Mobilink May Launch a Youth Brand, Soon!

Mobilink, Pakistan’s largest cellular network, is reportedly all set to launch a new brand, especially designed for youth, revealed a report produced at Telecom Recorder. This upcoming Youth Brand is likely to surface in November 2010.

However, we are yet to ascertain the features and tariffs for the said brand.

Target Audience:

Target audience for this upcoming brand is said to be between 15 to 25 years of youngsters.


Keeping in view the Mobilink’s recent (hourly) offers, it is assumed that Mobilink will try to come up with special treat for youth, who are usually hard to impress these days. It is sure that Mobilink will retain its focus on SMS and internet GPRS packages to grab the attention.


Mobilink, for long, tried to cope with Youth with their primary brand Jazz, however, with time Jazz has turned out to be more of a generic or best dubbed as “Awami” brand. Specialized package for youth, Jazz Octane couldn’t leave the impact due to its daily rental, at the same time, pricing and publicity didn’t match the competition.

Maybe its little late, but Mobilink has rightly identified the need of a Youth Brand, because it is the youth that has revolutionized the scope of the mobile industry from being just an ordinary portable phone calling/receiving device to becoming a texting, web connected, instant messaging, and social networking phenomenon.

If we look at competition, Telenor, Zong, Ufone and Warid all have their recognized Youth brands, however, Mobilink had failed to get the recognition in this race.


If we look at competition, Telenor, Zong, Ufone and Warid all have their recognized Youth brands, however, Mobilink had failed to get the recognition in this race.

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  • zia

    i bet mobilink cant handle youth!

    • Bablu

      if you can bet on mobilink, then you are imature youth, imature youth should not take decisions while stugying in the primiary school.

      • Bablu

        O.k if you are confident, lets bet for Rs. 10 on it that mobilink cannot.

        • Simbran

          I use mobilink from last 2 years, i have only objection that why it has hired Ali Zafar, if every body know that Ali Zafar is the brand hero of telenor, yeh decision kis ka tha agency ka ya in ka, jis ne bhi kia hai, us ko nikal dena chahiye, chahey woh in ki ourani agency hai ya ke in ka koi markekting guy.

          • Aizaz

            I must say to Mobilink that they are just TRYING TO SAVE SINKING TITANIC … AND THEY WON’T BE SUCCESSFUL IN THAT HAHAHA


    • Shahrukh,

      Chhoro mobilink becharey ko, apni baat, karo.

      • farhad

        i love Glow………..yoooooooo

        • Dandy Guy

          Glow hi to hai jis ne aa kar sari youth calls mehangi karne ka trend dia,

      • Nasir

        Apni hi bat kar rahe hain, yeh mobile ki companies pakista mein paisay kamaney ke liye woh kam hi keun nahin karti jis se sirf un ka bhi faida ho or kisi pakistani user ka nuqsan bhi na ho, yar humein sochna to ho ga.

        • Akhter

          Brother, you carry on, mein to yahan hello hi karney aaya tha, lekin kuchh sahi nahin chall raha yahan, tu,

  • fawad

    Mobilink is simply copy cat..i dont know why they are called as the sophisticated..First D.juice introduced Uth as there target market..then Ufone and now mobilink is the laggard one to follow both telecom Giants. Mobilink has also started copying the advertisement style of Ufone..what the hell are they?? I dont know why cant they come up with their own style and unique ways to communicate? why to copy all the time?

    • Ahsan

      Apna hai….
      but ye naam apna nahin hai, New lao yaar

    • Sajjad

      Nice effort…
      But i am not agree with this name. Youngster naam hona chahye tha. Ye naam to purana ho gya hai.

    • dolly

      Batein to ap ki kafi hadd tak theek hai..lakn yeh telecom giants apis man itna lerr kyu rhay hai??kiya hmari Qom k pass sirf fone pe batein kernay k liye hi time hai???koi aour kam nhi kertay yeh sab loog?

      • naseem

        i agree with u….they are just hopeless!

    • Gan Chan

      Djuice ne ma ma mia dishooon dia tha, pura sal to smaajh hi nahin aayi, keh yeh hai kia, Djiuce ki marketing bilqul sahi nahin thi, Many times my teacher sir shakeel gives the examples of telenor wrong strategies especailly related to Djuice, Ufone ke tareef zaroor karte hain sir, He is the marketing expert since 1979.

    • Gan Chan

      Yeh haath mujhe de de mobilink, mujhe bohat parhana parhata hai, mujhe bhi naqal sikha do.
      Mein hoon tumhari yooth (youth na samajh lena, keun keh tum humein nahin samajh sakte,)

  • Ansa

    Mobilink a photo copy machine is again going to copy others :-) hats off to mobilink marketing team..Mobilink should give salaries to its marketing team and ask them to have rest for their rest of life…and it must ask the street hawkers to come up with new ideas rather wasting time by asking its own marketing team..wake up mobilin team wake up..Its not all about changing the advertisement agencies..Try to create something yourself.

    • Shakeel

      hawkers wali bat tu bri fit ki hai apne..waisey yeh Mobilink in house ads nhi bnata? :-O itni bari company and advertisements outsource kerti hai :-O shame shame :P khair ho skta hai un ko outsourcing sasti perti ho ;)

      • murad

        i agree…..thats y i like warid.,,,,they dnt spend much on rubbish adds

      • show time

        nhi nhi ansa aise nhi kehtey :-) mobilink ki team boht achi hai isiliye tu woh naye Youth package ka soch rhi hai :-) hanyeh bat durust hai k thora late ho gye hai :D bal k kafi late ho gye ha :D

      • Wallace

        kash main b mobilink main hota….mazzzzaaayyy aa janay thay :-) main ne sara din free hona tha..paisey b pocket main atey rehnay thay :-)))))))))))

    • farah

      i agree but mobilink is a good network….but i m surprized why they have started acting childish…they should realize themselves!

    • Amaan

      Desperate Mobilink.
      Try something new yaar. I don’t like it seriously.

  • Saad Durrani

    I guess it has been forgotten that Jazz had Jazz Octane whereas Ufone had Ufone Life and now has Uth.

    • Naeem

      moblink ka youth package nahin balke yooth package ho ga, matab keh aik galti,

      • Mr. Gul

        Apni agency badalney se kia faraq parte hai, sab yeh keun behas kar rahe hain,

  • Adnan

    Mobillink Copy na kiya karo Ufone ko

  • Adnan

    Kuch apna bhi to kiya karo kyun k jazz to apka apna hai to phir copy kyun karte ho

  • Manzor

    i just used to laugh when i think Mobilink’s tag lines changing rapidly :-) AOUR SUNAO, No SAMJHOTA, APNA consistency at all :-) Marketing team of mobilink is sleeping soundly :D they see when some one else has come up with new idea either in advertisements or in in new packages..they run fast to copy them :D

    • Dandy Guy

      Itni bhi bat nahin ho gi, kahin na kahin to sab hi aik doosrey ki copy karte hain,

  • Sajjad

    Mobilink must bring some creativity. It is not the way to bring new packages with the same name as their competitors. Anyways good effort. Try to launch it with different name.

    • Musarrat Iqbal

      SAJJAD Bhai ye jazz waly kab youth package launch karengy.please reply me.
      Musarrat Iqbal

  • Sajjad

    Mobilink must bring some creativity. It is not the way to bring new packages with the same name as their competitors. Anyways good effort.

  • saira

    mobilink cant defeat djuice….mobilink just know how to copy!

    • Dandy Guy

      Mobilink ne agar Djuice ko beat karne ka socha bhi, mobilink usi din beat samjho. Keun keh beat ko beat karna mushkil hota hai, hahahaha

  • Ahsan

    Flop Idea….!!!
    Youth to Mobilink use krti he nahin hai

  • djuice

    Mobilink Uncle what happened to you?? where were you before when every one else was thinking to target young people..????? Chaloo yar koi bat nhi Djuice k baad Mobilink hi sahi :-)

  • naseem

    mobilink is now so desperate to copy the strategy of its competitors

  • Shahrukh,

    Red communications ka matlab to hai hi khatre ki batein,
    Are ye ka karat re mobilink?

    • farah

      lolz shahrukh

  • Ahmed

    I have heard Mobilink has “best” people in its force but why these people have failed to see in future ? Why Mobilink came first but always last in introducing packages to retain (atleast) its customers.

    May be their management is still living in complex that they are market leaders and so they shouldn’t follow, but they will have to wake up.

  • farhad

    Glow is the best….ya hoooooooooooo!

  • saba

    i hate mani…he is so cheap…y is he in ur adds mobilink….we dnt wanna see him…plz kick him out

    • haris

      achaaaaaa.. us lucee k liye to jaisay poora pakistan pagal hai, hainaaaaa ;p

      • Taimur

        Lucee bhi acha nahi hai laikin compared to Mani and Afsar he is wayyy tooo good..

  • coolguy

    mobilink has no define marketing strategy, no defined target market, no proper segmentation and totally damaged positioning….being a marketing student, i tell u mobilink is gonna sick very soon unless they do something solid to save themselves….mobilink hit a niche not a segment everybody already has captured.

    • coolguy

      mobilink can hire me, if they wanna save their company….

  • zilla

    mobilink k baray mai hi Dr. Iftikhar thakur ny irshad farmaya hay k ” bari gal kitii ayy, paa lo lamba,,tay laa lo litarrr”

  • Anita

    Mein chup hi hoon, is liye keh is se behtar hain doosre sab package.

  • Abdullah

    Its my first post on propakistani, thanks propakistani, you have given the audience a good platform to discuss their connection problems, i am impressed being the first time visitor, and hope first impression will be the last as well.

  • Farhan

    Mobilink… youth ? huh !
    Djuice the best 4 youth

  • Youthpackage

    Cats have 9 lives, yaron Mobilink walaon ko be atleast 9 chances tu de du to perform ;-)

  • Aayan Mirza

    Djuice is the best…..

  • Hammer man

    The only good thing I currently see in Mobilink is their jazz budget package.

  • Haris

    Mobilink Warid ya Ufone kitna he z0r laga lein, Djuice k “NERAY” b nahi lagtay yeh sab.. sab se fit apna djuice apna telen0r,, yo !

  • Hammer man

    bhikaree hein yeh Mobilink walay.
    ab bhi Rs25 charge kartay hein as sms line rent in their postpaid packages.
    Mei Allah wastay ki niyat sey pay karta hon inko Rs25.
    Tab bhi baysharam hanstay hanstay pakar leytey hein :)

  • All Mobile Networks are trying to target Youth by making more and more long hour packages. So that Pakistani Youth can waste most of their valueable time. This is my own perception. May be other do not agree with me.

  • waqas Tahir

    Glow din raat be voice and data quality

  • Sumair

    Isn’t Jazz Octane a youth brand?? It was launched in 2006 after Ladies First.

    btw Zong ka konsa youth brand hai??

    Telenor = djuice
    Ufone = Uth
    Warid = Glow

    Zong = ???

  • Ahmed

    A much awaited move! Mobilink has always provided services of highest standard. Hope that Mobilink will be able to cater this segment well.

  • Ali Zia

    A much awaited move! Youth is bombarded with various brands and packages but most of them fail when it comes to standard of services. Mobilink will hopefully launch a brand that will not only cater the needs of youth but will also provide then with high standard services.

  • Aniqa Afzal

    chalain ! ufone walay shabash jaldi se forun counter strategy banalain…goood boyssss :-D

  • K. Shahzad

    Looking forward to Mobilink to offer a reliable youth package. I am using Jazz Octane since it first introduced, I am also kinna ok with this, but mobilink if really wanna have an impact, they will have to offer an unlimited GPRS option in their upcoming youth package. They currently offer this only for indigo users.

    For GPRS option they can offer a number of packages which can be bound to that package as per requirement basis. Now with so much wide spread usage trends of camera phone and laptops, this is must, any company offering these services at good tariff will grab lots of attention.

    Lets see what happens !!

  • sarhadi_uqab

    mm mana k mobilink mehnga hay laiken ab kafi achay packages hay like octane jazz one and in gprs I like indigo gprs package wich is gprs1 Rs.500 unlimited + free mms to all network in pakistan few years back I read in news paper by mobilink “achi service sirf mehngay damo hasil ki jati hay” waqai manna paray ga ye wajha hy ke mobilink abhi tuk NO.1 pe hay mobilink great job

  • Musarrat Iqbal

    AAMIR ATTA Bhai ye jazz waly kab youth package launch karengy.please reply me.
    Musarrat Iqbal