Car Amplifier Fuse and Car Safety [Tips]


Car amplifier is the electronic device, which is used to enhance the multimedia experience in the vehicle. It is widely used in the Pakistan and mostly youth prefer to have car music amplified and loud with extra grooves.

Inline car amplifier fuse is used in installation of car amplifier and its basic function is to protect the circuit that it is attached to.

In simple, when it is used with car amplifier, it fundamentally guards car from burning up (God forbid) in case of power shorting, provided if installed properly.

In Pakistan well designed inline car amplifier fuses are available in car audio / video markets. Their price ranges from PKR 500/- to PKR 3000/- but not limited to and depends on the type, quality and complete wiring set that anyone want to buy.

Car Fuse basically comes in complete wiring set, which includes, Power Wire, Ground Wire, RCA Cables, Speaker cables and inline fuse with connectors.

There is common ignorance which is observed that most of the people don’t use inline fuse while installing car amplifiers. As car amplifiers are high electronic devices capable of producing high pitch sounds, hence they require much current generation and direct electric current connection to keep itself not only Powered ON but to also provide good sound quality.

So, if there is huge current activity going on, heat production is part of it and any short circuit can be harmful for the vehicle, which may be prevented by installing car amplifier inline fuse.

Inline car amplifier fuses are highly advised to be used only after having an expert opinion on your particular car amplifier, as these inline fuses varies in ampere range and also its selection depends on the power required and consumption by the car amplifier.

Points to Consider & and to be Consulted:

  • Car Amplifier Specifications like Watts, Amperes, Gains, Ampere adjustment with speakers, Heat Exhaust and Heat Sinks or Fan Air blowers must be considered before your decide the type and make of inline fuse.
  • Plan the Amplifier placement in vehicle by keeping every aspect in view.
  • Power Wire Gauge.
  • Ground Wire Gauge.
  • Inline Fuse Amperes value.
  • Wiring separation or piping, for instance speaker audio wires must be separated from electronic wires as it may come in electronic field and may produce fuzzy sound in speakers.


Always remember, car amplifier is high current consumption electronic device and it heats up the power wire generally.

Research more and get expert opinion on its installation plan and deployment. But one should consider as many as precautions and safety tips in mind as he can.

Though nothing is 100% secure in this world, so please do not limit yourself to these precautionary and safety guides.

Disclaimer: Please be informed that, information mentioned in the article is only for awareness and can’t be termed as a guideline. Author is not responsible for any purchase / sale /exchange/loss/Price Quotation/ decision made after reading this article.

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