Facebook Becomes ‘Top Time Waster’ in Pakistani Offices

army-facebook We all knew it; however, the statement seems more valid after Daily Time’s this survey that concludes:

Pakistani office going community loves the Facebook, the most, out of all other time wasting activities.

The previous office time waster king was the MSN, Yahoo Messengers but over the years web applications have been developed that diverted the Internet traffic from these messengers.

These days, Twitter, online video games and popular video search engine Youtube are among the top office time wasters, noted Daily Times.

But even the bosses know that blocking these web sites would create frustration among the employees as they get a chance to refresh themselves just by checking their account on Facebook for a few minutes.

You may consider blocking Facebook, if you are boss and if you feel like a lot of amusement going around with less work in your office.

Interestingly, the people contacted for comments, wished not to be named as it could affect the repute of their organizations and they would be termed as “less professional”.

    • And they even don’t talk to these 200 people in their social networking life, just add and then forget.

    • I totally agree with you. to whom we called friends on facebook has no meanings in real life. You may even not have your best buddy listed on your facebook list. Sad phenomena

      • yup very true,, I have many friends on fb but I was not added in my Wife’s friends list b4 breakup :(

    • yes, I do agree with you.
      On other side of picture, all the things are going in virtual space- the technology. First we were Real and were transformed into virtual by technology-off course! look, now people need not go for shopping, ebay, or amzaon.com will do it for you. You need not need doctor appointment, a very low service charges will get advice from doctor for you. But now technology is overwhelming humanity in some scenario, The greater the social you are in that Virtual Space, the greater loneliness you feel in reality…
      ‘Real socialness’ is as neccassary as virtual socialness and we must have a compromise in it. And who decide that compromise, of course YoU.

    • oh.. I think it is the advance point in where we used to compare the cars, mobiles and other pathetic status levels created with self ego system instead of making a good use of them.. totally doomed!!

    • yes but i’d say only a retard would consider “facebook” his real life like c’mman man you HAVE to get out there and live life not sit infront of the pc all day long . i have a fb account with around 500 friends , i dont even know most of them the reason i keep it is because i post my blog’s updates and interact with people there if needed that is ;)

  • There was a time when Propakistani was on facebook but now they leave it ……. now Propakistani Can say that as junaid Jamshaid Leave singing.

  • It must be banned in all offices. It’s even a problem in west. It decreases employee’s productivity.

    • If we baned it will create more hunger, let people be use-to that will be an ordinary thing after some time.

  • The world now is connected online with people we really don’t know. While disconnected with real family and friend in real social life.

    There are lots of employees who complain against their companies for restricting access to social networks and video streaming sites. I don’t know how could they argue to allow such non professional access.

  • UK has the same problem. Both at work places and study places. Even today we had three students picked up in university because they were using facebook continuously during lecture.

    Keeping the corruption level in mind, perhaps in Pakistan, bosses (especially in state departments) won’t have time to bother checking on staff since they already are busy in their cabin making dinner programs or sharing/commenting over last night party pictures on facebook. Main failure of state departments is that they never been able to produce any result as expected only because none of the staff bother to work properly alongside with a plus that none is there to keep a check on them. In simple words, law, ethic, standard enforcement is zero in everything!

  • I agree in my office all the people open facebook and chatting and searching girls all the time.. hehehe. well http://www.myfriends.pk is better then this
    there is no hatred and bad activities like facebook

  • Facebook is a big time waste. It disturbs our current generation in Pakistan especially the teenagers. We waste our time on it and forget important things. IT SHOULD BE BANNED. People also influence poker from it which is bad.

  • That’s very said. There must be proper rules developed by PSEB or PASHA to stop those time wasting activities.

  • agree, most important that lastly everyone committed that they will not use FB but now ???
    really bad.

  • FB is just time wasting…. and i dont know why these peoples dnt forget FB..and their activity on it… nothing special on FB….

  • Facebook is not a big time waste for some and it is for all others. Try to use it in positive and constructive way. Your use decides if it is a time waste or otherwise.

  • It is very easy to block Facebook in offices.
    Change DNS server settings in router to

    It is opendns.com DNS server that will block all social websites, chat sites, adult sites.

    Unfortunatley PTA isn’t blocking obviously harmful websites for youth and has no policy in regard to blocking adult websites in an Islamic country like Pakistan. This is really sad.

    • Also note that PTCL DNS server is highly unreliable, PTCL lacks expertise to manage a DNS server probably, in many cases openDNS free DNS service is best solution.

    • Very funny Islamic Country like Pakistan.
      What are the practices of real muslims as we are doing being Pakistani, Shame on us all Pkistanis.

  • guyz check this site ;) voobuzz.com it’s the place where you can talk about things you find interesting, Share updates, photos, videos, and more.

  • Well i am sure that 90% of the people who are saying that facebook is bad and it kills the real social networking and blah blah are the vicitms of accessive facebooking themselves.

    Every thing has pro n cons, Facebook is just like an enhanced version of your phonebook. its not a virtual cafe where you come and sit and talk to people.

    Facebook has helped me get connected to a lot of people whome in real life i couldnt have traced. it helps you keep a track of your friends unconciously. So facebook for me is a good tool and at offices it is a perfect tool to get ur sleves a little freshen up but as they say access of everything is bad:p

  • We have to analyze our requirements. Over 2761243 users are registered as per Face Book Stats. figure explains all. Such cannot facilitate in career development or Country development just fantasizing our desires. We have to change our vision and selection criteria rather requesting for Ban or Block. We have to take step by our own.

  • I would suggest, we must block facebook and all the other fun stuff in our offices. This is really a waste of time. If I own an office I would block it entirely. We are getting paid for the working hours not to surf the facebook.

  • Seems like a lot of people here think of facebook as a time wasting exercise. I have been a Facebook member since the time when membership was only limited to students of select universities in an effort to connect with alumni and old friends. Facebook has come a long way since that, membership is open, people now use it for sharing views, videos, pictures and social gaming, which leads to the ‘time wasting’ opinion.

    For me Facebook still serves its original purpose, that is to stay in touch with old friends and find long lost connections.

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