Another Open Letter to VP Sales Mobilink, This Time a Pleasant One!

Last week we produced an open letter written to Jehanzeb Taj, VP Sales, Mobilink from Multan’s franchisees complaining about local management and other managerial policies.

Now we have received this second letter that negates the earlier one.

When ProPakistani contacted at least four franchisees in Multan, they confirmed the recipient of second letter. However, they were unable to determine its source.

Apparently the activity in Central Three region is high. After first letter, the management has been looking into options to resolve the differences. We are told, reliably, that regional head is assigned a task to look into disputes and resolve them well before CEO’s next visit to region.

On similar grounds, we can confirm that Mobilink has started p2p sharing on new connections. But there are many other things which are still to be addressed. However, in any case Franchisees can’t speak against their companies openly due to a valid fear of franchise cancelation.

If we talk about second letter sent to VP Sales, which is CCed to all franchisees of Central Three region, it looks like a complete praise.

Writer denied the earlier letter written and said that current VP is the person responsible for saving their businesses. On other side, during the praise, he confessed various things that were going wrong before Jehanzeb Taj.

Here is the scanned copy of letter, with no alteration at all

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