Handset Imports Increased by 80 % in Q1

Despite increased inflation in the country, worst ever flood in the quarter and shaky economic conditions, mobile phone handset imports in Pakistan increased by 80 percent during July-September 2010, as compared to same period previous year.

According to Federal Bureau of Statistics, mobile phone handsets worth Rs. 9 billion were imported in the country during the reported period, which is 80 percent higher than same quarter previous year.

As per experts the popularity of Smartphones and other high-end phones are major cause of this hike in value of Mobile handsets’ import.

Market analysts predict even higher spend on mobile phone devices in coming months as the launch of high-end phones from Nokia, Samsung and other manufacturers are scheduled in Q2-2010.

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      The governmental and the other business years start from july. They do not follow the January-December rules. Following this pattern, the July/September completes the first quarter of the year 2010/2011. Hope this Helps.

  • Please note that 1st quarter is either January-March (if we follow calendar year custom), or April-June (if we follow the fiscal year custom). Please make necessary changes in ur post.

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