Zong’s Rollout Dept – Letters to Editor

Content of this post has been removed on request of Zong’s PR department.

  • Unfortunately this email will never reach the CEO’s inbox as the email address of CEO is incorrect! (as per the snapshot)

  • Zong Rollout Department. it really really is something like pure pakistani department. there are many sites planned by them in such areas where, not a single call has landed ever.
    now zong is removing 700 of its sites. Amazing planning

  • I am fed up at the stupidity of PTCL; in addition their attitude remains beuraucratic. I have the internet and free local and in country calls Package. Since I had to leave abroad I requested for the closure of the internet for a period of two months but starting after ten days.This is the clifton exchange Karachi. I will skip the in between portion that smelt of the disorganized manner the office is being run. It appeared that they do not have a clue of what was the package, Any how after some walking through handed over my applications and returned. And what happens. Both my telephone and internet are shut which was to happen after ten days. Again went to the exchange and got my internet restored but despite my hectic calls I could not get my teleline restored. The joke was that the tape mentioned that the line was shut because of non payment of dues when apart from having paid in advance the latest never I had faulted on the payments for the past twenty years. My efforts to speak to their executive president failed because Mr ex president felt it below his dignity to solve the problem. The phone is still shut and so is the internet but latest second joke I am reported of the receipt of the bill for the full fledged payments though the internet payments were to be half during the shut period.
    They have yet to behave customer friendly

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