environment, the end result is that its a flop machine. you will see yourself later, it has keyboard issues and the major hard drive issue!!within 4 months of purchase 2 of them have already been sent into warranty.

      and that Nokia king thing, man get real, iPhones are taking over now ;) have you used N8? hahhaaha they made that in challenge with the iPhone 4, but its not even near the performance of 3Gs! Nokia is goner dude, it has now teamed up with Microsoft, maybe it will do better this time. the point is dont be into the name and who is the biggest, see the product.

      King of Laptops! Lenovo my personal Fav!!!

  • Thax Abdullah, I’z gonna purchase but now I won’t. Now just tell me that which wil be beter in di amount of 50 & 60 of amount.

  • what will be best for me in the amount of 80k,
    i need core i7,4 or 6GB RAM,64bit,
    HP dv6 about 90k
    or dell n5010 abt 78k

  • I bought Dell inspiron N5010 before 15 days ago.This laptop is showing very fine as well as the performance is also very my weekly off day i was keeping the laptop on for 12 to 15 hour in running condition.but no heat produced by it.In my point of view it is well and good for all.Really it ia extravagantly fanciful…

  • Update regarding N5010, 4 out of 10 N5010 are having hard drive issues. One of them very severe.

    This model also has another very big issue, that is, when connected to power and you put your feet on the floor, you will be electrocuted lol, from various places on this laptop, specially the mousepad area.

    I am using the n5010 i5 with ati 1gb graphics, the systems performance over the past few months have degraded, I do have very heavy applications, so I’m not sure what to blame.

    rating for this laptop 3 out of 10!

  • hi there,i have got Dell inspiration n5010 core i3 but its windows are not original and gets corrupt after some time. what should i do? should i buy a registered version of windows7? will it help ?

  • im using a 5010. go for it. trust a user than a analyzer. you will see the most advance display qulity and good perfomance.

  • I am looking for a used laptop Core i3 for myself and one for my friend. You anyone of you has to sale his laptop contact me.

  • Hi all,
    I want to buy laptop for my business use regarding software Development and i got a tie b/w Dell N5110 and Hp 4530s with Core i3.

    I like the appearance of Dell (its glossy look) but reliability is known for Hp and also worried about electrical earth problem in HP due to its metallic body, Is it there???

    What should I decide.

    What you guys suggest.


  • Whatever u buy plz buy in local warranty bcz international sucks!
    i had a speakers issue bt got replaced due to warranty….overall an appropriate machine.

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