Nokia N8 Launched in Pakistan

Highly hyped, 12 megapixeled Nokia’s N8 has at last arrived in Pakistan, well sort of. Device was launched in an event arranged by Nokia in Karachi today.

Customers who had pre-ordered the phone with Ufone service centers, are said to receive their phones soon.

However, the device would be available at retail stores after one month. Until then, you don’t have any choice but to get the device from Ufone. It’s because of some sort of exclusive agreement between Nokia and Ufone.

It maybe recalled that Ufone is accepting pre-orders at Rs. 41,900, which is 25 percent lower than the market price as claimed by Ufone.

Some (official) voices in today’s launch opined that N8 would be priced at PKR 36,000 to PKR 38,000, while few others said N8 to be priced at PKR 44,500.

HomeShopping.PK is selling Nokia N8 at Rs. 42,990

Nokia didn’t confirm the exact price to anyone.

Henri Mattila, Head of Marketing for Middle East and Africa, Mr. Imran Khalid Mahmood, Country GM for Nokia, Mr. Adeel Hashmi, PR Head for Nokia Pakistan, Khurram Mahboob, Head of Devices, Loyalty & Affinity, Geo Marketing, Ufone were present at the launch event of Nokia N8.


We got our hands with Nokia N8 – here are unboxing pictures!

  • SalmanAbbas007

    haha is ghatya mobile ko koi pagal hi khareeday ga.
    Android FTW

    • ahsan

      stop trolling fandroids :P

      • SalmanAbbas007

        lol buy both then u will know
        If u want to buy a high-end expensive phone then nokia is a big no no

        • ahsan

          try both ? lol

          used an evo 4g , iphone 3g [ regret buying it to date] and almost every nokia phone

          first of all high-end and expensive are different things iphones are child’s toys and yet ridiculously over priced just like other apple products.

          in the high end right now i agree completely with you there is android and android. but that wont last long as meego is on it’s way to a 2011 release . im going to assume you used the n900 oki ? just imagine and n900 with no bugs and thinner body and an awesome keyboard . did you see the leaked pics ? google n9 :)

          meego rocks :)

          • bhali

            Your opinion about Meego is, guess what? Just like the hype built around moon until man reached there and found i a huge dust ball. So, please, for the sake of your man-ness, “stop trolling”. As soon as you have a Meego phone in hand, then you shall be welcomed to start cluttering message boards again.

            • ahsan

              as soon as you have a meego phone in hand eh ? so you havent used the latest 1.1 build on the n900 ? or the netbook build ? guess you missed out on something good :)

              anyway the n9 is scheduled for a early 2011 release it’ll be enough to convince even hardcore pessimist like you [ assumption could be wrong :P ]

              a fully linux based os [ android is just basically a vm ontop of a linux kernel] which has the potential of running actuall “programs rather than apps. android isn’t even fully open source contrary to what google claims

              • bhali

                Ive been following the video reviews. There is no innovation in its true spirit. Win 7 phone is much better.
                It shall take them a lot of time to make it better, and by that time, Android would have reached new levels. IMO, Google purchased Android for a reason.
                Moreover, being able to run a program on a phone has limited utility.

                • ahsan

                  win phone 7 looks better ? you have got to be kidding me ! the ui/ ux [ user interface ] downright sucks. so apple got successful by making buttons big that doesnt mean microsoft should have made them that big seriously . imho even physically most of the win phone 7 devices look fugly

                  just for clarification the ui/ux you have seen uptil now is the stock meego / the open source version. nokia’s meego wont be meego’s ux it would be

                  meego’s core – harmattan [successor to maeemo 5 ux on n900] ux/ui

                  stock meego – [ it’s a deaveloper version so dont be harsh ]

                  nokia’s meego – [ again nothing final ]

          • SalmanAbbas007

            “no bugs and thinner body and an awesome keyboard”

            yes thats what pakistanis look for zzz

            • ahsan

              not only pakistani’s but most of the world wants that . the n900 was sort of a “for geeks” device :S

  • tipu

    As far as I know, ufone took 50k in advance. So can you confirm what is actual price. Also what about rest of money paid upfront ?

  • saqib

    Good Review

  • ahsan

    btw the rate on amazon is 549 $


    549 U.S. dollars = 47 185.217 Pakistan rupees

    so ufone’s preorders are getting a discount of almost 6 thousand rupees :S not bad at all

    • ahsan

      p.s the green one costs 640 $ = 55 thousand

  • S

    During the pre-booking stage Ufone took Rs. 5,000 in advance and the rest of the balance is to be paid upon collection of the handset. The price for the handset through Ufone is 41,900 in total.

  • Rehan Ahmad

    I got N8 from UK. It is Best Phone Ever By Nokia. its touch is like Iphone. Best Camera Ever and its Slimy Look is Fantastic.
    Battery is good.
    very sweet in my opinion.
    I suggest to Buy and use it.
    Nokia Rocks this time………

  • tahir

    its just an income generating compain by ufone N8 is going to sell in open market in only 38000 max rupees.ufone is making fool of poeple just for nothing….

    • ahsan

      apparently i cant stop laughing at your ignorance did you not read what i posted above ?

      • bhali

        Wait for, say, a month, and then i shall not stop laughing at those who purchased it from UFone.

        • ahsan

          you excpect that a phone that will debut at 55k will drop to less than 41 k in one month ? thats ignorance sir! and anyway n8 got a record number of preorders nokia’s struggling to deliver the preorders on time even the price isnt going to take a huge dip soon :S

          • bhali

            I didn’t say exactly one month. Moreover, rumors are floating around with a price tag of 39k inside pak. As a side note, holidays are coming soon, and prices are BOUND to fall internationally to a significant extent.

            • ahsan

              a price tag of 39k inside pakistan isn’t simply possible :)

              • Faizan

                i have confirmed from United Mobile (authorised distributor) about the phone will available next week b/w (52-55 K).

  • Welcome !!

  • ahsan

    TO admin / amir bhai ?

    what colour n8 is ufone giving to its customers , could you confirm it ? because the green and orange ones cost 55 k on amazon :S

    • admin

      will check and confirm,

  • Salman Zafar

    Has anyone here who has prebooked it from ufone and got it, because I prebooked it and still haven’t received it….

    • ahsan

      what do the 333 [helpline] guys say ? did you ask them if not do so and let us know too ! :)

      • Salman Zafar

        Well, they just said that wait for call from ufone…

  • It seems from review that, N8 is better than N97. What is actual price in Rs. currently in the Market.

  • Farrukh Zaidi

    Can anyone please guide me about the current price of N8 in Karachi/Hyderabad region, I am looking to buy one and someone told me that the wholesale price is around 47000 but its selling for around 54000 right now, can I get it under 50k in this region… plus is there any news on when its gonna be released officially with a real price? (Seems like it hasn’t been officially released in Pakistan)

  • malik 007

    this fone is good but i think not out class and to much stylish.

  • Nokia N8

    i did not like it, as the price is too high and very few new features.