Clinical Laboratories of Aga Khan University Hospital Launch e-Reporting

Following the digital age the Clinical Laboratories of Aga Khan University Hospital have launched an e-Reporting service – to facilitate its patients to get their reports online, if they wish, instead of having to collect them from the laboratory collection points.

“This facility will provide greater convenience to the patients and conserve their time and money,” says Sohail Baloch, Administrator, Clinical Laboratories, AKUH.

In addition to this, it will also enable faster report turnaround as the patient will not be required to visit the laboratory or the collection point to collect the report.

The e-reporting portal is very simple and easy to use. Patients will need to go to the e-reports web page and log on through the user ID and password printed on their lab receipt.

They can view the tests they have taken, select the results they would like to receive and provide an email address to which the report can be sent electronically. The report will be sent as a PDF file to the address on the reporting date. A password will remain valid for a limited period only, to ensure confidentiality.

“We hope this easy to-use service will be a convenience for our patients, helping them to receive their results quicker and with minimal effort,” says Sohail Baloch.

  • Superb, i was wondering from long time that y medical labs are not offering this faciltiy and happy to know agha khan have taken this step

    Pakistan is proud of u.

  • dude .. Shaukat Khanum lab is providing this service for a while now ..
    you can infact view all your test reports using single login ..

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