Jazz Takes Back ‘Na Qabil-e-Yaqeen’ Offer

Mobilink has taken back its Na Qabil-e-Yaqeen offer, that allowed unlimited calling, round the clock, on three FnF numbers against a daily rental of Rs. 6.99 plus tax per day.

This promotion ran for some 35 days in total.

Lately, Mobilink has been busy with introduction of bundle offers with heavy campaigns. However, Company is now being observed as tending towards capped offers and not unlimited calling/SMSes.

It is said that Qabil-e-Yaqeen offer was causing serious network overload to Mobilink.

Keeping in view the recent revision on SMS plus package and with withdrawal of Na Qabil-e-Yaqeen offer, it seems Mobilink is undergoing capacity issues.


    good decision. network was going bad . mobile connection are becoming like a toy for people and for those want to use it as a mobile service were facing difficulties. further it was not good for our youth . wastage of time

  • Saeed

    Serious network overload to Mobilink. hahahahahahahaha -:)

  • nnh

    yeh koi zarori nahin k yeh offer youth k lye he thi, es tamam cuctomaer ko faida tha.

  • nnh

    agar koi cell company esi offer affored nahin kar sakti , to wo esi offer deti he koun hai?

  • Reyan Sud

    mobilink proved that ye naqabel-e-yaqeen offer hi thi ;)

  • azfarmani

    So much for the azfar mani duo fighting a battle of ads against ufone….bohat bajay ge ab in kee

  • rehan

    Maturely thinking, its a gud move mobile has become a toy 4 ppl, students r tawkn all da time intead of using it lyk a service ppl r using cel as a toy, and utltimately busines man and profesionals or fair users of service suffer due to netrk overload…1 thing more we pakistanis only CRITICISE we want cheaper and more cheaper rates but we demand ntwrk quality lyk vodafone…ache chez k lia paisay b achay dainay partay hen…yahe dunia ka dastor ha…

  • Xeyna Naeem

    Sometime i fail to undersrtand when we will finally grow up as a civil nation who stops stooping so low to come up with such lame discussions on petty issues.

    Seriously people, dont we have anything in the whole wide world to discuss than throwing dirt at each other’s networks?

    They all are doing a great job in keeping us connected so move on, seriously!

  • usama khalid

    Ha ha ha….. Mobilink kay ‘Ghubarey’ say hawa nikal gaee :) Bas Itna Hi Dam Tha!!!!!

  • Adnan

    Rana Sahib aap to keh rahe the humari offer barri shandar hai Ufone jesa ishtehar bana k mash’hoor ho jayen ge… yeh mila hai response!! sari dunya keh rahi hai k hum ne Ufone ki copy ki hai Network to humara kharab hai hi magar meri awaz to saaf aa rahi hai na Hellllooooooooooooo heh uh ooonh :)

    • yas

      hahahaha…. very funny. yaar ye mobilink ko kuch nahi bohat ziyada sochna paray ga… :D

  • Muhammad Arif

    Mobilink should now wind up its business.. Its better for them.

  • Mobilink offers are always for limited days.

  • rao

    it was not network overload it must be their blunder on pricing and revenues.

  • Sohail

    Waisay Yeh Offer Itni Jaldi Khatam Kar K Maari Chawl Hi Hai Mobilink Waalon Ne.

  • ali jaan

    yaar ye mobilink jazz wale sale kaminay ko kia mout prdh gai hai inhon ne naqbaly yaqeen offer off kar di hai in se achay to ufone or zong wale hain …… oakistan ki sab se gandi co. jazz


    pta ko mobilink k packages fraud ka notice lena chahiye

  • m

    lotri hai company