Universal Laptop Charger [Preview]

Couple of days back my laptop charger went unresponsive and I had to visit market for new charger.

I was told by this one shopkeeper that he can sell me a laptop charger for Rs. 700, which was made in China and it came with no warranty at all.

But with that I was offered another solution for my laptop that was “Universal Laptop Charger” with multiple pins for only PKR 750/- obviously china made ;) This gadget has an ability to charge almost all laptops, and it works like a charm with my laptop.

A universal laptop charger can be used with different types of laptops without buying specific laptop charger for a specific laptop. Universal laptop charger is usually available with 8 different pin connectors and in the range of 15v to 19.5 volts adjusted automatically (however, some universal chargers may not support automatic adjustment of output power).

Universal laptop chargers are designed for the people who have multiple laptops at a single place like a laptop repairing shop, Networking admin etc, but it can also benefit general users based on requirments.

How to Buy a Universal Laptop charger:

Things you must consider before buying a laptop charger are:

  • It must have 8 different pins to connect with different variety of laptops.


  • Very IMPORTANT Step: You must check the required voltage for your laptop. This can be verified through your laptop manual or otherwise it would be mentioned on your original charger as well. So make sure that you are inputting correct and exact amount of voltage to your laptop. A mistake here can damage your laptop severally. Try consulting an expert to know the required voltage for your laptop.
  • Some of universal laptop chargers are available with retractable cords; which can be disturbing in some cases as retractable cords disconnects a lot.

Where to buy in Pakistan?

Well there is no specific place except electronics markets or computer markets.

Disclaimer: Please be informed that, Article is only written in the favor of informing common people about the new gadgets benefits. Author is not responsible for any purchase / sale /exchange/loss/Price Quotation/ decision made after reading this article.