ProPakistani is Hiring!

Hey ProPakistani friends,

Just in case if you love writing tech, gadgets, industry, trends or maybe you are bored of your reporting job at some daily newspaper, or maybe you aren’t paid your salary for last many months, even if you are well paid and want to earn some extra money, here we got an opportunity for you to self brand yourself!

ProPakistani is looking for content writers for following niches:

  • Cellular Industry – Local (Reporters / Analysts)
  • Broadband – Local (Reporters / Analysts)
  • Tech News – Global (Reporters / Analysts)
  • Gadgets – Local (Reviewers / Reporters / Analysts)
  • Web Applications – Global (Reviewers / Analysts)
  • Mobile Applications – Local (Reviewers / Analysts)
  • Social Networks – Global (Analysts)
  • Digital Advertising – Local (Reporters / Analysts)
  • Special Reports – Local (Analysts)


We pay industry best rates, on per article/post basis. Field reporters will be offered monthly salaries!

Type of Job

  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Freelancing
  • Work from Home

How to Apply?

If you feel like you got the thing we are looking for, write down a piece of at least 500 words on one of following topic and send it to us at aamir [at] (remove spaced and replace [at] with @)

  • Insight of MVNO in Pakistan
  • Why EVO is better prospect than 3G?
  • Facebook is Dangerous
  • Android vs iOS
  • How Pakistan Celcos can better use Twitter?

We will contact you back if your words impressed us!

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • SalmanAbbas007

    GR8 :D

    me not good with english lol :p

  • Kamran

    me too Not good in english

    • مزاح کی دنیا

      me ki to Urdu b achi nai hai

  • Badar

    Can we work freelance for you coz i am doing job right now and want to write for ProPakistani too.

    • admin

      Big Yes to freelancers

      • Rameez Kakakhel

        But we no speak Americano! :P

        • SUNNY

          yes we can rameez

    • Wasiq nisar

      I want to write for pro pakistani as a free lancer…i am a huge apple fan and i also have know-how of all the latest gadgets and technological me if you want to hire me

  • ahsan

    interesting , except an email from me :S

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      why not?

      • ahsan

        “why not?” O.o

        I said except an email from me :S as in i will me mailing you :D

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        a suggestion amir bhai , a recent comments widget on the side along with the recent posts one would be useful :)

        • admin

          will look into it, but that gonna rotate too quickly. On average we get one comment every other min in the day!

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                  • BenTen

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                    Will, second, Nabeel Amin. lolzz

  • Khubaib

    i am an article writer providing my services to potential clients,over 100 articles are published on diffrent there any opputunity to do field work?


    Facebook is now the most popular social networking site online. It’s popular because it’s a good platform and there are millions of people on it. You know that if you get an account it’s likely that many people you know will be on this site so you can communicate with them. While there are some advantages to using this site, there are also a number of disadvantages as well.

    First of all, many find it to be a waste of time. Some get to the point where they are on the site for more than a few hours a day. If you tend to really get into things like this to this level, you might want to avoid using the site so that you won’t waste you time with it.

    There have been some privacy issues with Facebook. Many users have not appreciate the way that Facebook has changed privacy policies. It’s become quite a hot topic. If you don’t want Facebook to have control over your pictures on the site or the content, you might want to avoid using the site.

    It’s not good to stare at a screen or at your phone all day long. Some users get to the point of doing this which isn’t good for you.

    At times you get to the point of spending more time on Facebook with friends than actually talking to them or seeing them. It can become a substitute for other forms of contact.

    It’s a social networking site that makes money off targeted ads. If you use the site, you will have to deal with getting ads and offers.

    There have been some virus issues on the site when it has been hacked. You need to use an anti-virus even when using a friendly site like Facebook.

    You can deactivate your account but you can never completely remove it. It will always stay on the site. Some people have a problem with this.


    • Ali

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            • ahsan

              sarcasm sir = )

  • MySchizoBuddy

    nice to see proPakistani has no interest in renewable energy. your audience doesn’t want to know about solar technology.

  • Khan

    i want to know about solar and wind energy also write articles on those topics specially regarding pakistan which have unique kind of loadshedding problem in the whole world.

    • MySchizoBuddy

      i was writing a report on using photovoltaics for load shedding. As i started writing i realized that a complete radiation model for pakistan isn’t even done yet. Pakistan meteorological department gives out limited data for research. They prefer if you buy the data from them.

      So my report has now morphed into how to use the data from india and apply to pakistan based on similar climatic conditions.
      i now have a good model for photovoltaic applications in pakistan. However, the report has gone too long already and i won’t be dealing with load shedding analysis.

    • MySchizoBuddy

      do you know what are the load shedding our of karachi. rough estimate for summer months and winter months.

  • Hmmm nice will send an email. :)

  • muslima

    I shall also look for this chance.

  • Ali Ahmad

    any need for chartered accountants? :p

    • admin

      Ali bahi :-)

  • Rameez Kakakhel

    BTW Aamir Bhai, I think the topic should have been Symbian Vs Android and iOS. or Andriod & iOS vs The Rest. That would make it more easy for the writers and attractive to the audience as there is a huge discussion going on at most of the Tech blogs that Symbian is dieing, it’s dead and stuff like that. Secondly they aren’t in direct competition with each other, well they are but I mean to say is that both aren’t stealing from each other they are stealing others market share, both are the most preferred OSes for the future mobile market (not talking about techis, pointing towards the lame audience).
    OR you want to get of the insight of the participants :P
    Hey, Aamir bhai… If I got selected or any of the readers will they call you Sir than or the plain, old, loved Aamir bhai :P

    • admin

      You mean the topics are hard? Let’s try these at least!

      I call my colleagues “Boss” – they call me Aamir Bahi or at times “o pai jee” : – )

    • ahsan

      symbian is dying ? only an idiot will say that :D

  • Waqas

    Can u give an idea about how much can a freelancer can earn for one article?

    • admin

      Depends, write us an article to get the idea.

  • Vikram

    Is there any deadline to submit the articles ?

    • admin

      until we are done hiring! means: at earliest

  • Shaheer

    I wish i could write for ProPakistani! i have over 10 blogs and have wrote over 2000 articles. Though i don’t have time,

    btw can i apply as a freelancer?

    • admin

      yes, Shaheer you can.

      • hasib ali khan

        i m ready to work with you sir but i am in need of your attantion. how i will is the question?

        • ahsan

          the answer to your question is another question “did you not read the post above?!”

  • Rahman

    Just mailed you.

    Ready to start off for you. Adept in writing and established as Freelancer.

    Do reply me asap.

    High regards and thanks Aamir!

  • The best thing about this website is the Active involment of the Admin – I am writing on Hubpages, Helium, Also Got my own Website now although its a newbie . But I’ll write some articles for Aamir also – Not for money but for backlinks :) Hitting you an email now

  • I’ll be a lil off topic but you know this site is so damn annoying, once you visit there are thousands of ads and articles huh it looks like Telecom companies pay you to advertise their new packages and news. Once in a decade there is some good interesting news. So I hope you will hire writers that are good.

    • ahsan

      hehe you certainly have a point , even if an exaggerated one ;)

    • Rameez Kakakhel

      A Telecom Blog with Telecom Ads is nothing wrong.. What I dont like is that “Ibrat Ka Nishan DAikeen” Like those old days Madari Stuff “Panch SAron wala naag DAikeen, Circus aap k ilaqay mein’, ‘Bandar ka naach daikeen’…

      • haha that one yeah thats so annoying but a blog with so much ads makes it annoying.

      • Waqas Bajwa

        I think you didn’t noticed this ad
        “Hairat Angaiz Shadiyan” WTF???

        • Bilal Bajwa

          Yea shadiyan abhi abhi shoro hoi hain … :P

          • Rameez Kakakhel

            Yeh b Khidmat-e-Khalq k zumray mein aata hai :p Fallah-o-Behbood ka kaam ho raha hai, what wrong with it :P

            • d3sign3r

              I would consider this as a BAD IMAGE of a Pakistani Telecom Blog.

              @Aamir bhai you should NOT accept advertisements of MONEY-MAKING (or related) websites. That Firoun Ki Laash thing all lead to INTERNET PE PAISE KAMANAY KA RAAZ KHUL GAYA LMAO!!

              Seriously.. this kinda stuff is hurting your blog, you should refrain.. unless you love baba-jee (pak rupees :P) more than your blog!

              I think you forgot what Uncle Ben said ;)

  • I will love to work with you guys. You will receive my article tomorrow.

  • bilal sarwar

    i m doing a part time job right now but stil i want to work with propakistani. so u will reciecve my article tomorrow inshALLAH.

  • atif

    interesting………… me gona put me piece of mind over one topic and send to you admin…. hope me will get approved :D :D ……

  • Uni

    One question. The topic EVO vs 3G doesn’t make a lot of sense, because EVDO is a 3G protocol :S. Any clarification?

    • ahsan

      i think amir bhai meant umts[hsdpa etc]

      p.s evo sucks :S

      • admin

        Yes, the idea is to compare roll out of EVDO network with UMTS with additional licensing and rollout cost.

  • Here i have an idea for you aamir… why don’t you offer breaking news in roman urdu & english mix.. then your team should translate that article. because you want all writers from pakistan i will not say there is not good writer in english. but may be you’ll get some different news from that desi guys… hows my idea ;)

    • admin

      We are already working on a website in Urdu fonts! That section gonna take care of this issue!

      • ahsan

        and seriously change the front page :S the front page should show the breakingnews/etc

        and the “send free sms” ” live tv chanelss ” top bar ought to be removed on modified to look better and also the pages it is linked to , they seem to be stuck in the 90’s ;)

    • MySchizoBuddy

      roman urdu is the worst idea.
      stop butchering the urdu language.

      • Mujahid

        Yup there is an easy way. Google can convert roman Urdu into unicode format. Like when you write “shukria” it converts to just like it is Urdu. They call it “transliteration” ;) Like this پرو پاکستانی بہت اچھی ویب سایٹ ہے. Ok that makes some mistakes while copying it was alright in google ;p You can try here

        • Mujahid

          Oops that is looking perfect after posted. It was showing some mistakes when I copied it here.

        • admin

          Thanks for tipping us on this

  • Mujahid

    After how long are we expected to receive reply of article?

  • Dr.faraz

    I have sent you an article

  • saad

    Bro when are you going to announce the winner !

    • admin

      Winner? This isn’t a contest bro. We are in process of evaluation. Expect results after Eid, inshAllah.

      • Saad Durrani

        I win! lol

      • Mujahid

        Thanks for making wait a little less painful ;)

  • Well this shows, how Pro Pakistani has become famous Blogging website.

  • Syed Muhammad Junaid

    @admin i sent u an email including the sample of my writing. hope you will see to it and give a responce :)

    • admin

      Expect a response from us after Eid…!

      • Syed Muhammad Junaid

        oki sure i will be looking forward to it :D

  • Simba

    Any Chance for the information security writers??

  • Muhammad Bilal Junaid

    Sent an email just to inquire if it is still open for consideration?

    • Mujahid

      As told above that it is open till the decision is made. And told that decision will be made after Eid. So, A=B, B=C Hence, A=C :-P

      • Muhammad Bilal Junaid

        okies..thanks for letting me know..Regards

  • muslima

    great info to read over all.