Mobilink Jazz Brings ‘All in One Offer’

jazz_one_02Jazz brings an amazing offer ‘JAZZ All in One’, for its customers.

Now for Rs. 20 you can get

  • 20 minutes which can be used for on-net, off-net & international calls (USA/Canada – Landline + Mobile & UK – Landline only) and
  • 200 SMS that can be used on all local networks!

Furthermore, a consumer can decide on the usage of minutes/SMS in any category as they want thus providing complete freedom. For example all minutes can be used for international calls.



  • 19.5%  FED apply on the above mentioned price

Subscription Process

Dial *101*1*03# on mobile screen and press send.

Status Inquiry

Dial *101*2# on mobile screen and press send.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The existing daily hybrid bundle offering 25 Mobilink minutes and 50 SMS for Rs. 20 will not be available from 23:59 Oct 19, 2010 onwards. However if a subscriber has already subscribed to a bundle, his voice minutes will become valid for any local number as well as USA/Canada(L+M), UK(L).
  • In case of multiple subscriptions, the count of minutes and SMS will be added together and validity will be greater of the two subscriptions e.g. if a customer buys a bundle on 11:00 Oct 27, 2010 consumes 10 minutes and 100 SMS the same day (left with 10 minutes and 100 SMS available till 23:59 Oct 28, 2010) and buys another bundle next day 14:00 Oct 28, 2010, he will have 30 minutes and 300 SMS available till 23:59 Oct 29,2010.
  • In case of purchase of a bundle before the expiry of previous bundle, the validities will be greater of the two but the destination of the minutes will be as per the last purchased bundle i.e. if a subscriber has bought all-in-one bundle and before the consumption / expiry of the bundle he has bought an on-net bundle, all the minutes will be converted to on-net; and vice versa.
  • Minutes are for calls to any local number as well as USA/Canada(L+M), UK(L) and SMS are for all mobile networks across Pakistan
  • The offer will be available on all Jazz packages except Jazz 24 Ghanta
  • There is no restriction or quota assigned on Mobilink, other operator or international minutes and the customers can use the 20 minutes as per the split that he desires
  • The validity of this bundle will be till next day at 23:59 i.e. if a subscribers purchases this bundle on Oct 22, at 11:00 then his bundle will be valid till Oct 23, 23:59.
  • This is a limited time offer

  • Omer

    Awsome Offer, (aab aao ufone walo hahahahah ghatiya network do aur jitnay merzi achay packages mufta laga lo koi faida nahin) ,JAZZ APNA HAI :)

    • Tasleem

      Kitni tankha milti hai mobilink se jo bat shuru karte hi doosri companies ko bura keh rahe ho,

      Is it ethically correct. ?

      • Gun Chan

        Yar tasleem you are right. Is bande ka to style hi takhreeb kari wala hai, please be very honest when you comment about any thing.

      • Safdar

        sachi bol raha bahi tasleem bhai. ufone wale bht bekar log hai. agar koi MNP karwana chahta hai Ufone se Mobilink pe tou ufone wale unki MNP reject kar rahe hai. I hate ufone service
        aur tou aur agar hum helpline pe baat karen tou helpline wala be bolta hai bhai sahab apki awaz nahi aa rahi plz jagah tabdeel karen. ab aap he btao helpline pe be humari awaz theak nahi jati tou apne dosto k pass awaz kese jaegy. humko jaga tabdeel karni nahi, balke service tabdeel karni chahye. Thanks
        SAFDAR ALI

    • Mr. Math.

      Everybody is not good in maths but mobilink is, to make subscribers fool.

      Subscriber on average don’t use more than Rs 12 of balance in a day. So charging Rs 20 for a single day will prove to be more expensive proposition for subscriber.

      These are the real figures by a telecom megazine.

    • Mr. Math.

      20 Rupess, 20 minutes, 200, SMS, Rs. 20+ Tax 3.90+ Validity one Day.

      Look how mobilink is making its subscribers fool.

  • zeeshan

    Information *101*3*03#
    Subscription *101*1*03#
    Balance Inquiry *101*2#

    • zeeshan

      these are better way to use this offer

      • Mr. Math.

        Before using this offer, you must know,

        If a subscriber has subscribed this offer and subscribes to any other bucket offer, all his/her offnet minutes will get converted to onnet minutes. Which is bad.

      • Gan Chan

        Wrong information. its bad if you do these things on this true telecom blog.

  • Farhan Ahmed

    What a offer! that’s an amazing achievement, Mobilink, and I hope you continue to blurt others the same way.

    • Mr. Math.

      Do you have any proof to prove its in the benefit of subscribers.

      Bro, think for the achievement of its subscribers and not of mobilink only.

      A service can never win unless its user wins.

    • Dandy.

      Please tell me why you liked this offer? because i could not find any interest in it.

  • Mansoor

    what is this.?? u should at least check if the offer is valid or active before publishing it here!!!
    Following the steps as told in this article about “Jazz All in one offer”
    and i got subscribed to Jazz SMS Plus Offer!

    • zeeshan

      propakistani website publish wrong code correct code is Subscription *101*1*03#
      Balance Inquiry *101*2#

  • imran

    really being a ufone customer i think mobilink has won the race this time.

    • zeeshan

      then change your network to jazz
      number app ka network hamara

      • A Mehmood

        My Friends, this is LIMITED TIME OFFER!!!!!!

      • Kashif

        Kashif here from PU campus, borther mein yeh pehle kar chuka hoon, or phir bara pachhtaya tha,


        Mobilink to humari pocket ko apna bank account samajht hai, mein to is ke fazol paisay katne se bara tang aaya tha.

      • Sab ka dost

        Ye lo, yeh bahi sab kia keh rahe hain, mobilink pe aa jao or kan band karwa lo,

        Bohat yaarana lagta hai mobinaqal ke sath.

        It will definitely be the copy of the package of another company.

    • sonia

      mein ufone tab se use kar raha hoon jab se yeh launch hua, kabhi bhi chhorna nahin chaha, or na hi is ne chhorne dia, ufone is a class bhai, jis race mein ufone aaya hi nahin us race mein ufone ko hara dia aap ne, ufone is unique, please remember, mobilink is ke kareeb se guzar to sakta hai par chhu nahin sakta.

      I am not convinced with you comments.

      • Aami Agro

        sonia ye aap ki bhool he moblink jazz sab se 1st he fir mat kahna k u pahily he ok

        jo karna he karlo i am bas choro dar jaogy teck cear

    • Gun Chan

      really???? without nay logic you said really, yar imran bas kar ab hamesha tu jhoot jhoot pe jhoot bolta rehat hai.

  • X_Financial Analyst Telcos

    I think Mobilink top tier management is living in fools paradise. With this calculation a customer has to pay approx 900 rupees in a month. Whereas industry average revenue per customer is less than 200 rupess.

    • Faheem

      Customer will have to pay 450 per month, not 900 as when subscribed, this bundle will last till 23.59 of next day.

    • sultan

      bhai mobilink bhi aik political party ki tarah awam ki waat laga rahi hai, loot loot or bas loot.

    • Mr. Math.

      You are right, mobilink management is just enjoying their high salaries and they do not put their efforts for it. Mobilink is old and sold.

  • X_Financial Analyst Telcos

    Whatever, still my dear 450 rupees is on higher side.

  • Amir

    @X_Financial Analyst Telcos >>to bhai yeh batao koun sa teleco. 450 mai itni flexibility day rah ahi

  • Joseph

    Now that’s what i call a real treat :)

  • A Mehmood

    Hah… My Friends, this is LIMITED TIME OFFER!!!!!!

  • Dada

    Heard about the shoot for this offer was full of mishaps and errors.Thanks to the agency !

  • Ayana

    Wake Up Ufone Marketing !

  • Ashraf

    “the number you have entered is invalid” appear

  • Our Pakistani Youth is always busy in comparing offers/rates and changing networks and then talking rest of the time. :)

  • Mr. Math

    Everybody is not good in maths but mobilink is, to make subscribers fool.

    Subscriber on average don’t use more than Rs 12 of balance in a day. So charging Rs 20 for a single day will prove to be more expensive proposition for subscriber.

    These are the real figures by a telecom megazine.

  • Mustafa

    Mobilink ko uthao, ufone to kai saal se apne customers ko achhi services aur offers de raha hai.

  • Ahsin’

    Thank you Jazz ! All in one seems like “sastay mein ziada baat apno se”

  • M.Omer

    kia yeh khula tazaad nahee !

  • I was making use of the previous offer since quite some time and was missing this kind of bundle… So, this is a real treat, imo…

    The offer is cost effective, and flexible too as one may subscribe when they want to make mutliple calls a day…

    refreshing indeed :)

  • Analyst

    Another failure!!

  • Aamir Mughal

    Dear all !!!
    Why you are querrel with each others for offers…??
    Why you don’t think that this offer is better than nothing..??