Incoming SMS While Roaming Goes Free on Warid

Text messaging, as you are all aware of, has now become the most convenient and affordable way to stay connected with your loved ones wherever you might be on the globe. International roamers for this purpose, find SMS the fastest and the most suitable way to keep in touch with their family and friends while traveling abroad.

So, now to accommodate prepaid as well, Warid is offering incoming SMS Free of Cost while roaming on any network around the world, without any subscription charges!

This step was taken on purpose amidst the current Hajj season with the vision to further facilitate our roamers who are on their spiritual journey to Saudi Arabia. Aiming to assist the striving pilgrims and their families, Warid along with the free incoming SMS offer, also has the best calling rates to Saudi Arabia,  where call to landlines can be made for as low as 7.50+tax per minute.

As far as the bigger picture is concerned, Warid currently has international roaming with 242 live GSM roaming partners in 146 countries also offering live GPRS roaming in 100 countries with 155 roaming partners. Not only this, but the mesh of prepaid roaming service has now been extended within 28 countries, covering major destinations such as Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Warid International Roaming offers many other innovative products such as SMS Roaming, Wi-Fi Roaming, In-Flight Roaming and Maritime Roaming which allow customers to stay connected to their homes, whether they travel by sea, air or land.

    To view Warid’s latest tariff for International Roaming, download this file (156KB – PDF)

    • waqas Tahir

      All other operators are offering the same :-)

      • Really? I dont think so

        • Yes he is right. All other operators are already providing this service. Sms receiving is free on all operators while roaming.

    • Then what makes Warid different than others. When Warid is not offering anything new in the Market

      • waqas Tahir

        lot of thing they have introduced
        Location based services first time
        Balance inquiry after call
        First data package for prepaid
        My 5

        an lot more

    • Ahmed

      Warid offers it for 14 days only, after that “Khamooshi” while Telenor gives it for 2 months.

    • Xeyna Naeem

      Dude, Warid band ho jae ga. They are just trying to catch the last straws before drowing. :p

    • Sheeraz

      Its a News!!!!!!!!!!!! very new in town :)

      all operators had not advertized like this.. :)

    • It is a good offer from Warid.

    • Usman

      This is good offer Free Sms on International Roaming will help communication

    • Ahmed

      For how long it will be activated ? I am told it will be just for 14 days.

    • Harry

      Hmm… 14 days not bad that’s good enough for me.
      Some how or the other Warid has always offered me an alternative to what others offer. So I’m sticking with Warid

    • abdul

      Folks – i heard that mobilink gonna to acquire 80% shares of Waridtel pakistan in next month.
      Please confirm


    • arshad

      i have WARID sim but i am not rigistor to international how can i open my sim

      • shanza

        login to your warid number via warid website it may help full to you.

    • Le. G.

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