Send Unlimited Free SMS to 19 Asian Countries

vopium Vopium is offering unlimited Free SMS to 19 Asian countries including Pakistan.

This limited time  promotion will allow Vopium users to send unlimited and Free SMS to over 2.5 billion population in Asia. However, you must have SMS package activated on your account, which may charge you Vopium’s regular fee.

Offer is valid till January 1st, 2011.

Vopium users can either use this services by installing Vopium application on their mobile phones or through web by visiting vopium website.

Vopium application for mobile phones works via Wi-Fi and from your PC, as well as from the mobile network via GPRS. It must be noted that there may be data for GPRS usage, according to your subscription.

Click here to start sending SMS now:

Everyone can send Free SMS to the following countries;

  • Afghanistan Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh Bangladesh
  • Bhutan Bhutan
  • Brunei Brunei
  • Cambodia Cambodia
  • India India
  • Japan Japan
  • Laos Laos
  • Malaysia Malaysia
  • Mangolia Mongolia
  • Nepal Nepal
  • Phillipines Phillipines
  • Singapore Singapore
  • Sri lanka Sri Lanka
  • Taiwan Taiwan
  • Thailand Thailand
  • Vietnam Vietnam
  • Pakistan Pakistan
  • Indonesia indonesia

Vopium is a VoIP provider company that offers free downloadable app for mobile phones that enables users to save upto 90% on international call rates and SMS.


In a communication with ProPakistani Vopium has confirmed that registration for users in Pakistan was available until yesterday, however, due to legal implications they had to disable it.

It merits mentioning here that VoIP usage in Pakistan is prohibited by the government.

However, users abroad, from Pakistan, can sign-up and use the service.