Wateen Launches DigiPay to Make Bill Payments Easy

Wateen Telecom announced the launch of ‘DigiPay’, for its customer’s to pay Wateen bill payments with ease.

With DigiPay, customers now have the options to buy electronic PINs for Wateen bill payments through a number of different mediums. Launching this service in collaboration with epay, Wateen is enabling  its customers to pay their Wateen bills through new mechanisms such as

  • ATMs,
  • Credit/Debit Cards,
  • POS,
  • SMS,
  • Internet,
  • Phone and so on

Via Phone

Wateen customers, who own Bank Alfalah credit cards too, can now call Bank Alfalah customer helpline @ 111-225-111. Wateen PINs are available around the clock. Wateen PINs can also be availed against reward points redemption.

Credit and Debit Pay

Wateen customers can simply swipe their credit/debit card of any bank at MCB Credit Card machines available across all major grocery stores. They will get an electronic voucher with the Wateen PIN in their desired denomination.

  • lol i almost get an sms daily to refill my wateen account and get one month free lol . wateen really are getting deperate ! but they shouldn’t have “rented” their cpe’s to pakistani’s in the first place LOL

    • Exactly If they Decrease charges of monthly or device cost then might be it will be better but now a days its worst company :D

  • Yaar honestly speaking, if they come up with internet top up through credit cards then at least my life will be easier or even debit cards with auto debit so that I don’t have to go and buy scratch cards when the internet connection is blocked on the last day at night. Waisy good initiative though

  • That is the good move from Wateen. I am using Wateen, their internet service is best. The only problem is their payment method, I have to goto Market to purchase their prepaid cards.

  • @ Nerdy

    Launch of DigiPay – Addition of UBL to DigiPay

    Wateen continues its focus on innovation and has successfully added UBL’s net banking and OMNI services to Wateen DigiPay. Details @ http://www.wateen.net/home/digipay.html Addition of features will be as below: Phone PayWateen customers who are UBL Omni account holders can now avail PINs through their mobile phones.

  • I got wateen Bolt device with 1kbps unlimited connection. Its amazing, best internet service I have ever got from wateen, even better then PTCL evo which I was using previously. Keep it up Wateen.

    Now payment through credit card, Excellent, made my life easier.

  • I’m disagreed wd wateen bcs i could’nt recharge my account before the billing date plz wateen don’t cover up ur old/previous mistakes & plz recover ur network problems

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