Watch ‘Ufone Vs Mobilink’ TVC Wrestle Mania

This started back in Ramadan with ‘Jazz Bemisaal Offer’ when Mobilink spoofed Ufone’s TVCs. Mobilink didn’t stop there, and kept mocking Ufone over the time.

Now, with its Tension Free Special Package, Ufone has reacted with a vivid response.

With Ufone’s this move, TVC war has gone out of hands, making no sense at all, but we can firmly say that this wrestle mania is sure not ending here.

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  • I think ufone reacted very very very well…

    as mobilink has no rights to use other operator names to market there bogus packages with dam crappy service……………………..

  • Dear admin i think this war is start by mobilink, why mobilink started copying Ufone ads and not only copying but also making fun of Ufone ads, so you should say shame on Mobilink that has started this, why you always blame Ufone i think you have some personal anger with Ufone and may you don’t allow to post this post.

  • This war is in favor of user because from this competition they reduces their per call and sms price more n more

  • Mobilink intiated this and now Ufone have full right to reply
    I am not a user of mobilink or Ufone but here is support Ufone
    I am sure Mobilink can not win this game

  • I dun think there is any harm in such tv ads, after all telecom sector is the only competitive sector none of em has monopoly.
    at least it provides us with some quality and funny commercials

  • hum log agar ye sochain k larny do sab ko hamara he faida hay call rates to kam milain gy naa ab wo larian ya jo b karian humare fazool main baas see koi faida naheen ho ga apna time he zaya karny wali baat hay ye dakho kon sa packege ap ko pasand hay bas use karo chaye apna hay ya praya hay.hain to sab pakistani naa so apna he mazak na banao.

  • Brilliant ad I must say. No one can match Ufone when it comes to humorous advertisement. Great job Ufone.

      • lo dasoo yeh humour nhi hai tu kiya hai dost?? ab tumhain ______ ki tarah aik week bad smaj aye ge tu is main Ufone ka kiya kasoor ?? :p :D lolzz nothing is offensive just made my point..

        [Comment Edited]

        • Voh kya kehtay hein.. to understand _____ you need to get down to their level of thinking to understand them.. like you said, ismei tau ab wakaye mera koi kasoor naheen :P

          ps: nothing offensive just pointing out how -______ ufone’s ad makers can get.

          They made some good adverts worth a laugh in the past but this was total “chichorapan”.
          Just my two cents.

          [Comment Edited]

          • lol @ comment edited.

            Admin. seriously get a grip of life.

            Here’s the meaning of ‘idiot’ in the oxford dictionary.

            1.informal; a stupid person
            2.archaic; a person of low intelligence

            I hope you will censor more wisely from now on :P

            • “nothing offensive just pointing out how -______ ufone’s ad makers can get.”

              does the ____ mean idiotic ? lol if true then really amir bhai that was uncalled for!

              • daikho na ap kitna zulm huwa mere sath.
                I should be pressing harassment charges against the admin :P:P

  • Mobilink waley becharey ab soch rhay ho gay k kise nayi ad mainufone se maafi mang lein :-) chaloo mobilink walo okoi bat nhi..Ufone ne tumhain maaf kiya :D

  • AoA….. First of all i would like to say that the AD was not funny at all…. secondly if this is a war then i am on UFONE side although i am not a user of ufone or mobilink but i personally think that it was mobilink who started this and crossed the line again and again…. now it’s ufone turn and i am sure that faisal and company have got more brain than mani and company…..go go go UFONE… :)

    • hang on a sec.
      Ufone has always mocked other operators if you watch their ads closely.
      They used to do that with Telenor’s ads in the past.

  • Stupid Management Teams are fighting for subs acquisition by reducing tarrif & spending heavy money on useless/non-sense advertisment.

    Shareholders of both companies, wakeup and save your money.

    • bhai ap daikh naheen rahay.
      Pakistani awam ufone ka chichorapan daikh kar kitna hansti hay?
      Majority of comments he is page par daikh lo ap :)

      • yar mujhe to aap mani and azfar k relative lag rhy ho jab he aap ko itna bura lag rha.
        if you are, then told them,
        USTAAD USTAAD hota hai yar.
        after all faisal and company made mani fomous.

        • Hahahaha…Yar main Aamir ko request karta hun k aik forum b create karlein,Wahan theek say larayi kareingay.:-P

        • lol kardi na mani and azfar jaisi fazool baat :P
          who said i’m in favour of Mobilink’s adverts?
          Their’s was even lamer than ufone’s.

          And about Mani. Him and funny?
          one word.

  • yaar fit hai, ufone ke Ad really superb hain, though they have problems of hidden charges or whatever network issue,

    lekin Ad to ufone ke khatam hian bai, superrrrrrrrrrb

    ha ha ha choke hogia mera gala nahin mera network.

  • How can you say that it was started by Mobilink?? Ufane has been mocking Mobilink since years before Mobilink decided to respond…

  • ridiculous ad by ufone. what they want to prove this with ad? ufone should try to produce a sitcom with that they earn better money

  • ufone ka apna network koun sa bohat acha hay? sab ko pata hay kay baat tak karna mushkil hay ufone par tu

    • waiey keh tu tum theek hi rhay ho zafar..sirf ads achi honay se network acha nhi hota..mobilink k signals to wahan b atey hai jahan ufone soch b nhi skta :-)

  • Frankly speaking, no one should blame any of these two companies,, all of you have access to internet and you can always check who started it first?? and when the line was corossed by whome?? certainly find that neither APNA’S started it first nor crossed the line first. But i must say if one person is acting stupid the reaction can not only be a stupid one :)
    I think TUM HI TO HO (THTH) wanted this to happen and APNA’s did what THTH wanted them to do :)))

    • should i laugh on ur ignorance??? my dear, everybody who is awaken on internet knows that APNA has started this war…!

      • no you should not laugh :) you should give the reference, in which TVC APNA’s crossed the line and did it first??? then i’ll give your FULL TVC’s aired before your reference, is that fair enough???

      • I’ll provide you the THTH’s TVC’s aired before APNA’S TVC’s that you are going to give me as reference,,, Take Care and have a safe searching :)

        • mobilink did it first in baymisaal offer TVC….made on railway platform…n thats where all this just started!

          • My dear do you remember the TVC where household items were thrown out of a house by the house owner and there was a dialog between two actors and said NAHEEN APNA HAY :) actullay hitting APNA’s. For your information this TVC was aired before the one you just mentioned there are few more which were aired before your reference but i think one is more than enought to prove the point. Now you can laugh please :(

  • jo b h0,maza ata hai yar,hum telenor walay hain n in ki larai main faida obviously 0ro ka h0ta hai k0z ye sab dekhnay k baad almost AWAAM hasnay k baad yehi kehtay hain,” ad he bana0 bs tm l0g werna lo0tney mey t0 tum dono companies he aagay aagay h0, ”

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  • Obviously it seems like Mobilink is the one who will have to change their advertisement strategy. As a matter of fact being the largest operator in Pakistan they should have not copied a 3rd level company (in terms of Market share).
    This means that Mobilink’s marketing bosses have no new ideas and they are stuck and maybe mesmerized by ufone’s commercials.

    • I agree with you to quite an extent.
      Indirectly mocking is one thing but what Mobilink did with their TVC that was shot at the railway platform was dead cheap.
      If you can’t put up a decent strategitical fight then it doesn’t mean you start crying like a _____ :p

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      • lol, seriously admin this has got to be a joke.

        Again I’m referencing the oxford dictionary.

        ‘______’ informally means a stupid or contemptible person

        yes it has another meaning which addresses a man’s reproductive organ.

        But I’m sure you need not be Einstein to make out whether the latter was meant rather than the former in the above comment.

  • Useless marketing by both. Both companies has taken this on a personel level. I believe they need to behave maturely. They need to get away with stage drama drama approach, marketing is more then this. They have to exhibit meaninfulness in there adds.

  • I am a mobilink customer since long, however, I am a big time fan of Ufone ads. ‘teri mehrbani’ was a class, imo…

    btw, it appears that this is Mobilinks new 20 minutes offer thats driving Ufone crazy. hillarious indeed. ROFLMAO

  • ufons ads are not very good but excellent but service very bad i really hate ufone mobilink has no choice but they had a good service bus style ke kami ha

  • Both telecom showed that they are least concerned about their services.

    Such ad war is nothing but a ridiculous act that’s of no value to any one.

    Instead of spending so much money on making such ads, they should try to improve services as well as customer satisfaction.

  • i guess cellular networks has just become a fun for their customers, good service and reception is not prior to them, just make ads , copy each other , that’s what left in networks now…
    whereas when you call 111 or 321 or 345 or 333 you just get dead response, customer care is worse than zero…
    HATS OFF :(

  • woww… today i gonna comment in roman urdu..

    Kiaaa baaaat ha ufonnnnneee cha giya ha… i miss ufone aloooooooooooooooot

    great job…..

    dhajyaaaaan urraa de jazzz ki

    balkay ______ uraaa deeee


    moderator bhaya approve kr dena…. plzzz

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