Send Unlimited Free SMS to 19 Asian Countries

vopium Vopium is offering unlimited Free SMS to 19 Asian countries including Pakistan.

This limited time  promotion will allow Vopium users to send unlimited and Free SMS to over 2.5 billion population in Asia. However, you must have SMS package activated on your account, which may charge you Vopium’s regular fee.

Offer is valid till January 1st, 2011.

Vopium users can either use this services by installing Vopium application on their mobile phones or through web by visiting vopium website.

Vopium application for mobile phones works via Wi-Fi and from your PC, as well as from the mobile network via GPRS. It must be noted that there may be data for GPRS usage, according to your subscription.

Click here to start sending SMS now:

Everyone can send Free SMS to the following countries;

  • Afghanistan Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh Bangladesh
  • Bhutan Bhutan
  • Brunei Brunei
  • Cambodia Cambodia
  • India India
  • Japan Japan
  • Laos Laos
  • Malaysia Malaysia
  • Mangolia Mongolia
  • Nepal Nepal
  • Phillipines Phillipines
  • Singapore Singapore
  • Sri lanka Sri Lanka
  • Taiwan Taiwan
  • Thailand Thailand
  • Vietnam Vietnam
  • Pakistan Pakistan
  • Indonesia indonesia

Vopium is a VoIP provider company that offers free downloadable app for mobile phones that enables users to save upto 90% on international call rates and SMS.


In a communication with ProPakistani Vopium has confirmed that registration for users in Pakistan was available until yesterday, however, due to legal implications they had to disable it.

It merits mentioning here that VoIP usage in Pakistan is prohibited by the government.

However, users abroad, from Pakistan, can sign-up and use the service.

  • Jibran

    VOPIUM is not available for Pakistan.

    • Kamran Khan


      Pakistan is not in the list , kindly remitt the name of pakistan..
      and in future dnt share the information,
      which is not egligible for PAKISTAN
      Thank You

  • Salman Ali

    new inormation to provide it other is our aim .

  • Mashahood

    This service isn’t offered to Pakistanis, whats the point of this News here?

    • Naseer Haider

      Service is available in Pakistan , A senior pro like you shouldn’t find it difficult to deal with :)

      • Mashahood

        Brother see the update on this article :)

  • Dear Admin
    For Using this software you need to register, and Pakistan is not present in the registration page country list.

  • Vicky

    it required registration

    and have not Pakistan in list. How to register and send sms? Waiting for your kind response.

    Kind regards,


    • Mashahood

      Contacted their support, they said they don’t offer this service for Pakistan.

      • admin

        I was able to sign-up. Got their verification SMS and all that!

        • Hammer man

          ok and what did you sign up with? a hot mexican latina’s cell number? :)

        • Naseer Haider

          So Do I , I’ve got a account for myself :)



  • salman78

    Why false info is posted as the above list clearly mentions Pakistan’s name.

  • Oh good. I think inside Pakistan there are enough extraordinary SMS packages so it may not bother local people but its quite good for people living abroad!

  • Orbit Technologies

    Wastage of time.

  • faraz

    pakistan is available in the list i jst saw pakistan with +92 country code on thins link

    • ham nay free sms site say sms kia bhejna shuru ker diyay faraz…

      logon nay tang aa ker apnay mobile he band ker liyay …

  • Pakistan is in countries list :) It auto detected location.

    • Hammer man

      kakayyyyy.. free ki koi cheez na chora kar tu :p

      • apkay kehnay say pehlay he g ;)

        • Hammer man

          meri jaan jeeta reh :P:P

          • Hammer man

            Please excuse me if my way of addressing you as ‘tu’ appears rude to you.
            I am sure I’m alot older since ur just a cute little kaka hehe :P

  • Kashif Bashir

    I think GVoice is far better than this. Truly unlimited and unrestricted sms to world.

    • Mohsin

      Kashif as per my knowledge GV is only giving unlimited sms to USA.
      They had terminated sms to world

  • Muhammad Haris

    I got registered too :)


  • Hammer man

    what probably happened is Pakistan may have been initially in the list.
    aur Pakistan mei jab free ki koi cheez bataye jaye tau bhala kya kartay hein sab?
    no wonder they took it off the list :P

  • Hammer man

    My conversation with their online chat support in the wee hrs of the morning

    check it out, it’s Penelope cruz :p

    Penelope: Thank you for contacting Vopium Live Support. How may I help you today?
    Hamid: uhum, Hello
    Hamid: I was trying to register like a few friends have and apparently my home country is no longer listed in the list for registration
    Hamid: has it been removed?
    Penelope: What sir?
    Hamid: I was trying to register an account
    Penelope: May I know that which country are you contacting from?
    Hamid: like some of my friends have
    Hamid: right, from Pakistan
    Hamid: I was surprised because my friends were able to register
    Hamid: those who did before me
    Penelope: We do not have registeration done from Pakistan
    Hamid: then how could my friends have registered?
    Hamid: was it offered before?
    Penelope: No sir, it was never
    Penelope: You can provide your friends’ numbers and I can check whether they have been registered
    Hamid: ok can I get back to you within a few hours
    Hamid: it is early morning here
    Penelope: Sure sir
    Hamid: I will get back to you as soon as I get in touch with my friends.
    Hamid: can I email you their cell numbers?
    Penelope: Ok
    Penelope: Yes, you can at [email protected]
    Hamid: ok I’ll mention “ATTENTION Ms.Penelope” in the subject of the email
    Hamid: that way I believe my email will be forwarded to you
    Penelope: Ok sir, I will be keen towards reading it and then I shall get back to you
    Hamid: Thank you v.much
    Penelope: Thank You for contacting Vopium Live Support. Good Bye !
    Hamid: ta ta :)

    now who’s going to be first to provide me their number?

    admin? :)

  • Mohsin

    Hammer do you think people are dupe? provide you info. and lost free account ;)

    • Hammer man

      Why aren’t you a complete dumbo..
      It’s not like I’m asking for their a/c login details lol

      • Faizan

        i have got same respone, as per their support they never provide this service to [email protected]’s, other here at propakistani might subscribe through int’l #

  • Tanveer Akhtar

    All this seems to be not more than Drama that’s why admin or no one ‘ll provide you number when customer support is confirming that this service is not available for Pakistani User then that’s enough

    • Hammer man

      well if they really feel insecure with sharing their cell numbers with me, then the individual always has the option of sharing the email address he/she registered his/her account with.

      expecting a response from proud vopium a/c holders, namely Admin, Naseer Haider, Faraz, sacha kaka and Muhammad Haris :P

      • admin


        In a communication with ProPakistani Vopium has confirmed that registration for users in Pakistan was available until yesterday, however, due to legal implications they had to disable it.

        It merits mentioning here that VoIP usage in Pakistan is prohibited by the government.

        However, users abroad, from Pakistan, can sign-up and use the service.

        • Hammer man

          Aunty Mehwish aik din pehley naheen thee post laga sakteen :P
          btw Aunty Mehwish how’s your Masters in Engineering coming along.
          Should have completed by now :)

  • Adnan Ali

    As far as I know, the application is not currently offered in Pakistan.

    The Free SMS to Asia is offered mostly for expats living in Europe and US who want to get in touch with their loved ones in Asia during the holiday season.

  • admin


    By the way, i was able to sign-up with my cell number, and was able to use the service.

    • Hammer man

      Dear Admin,

      Then why would sweet Penelope defy that and even go to the extent of ensuring Pakistan was never present on the list in the first place.

      • aamir

        even i was able to signup with vopium :)

        • Because your name is same with the name of propakistani owner :D

  • Ali

    Nice for me because i can use the service…….

  • Munnu

    Mera account hai yahan per meinnay khud kal registerd kiya hai

  • Ahmed

    It is sad to know that Indian VoIP providers are spreading like mushrooms around the world and PTA is investing in blocking VoIP in Pakistan when world is going towards VoIP so rapidly. PTA is just protecting LDI license holders and PTCL here and barring end users from using latest and cheap technology.

    On the other hand call termination charges are increased so much for International calls to Pakistan while for Indians abroad it is zero cent. So more they communicate with their loved ones more they feel attachment with their people. While Pakistanis abroad find it soooo expensive now calling Pakistan.

    All this is due to PTA policy just to protect revenues of LDI operators and PTCL and anti-VoIP policy and not promoting Braintel like VoIP operators within Pakistan.

  • Now they have removed Pakistan from their list :(

    • Hammer man

      kakay tujhey kya tension hay meri jaan…
      tera a/c tau chaluu hay na :P

      • Nahi :( main nay abi registration nahi ke the,

        waisay is also good site for free sms.

  • Ali

    koi unlimited ni han yar per day 50 bs…. i checked my self.

    • 50 kafi hain international, wo he Pakistanio wala fazol kaam wahan b shuru na ker dena na fazol SMS forwarding wala.

  • abdul

    avery one now other app for nokia send sms free to pakistan

    • Ali

      how tell us if you know?

  • Well i m in Bahrain & i have some clients in Philipines & Bangladesh will communicate with it.

  • I tried to register in it, but it did not give option of Pakistan in the countries list. Is this service applicable outside Pakistan.?

    • Ali

      yes out side of Pakistan it’s working. me here in KSA and using this
      daily 50 free sms

  • Faixan

    i love propakistani web im in singapore and this service rocksss :P for me :P thanksss working here!

  • Arsalan

    Well, Service is not available with in Pakistan but its available for Pakistan which is great for people like me who are living in Europe. International SMS is really expensive here and Vopium is giving it free of cost.

  • Ahmed

    try they have free international sms and pakistan sms and has a lot of free features like phone book etc.

  • they have free sms pakistan and has a lot of features like pone book etc.

  • 03459113807