NR3C Arrests Two Boys for Hacking SC Website

Two young boys, who are accused of hacking the Supreme Court’s website, have been arrested by FIA, reported Dawn.

Saim Ali Shah and Salal Ali Shah were arrested by NR3C (FIA’s wing for cyber crimes), after the incident was reported to PTA by Supreme Court’s IT section. PTA had then forwarded the case to FIA, which through NR3C took action and finally traced these two hackers though what it claims “advance technology”. These two hackers were members of the self-proclaimed Cyber Army and Pak Bugs.

Dawn further noted that Supreme Court’s website was hacked in collaboration with an Indian National.

The hackers had not only defaced SC’s website but also had inserted derogatory and abusive remarks against the judiciary in the night of Sept 29.

Interestingly, arrested hackers were also involved in the recent hacking of NR3C website.

The cyber crimes have been on the rise in the country since the lapse of cyber crime ordinance about a year ago and there are no signs of its re- promulgation in the near future. Most criminals go unpunished taking advantage of the absence of the law.


Additional Sessions Judge Rawalpindi Tanvir Akbar has rejected a bail plea of the two up-mentioned hackers.

Dawn writes that the concession of bail was not granted by the judge considering the magnitude of the crime. They said the counsel for the accused could not produce documentary evidence in support of the claim that they were minors and under the juvenile justice system could not be kept behind the bars.

The only argument the counsel had advanced was that action against his clients was mala fide.

But Tariq Bilal, the legal adviser to the Cyber Crime Wing, said the FIA had no animosity with the accused and they had been arrested only after collecting substantial evidence against them.

  • Ali

    Acha hova ink sath

  • Ahmed

    First, If these guys are under 20 then they must not go behind bars but community service in Edhi/Cheepa/Ansar Barni/Alamgir trust.

    Magnitude of crime is too big for a bail ? When Supreme Court can give more time on every hearing to high profile criminals why not to these guys so that their attorney could produce evidence of their being minors ?

    High Profile case because it was Supreme Court website ?

    I wonder why Cyber Crime Cell is under FIA and not PTA ?

    Is this to give General Public an impression that you will face FIA in case you are caught? because in a country where you being in FIA/IB/ISI is too much of a big thing to make ordinary person piss in his pants without thinking of his basic rights.

  • sleepless

    you do the crime, you do the time. They were aware of what they were doing and they had mailicous intent. I say kudos to the FIA for actually arresting someone. This cyber crime/hacking menace must come to an end.

  • cJs

    unguided missiles.
    We don’t respect our talent, we don’t offer jobs, we just don’t giv anything to them only thinking to taking away things if ther is nything in their pockets.

    • Farhan

      very well said…

      • Naeem

        Why not hire all thiefs and stealers of pakistan?? Be mature and get a life. All of the killers/Daku/Choor/Thiefs everybody is talented why not to hire them??

        Kids you really need to understand the reality. They are facing what they have done. Saim claimed his SC deface infront of me :)

  • anonymous

    This is really unacceptable, Like i don’t think they had there trace. And High Court is not eligible to do the hearings they don’t know What IT is about what security is about.

    Its like they are doing this because they don’t have anything to do.

    About N3rc i really don’t think they traced those people, they must got a tip and they have no evidence against those two boys.

    Poor guys wrong time wrong place.

  • peaceK33p3r


  • waqar

    hey ny body knows any hacker, kindly let me know

    • Ahmed

      yea Rehman Malik & Zardari, they hacked mandate of people of Pakistan.

  • agent

    saim shah is 20+..

  • Really, can Pakistani Police catch the Hackers. Unbelievable.

    • bilal

      i think you have no idea about IT and Hacking..
      If you would have… you would never think like this..
      there is a lot of talent in Pakistan for IT and many talented persons are in FIA NR3C with a lot of power and equipment..
      They CAN DO THIS WELL…
      not sure..
      May TRY yourself…
      (kidding… never think about it… )

  • Żaluzje

    It comprises a lot of stuff that may be useful to many of us.

  • untraced

    hey guys i personalty know to FIA/NR3C guys they are very telanted. they can easily trace the hackers are any culprit who enggaged in cyber crimes. so be aware. and dont think that u guys can not be caught.

  • syed rahat hussain

    should hang till death…