Nokia N8 Review

The Nokia N8 is a highly anticipated device here in Pakistan. It’s jam packed with features and we were one of the few lucky ones who got our hands on the Nokia N8 way before it officially hits the shelves.

Having spent a lot of time with the device here’s a review of the phone just like we promised in the Unboxing of the N8 post.

I tested the phone out vigorously these days, putting it to extreme tests, lots of text messages, tons of calls, endless internet usage, pointless use of Google Maps, constantly using the camera and after all this I came up with this review, in which we tried our best to cover all the major aspects of the Nokia N8.

External Hardware

I was pleased with the build quality of the phone, but along with the build quality brought few disappointments.


First up, the Nokia N8 is constructed completely out of anodized Aluminum therefore it feels really smooth in your hand. N8 is made from a single piece of Aluminum, which means that there aren’t any funky joints or anything that gets in the way.

This unibody construction might be awesome for some people but I found it as a huge con, why? Because the battery is not user replaceable due to the unibody construction. If the battery dies out on you, you can’t change it on your own.


The volume rocker is on the right hand side of the phone and it’s fairly placed for easy access. I didn’t find any problem while using it. Just underneath that is the lock/unlock spring loaded switch to lock or unlock your phone.

And the last button on the right is the camera button – I was really pleased with what Nokia has done with the camera button this time, it’s really comfortable to press and I didn’t have any issues using it whatsoever.


On the left hand side of the phone is the micro-USB port through which you can copy content onto your N8 and it double-acts as a charging port too; unlike many other previous generation Nokia smartphones – I really welcome this new feature.


On the top of the micro-USB port (on right side of Nokia N8) is the SIM and memory card loading slot. I’m going to be straight forward at this point that I had a hard time getting the latch for the SIM to open up. It felt that if I give it too much strength it might just break off.

We would’ve loved the fact if Nokia had made this easy for us but since slipping in a SIM is not a job which you’ll do on a regular basis then of course we can live with this for now. But we severely believe that this could have been made better.


On the top of the Nokia N8 is the microHDMI port. This is a really awesome feature. I’ve been using this feature a lot lately to view my photos and videos, which I shot from the camera and the result is just great. Some people are going to find this feature really fun and intuitive but it wouldn’t really that matter if you’re always on the go.

On the top is also a 3.5 mm headphone jack for connecting any type of headphones, which you might have lying around. Although the ones shipped with the N8 are quite satisfactory as well, and besides the headphone jack is the power button. It’s small but yet it’s easy to press.


Underneath the phone is the standard Nokia charging port.


Flipping the phone over you’ll see an enormous 12MP camera sticking out with a dual Xenon flash. I think the camera-sticking-out part is somewhat annoying, whenever you attend a call you just happen to poke the lens all the time, at least this happened to me, some of you might find this thing irritating too.

The speaker is also placed at the back of the N8 and I have to admit with my whole heart that it’s one of the loudest speaker I’ve heard on a mobile device. I was quite impressed with it and its fun to listen to music on it believe me!


On the front of the phone is  the display, which we will cover in detail in a minute.


A front facing VGA camera for video calling and snapping photos and a dedicated menu button.


The menu button is placed quite badly though, it’s way off where it really should be. And using it gets really frustrating at times – you have to go all the way to the corner of the device just to access the menu button. We would’ve loved it if the menu key was more towards the center and near the display for easier access. At times the phone nearly fell off from my hands just to reach the menu key.

Internal Hardware

Moving on the internals of the device, the N8 is a perfect example that how much features you can fit inside such a small place.

The phone is loaded with almost everything you can think of. But packing everything doesn’t mean that it’s the best smartphone out there – for instance N8 is shipped with 680MHz processor when every other phone in the market is boasting a 1GHz processor sounds a bit off.

I was quite disappointed at the slow clock speed of the processor, Nokia could have easily bumped up the N8 with a faster processor but they chose not to for some reason.

The N8 has an onboard RAM of 256 megs only, which is quite fair enough but if you’re running a lot of apps in the background, then you will feel the need for the extra RAM. I did feel, at times, that extra RAM in the N8 would have been a huge treat but I wasn’t bothered too much about it.

Applications were snappy thanks to the dedicated graphics accelerator chip which takes the extra load off from the processor.

The N8 has built-in 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi which was quite pleasing to use, it works flawlessly but I did find one thing annoying, it’s hard to tell on which data connection the N8 will connect to, it’s somewhat unpredictable, sometimes it connects to EDGE and sometimes on WiFi.

Nokia N8 has a built-in GPS receiver as well, and hands down I admit it is the best GPS receiver I’ve seen, it locates your position almost instantly, so no issues here.

The phone has a built-in storage of 16GB, yes you read that right! And in addition to that, you can add an extra microSD card of up to 32GB. This is a huge plus point especially over direct competition smartphones such as the iPhone.

The battery has a capacity of 1,200 MAh which will give you a good solid day of battery time, depending on the way you use it, you can go all the way to two days if you use it wisely.

The phone also features a built-in FM transmitter, which is a great way of saying goodbye to wires if you’re on the go and want to stream your songs on the radio instead of plugging in wire, it works fine and has no issues.

Also let me take a second to tell you that the phone’s hardware is capable enough to play a full 720p video without any problem, even with the HDMI output, I didn’t get a lot of time to play with the video aspect of the phone but the amount of time I spent with it, I was impressed with it overall.


I’m not gonna brag about the display of the Nokia N8, but this is indeed the best display you’ll ever see on a Nokia device.

It’s an AMOLED display, which is really bright and images look stunning on it, the colors have high saturation and content on it looks just amazing. It has a resolution of 360 by 640 pixels with a size of 3.5 inches (diagonal).

It’s a capacitive display, therefore it’s really sensitive to touch and it’s really comfortable to use.

It supports Multitouch gestures, which is really a welcome feature, and it works great in the photo gallery but holds up quite bad in the internet browser. Whenever I tried to pinch to zoom into a page, the page seemed to break and text looked all gibberish. I really wish a software update fixes this issue.


Display (2)

The screen adjusts its brightness accordingly to your environment and it works quite well, but I hate the fact that there’s no way to turn off the auto-brightness feature.

The screen uses a technology called Gorilla Glass, which is darn tough! Stab it with a pen and you can’t scratch it or break it, but we highly wouldn’t recommend that and we didn’t do it either.

The phone has a built-in accelerometer for auto rotating the screen when going from portrait mode to landscape, and it works just fine, not the fastest auto rotate feature we’ve ever seen but still does what it’s supposed to.


Ok I am going to be very straight forward and little hard in this part. I was expecting tons of new features from Symbian^3, but it turned out to be a disappointment.

Think of it as the older versions of Symbian Series 60 5th edition but with smoother animations and more colorful icons. Although the software performs well on the N8’s hardware but we believe that Nokia could have done a better job at this.

If you’re taking a leap from a phone like the Nokia N97 or the Nokia 5800 then you won’t feel a lot of difference in software, but if you haven’t ever used Symbian before and this is your first time getting your hands on it, then you’ll find the whole experience quite good.

Symbian^3 is more of a touch friendly version of the previous offerings of Symbian, it’s comfortable to use on a touchscreen device like the N8, thanks to the large display.

After having used Symbian^3 for quite some time now, I got the hang of it and found that it’s a great OS to use if you’re doing normal day to day tasks – although it doesn’t compare to Android and iPhone’s iOS in any case.

The homescreen of Symbian^3 features widgets which you can customize in any way you like, and you now even have different homescreens which you can swipe through and all of them can have different widgets.

You can have different social widgets which will display your Facebook and Twitter streams and that too in real-time, you can also have a radio widget, your RSS feeds and tons of other stuff which comes in handy.

I did notice some lag in different menus from time to time, maybe it was due to the lack of RAM? I am not sure what it was but the lag is always there and pops up from time to time.

The best thing I liked about Symbian^3 was the way it lets you multitask, just hold down the menu key for a couple of seconds and it will give you a preview of all the windows you have currently running in the background, it’s a real eye candy and spotting the app on which you were working on is a snap!

The whole user interface is pretty much the same as the previous version of Symbian but a few things have been updated, most noticeable changes lie in the sub menus and options.

The theme animations are much better now and they are quite smooth! And they are pleasing to have too.

Messaging has been updated, it’s now threaded, in other words you see in the same window what the other person sent you and what you replied back, it’s an awesome and welcome feature to have but Nokia adopted the tradition of threaded messaging quite late, but better late than never right?

The phonebook is as good as ever, pick up any Nokia and you’ll see a phonebook which is very detailed so no issues here.

The Nokia N8 handles Emails really well, I’ve been using the N8 as my primary handset for a couple of days now and I’m pleased with the Email client it has.

Scr000001 Scr000002 Scr000003 Scr000004 scr000005


The Nokia Ovi Store has been revamped and has a brand new look on the Nokia N8. It has a whole new interface, easy to navigate through but what I don’t like about the Ovi Store is that it doesn’t filter out apps and games which are tailored specifically for your device. Would’ve been a great feature but won’t give anyone a heart attack if it’s not there.

The Ovi Store has a wide variety of apps to choose from, and I’ve noticed the apps which I used to have on my old Nokia 5530 look darn good on the N8 and they even perform better.

GravitySocial apps are great, if you’re a bigger Twitter fan then give “Gravity” a shot, no other app even comes near to Gravity in terms of what it has to offer, probably the best Symbian Twitter client out there.

Good news is, Symbian^3 can run Symbian S60 5th edition apps without any hitch, if you have an app which you like a lot on the older platform then you will have no issues running it on the N8. There aren’t a lot of apps to choose from quite frankly but all the necessary apps are there to get you going. A few apps which I highly recommend are as follows:

Angry Birds- It’s an awesome game and will keep you entertained for hours trust me. But it’s not free and is for RS 139.99 but the lite version is absolutely free but it’s limited.

Opera Mobile 10- The perfect browser replacement for the native browser.

Fring Mobile- Make video calls from your phone, need I say more?

Qibla Touch- A great app for finding Qibla direction. Uses the built-in GPS to calculate.

Geo News– Self Explanatory what it is.

Google Maps- The best free maps app out there and works great in every major city of Pakistan. Can be downloaded from

scr000012 scr000013 scr000014

There are tons of apps to go through, but the ones above are a few which I loved a lot, and are handy to have. I would recommend that you give websites like a shot if you’re looking for apps, wallpapers and other content, they have almost everything. Or you can just Google around for content, your choice.


This is the place where the Nokia N8 rules out its shortcomings, it is a feature packed phone and is guaranteed to keep you entertained.

Scr000008 Scr000009 scr000010

The music player is quite fun to use, you turn the phone over to landscape mode and you see an amazing iPhone like cover flow mode in which you can slide through your albums along with the album art.

It works like a snap and we didn’t see anything wrong with the music player and it performed up to our expectations. It’s even more fun to use if you’re using the stock Nokia headphones which come with the N8, thanks to its dedicated music control keys.

The audio quality is just like any other mp3 player, and with the audio equalizer in the music player, you can set up the audio according to your liking for that perfect sound you crave.

The N8 features a Video and Photo editor and its self explanatory what it does and it does the job well and is simple to use.

You can edit videos on your phone and come up with pretty decent stuff for sharing with other people, we’ll leave this part for the more creative minds to explore.

As we mentioned before that the N8’s speaker is really loud and the quality of the audio is quite good, but it won’t double as your car horn trust us on that. The radio works great too and uses your headphone’s cable as the antenna.


The Nokia N8 keeps you connected in every way possible, it has WiFi, it supports 3G and EDGE, since we’re in Pakistan so cover the 3G part with water for now.

EDGE works great with the N8, I was using Warid as my soul operator while testing out the N8, where I live, the reception is good so I didn’t get a chance to see the N8 struggle for some signal bars.

Bluetooth 3.0 is there, it supports stereo Bluetooth headsets and supports sending data over the air too and works just great. It has a USB 2.0 port for fast data transfers between your computer and your phone and as we mentioned earlier, it doubles as a charging port too.

Internet Browser

This is probably the only part in the Nokia N8 which didn’t get any sort of update over the previous handsets, the web browser is slow, it handles data in a very choppy manner and Multitouch gestures are quite bad.


This might outrage a few Nokia lovers out there but that’s how things are, the browser isn’t just that good, I was expecting the Symbian^3 web browser to be completely overhauled over the previous offerings and I had to make a switch to Opera Mobile, it’s a far better browser and it’s free.


Think of this section of the review as the teaser, why? Face it, the camera is so damn good that we have a separate post for it!

12MP camera on a mobile device, it’s not a joke. And It’s able to pull off 720P videos without any problem.

You’re gonna love the camera believe me! If I’ve used this phone for let’s say 24 hours, then I easily spent more than 12 hours playing with the camera.

Stay tuned we will be back with a detailed post just related to the camera with picture samples and hopefully video too.


At this point you must be wondering where’s the price right? Well, there’s no official price for the N8 yet. Different retailers are giving it off from a price range of 42,000 and beyond, while some are saying it to be priced at 38,000 – so we can’t say for sure how much the price will be.

I’ll wrap up the whole review by saying that the N8 has its shortcomings and it’s good points at the same time. It’s a big upgrade over previous Symbian smartphones, which Nokia has been offering for a long time now. But at the same time some design and hardware aspects really kill the whole mood for the N8.

Symbian^3 in my opinion is rather disappointing to use, there’s nothing brand new over here, everything has just been polished a little, the platform is the same except it’s been pushed up a bit cosmetically.

Would I recommend the Nokia N8? Well, if I had that much money to spare, 40,000 plus that is, I would go for an HTC or any Android phone or probably a Samsung. I already know that I wouldn’t get that much value out of the N8 but at the same time there are features in the N8 which I really did love, especially the camera, it’s just amazing!

I’m not bragging about the camera but it’s the best I’ve ever seen on a mobile device. Although the iPhone 4 also has a good camera and also pulls off 720P video recording without any issues but the image sensor size of the iPhone 4 is limited to 5MP’s only, so still photos on the N8 definitely have an edge over the iPhone 4.

If you’ve been loyal to Nokia and planning to get an N8 then here’s a good recommendation, hold off from buying it right now. Wait for the software updates to come out, there are a lot of bugs here and there, maybe you will not even notice them but trust me if you’re using the N8 for a prolonged period of time, they will get annoying. The browser for instance, not well at all! Nokia should come up with an update to improve its functionality.

We gave you a full review, now it’s up to you to decide whether you should go for it or not.

Leave questions in the comment section below if you have anything you want to ask about the N8 and I will try my best to reply as soon as possible.

Before that, you may find this useful: Complete technical details of Nokia N8 (PDF File – 178 KB)

Have a look at the updated Samsung Mobiles Price in Pakistan (we are daily adjusting our prices to the market).

    • N8 is best smart phone in the WHOLE world ..!! (USB OTG) u can even connect mouse and keyboard of ur computer to it .. symbian^3 has all the drivers and fully supports them ..!!even charge other devices!

      and u can conect it with a tv and use mouse etc on tv ..!!!

      So COoooLL men .!!

      price is also very low , it costs half of iphone ..!!

      • Not a good review by propakistani … never ever mentioned the best part , that is 7.1 channel surround sound …!!!

        • I’m not bragging about the camera but it’s the best I’ve ever seen on a mobile device. Although the iPhone 4 also has a good camera and also pulls off 720P video recording without any issues but the image sensor size of the iPhone 4 is limited to 5MP’s only, so still photos on the N8 definitely have an edge over the iPhone 4.????????? (What man)

          Nokia N8 Camera is better than iPhone 4 no doubt, check it here:

  • Very nice Mobile.. Good design and performance but out of range :(

  • Mere khayal se ye koi 3rd review hai N8 ka propakistani per.. kuch zayda hi pasand aa gya hai. ???

  • dear uzair nokia n8 has bluetooth 3.0. you have mentioned 2.0 so correct ur mistake


    Imran Khan

  • Buddy its Bluetooth v3.0 ,, otherwise a Great Detailed Review.. Thanks (( th0ra sasta 0jaey t0 lengay yar ;) .. :)

  • the best about nokia n8 is that when symbian^4 will be released N8 will get updated to Symbian^4. and the processor and ram are enough for symbian software because it is very light and does not need much processor power or ram to run. my Nokia 5320 have 80 mb user usable ram and i can run 50 apps at the same time and it can handle them really great and also it has 369 mhz processor.

  • Don’t you guys have any other thing to discuss? Or you should change the site name to ProNokiaN8. This explains why you are hiring new fellas!

  • Nice hardware but OS also matters. OS having an app store with more than 1 million apps is the only key for the success of device. iOS and Android doing well. Symbian^3 not gonna defend Nokia’s upcoming devices against both.

    • symbian^3 is not their main software they just released to give people something new. there main target is symbian^4 which will be will be available at the start of next year along with meego. then we will see which OS is better. and symbian is still the king bro and always will be inshallah.

      • Nokia is king of today’s market. Anderoid is however increasing also but Iphone’s just increased to 3% only which is now 17%.
        It is also a Pridiction that in 2014. There will be no iphone, but just Nokia and Anderoid.
        As Anderoid is Google’s OS. but ios is getting down these days.. you must use a PC for transfering files. It cant send files through bluetooth.
        As, no one like this and not buying iphone..
        You may see iphone’s adverts on websites. to insist people to buy that crap phone, i’ve ever used.
        @Bilal Baloch : In Nokia Team, Many People Muslims + indians + christans working for them. Thats y, it is popular in whole Asia and Europe.
        Iphone and Mac PC is only popular in America. and its owner is steve jobs, who also have said, “”with iphone 4, we bring video call to the world”” which is already introduced in 2005 in N70.
        Similar to this sentence, Apple says “we introduce this” that is already introduced. And this is also a reason that ios have lower sales then Anderoid and Symbian.
        And as u said.. Symbian is the king these days.

  • an overall good review id say but
    you said ;

    ” for instance N8 is shipped with 680MHz processor when every other phone in the market is boasting a 1GHz processor sounds a bit off.”

    I am really sorry to hear sir that symbian os handles resources many times better than android or ios hence it does not need a snapdragon or hummingbird

    “Think of it as the older versions of Symbian Series 60 5th edition but with smoother animations and more colorful icons.”

    not true the software has been improved in ALOT of ways . it’s not perfect of course , but you ought to know that everything planned for s^4 even the ui will be given to n8 and other S^3 devices so no worries there . :)

    “Internet Browser
    This is probably the only part in the Nokia N8 which didn’t get any sort of update over the previous handsets, the web browser is slow, it handles data in a very choppy manner and Multitouch gestures are quite bad.”

    it sucks but not in everything if you turn off the java script it performs great but that isn’t an excuse so Nokia is working on a brand new browser based on qt . it was leaked on go check it out :)

    and finally your conclusion

    “Would I recommend the Nokia N8? Well, if I had that much money to spare, 40,000 plus that is, I would go for an HTC or any Android phone or probably a Samsung. I already know that I wouldn’t get that much value out of the N8”

    n8 is a great phone and with the promise of everything planned for s^4 coming to n8 I don’t think there is any less “VALUE” of the n8 then say an evo 4g or sgs [ Samsung galaxy s]

    and this still isn’t Nokia’s flagship device . N9 where are thou ?

    • Symbian browser also supports flash and now microsoft silverlight.
      If you disable flash. it also speeds up the smoothness..
      Nokia is planning to leave Symbian OS and going to Intel Meego. and may also use intel processors in future.

      I have very bad experience about samsung phones. I had 2 samsung mobiles in past years. Both died by just falling on road.

      After that, i’ve decided never to use samsung AGAIN..
      And about Anderoid, its just an OS by google. not a phone.
      while N8 have more hardware than any other phone came yet. like USB on the go, HDMI support, 7.1 surround sound etc..
      and 40,000 is not final yet. Thts just retailer price.
      Nokia havnt announced any fixed price for it yet for Pakistan.

  • I don’t think Nokia released the N8 to capture any market from the iPhone or Android devices. My personal feeling is that they released it for those loyal Nokia fans. Superb camera and lots of lots of features with their old familiar interface and excellent build quality. So the Nokia Fans have again something to brag about. To stand them out from the crowd.
    Well some of the shortcomings are going to be fixed in future updates so thats not gonna be a big issue.
    For browser (at the moment) you have Opera. I use Opera on PC and the Opera Link feature is great to sync your Bookmarks, Speed Dial Menu and other details across other systems and cellphones.
    @Uzair: You didn’t test the USB-on-the-Go Feature…? Simply, you can connect any USB Data Storage device directly to the N8 without the need of a PC. The one reason I don’t like an iPhone is that you have to keep it synced to only one PC & the bluetooth data sharing is unpredictable coz it’s not officially supported.
    For 40K U get:
    – HDMI Out.
    – USB OTG.
    – Opera Browser.
    – EXcellent Twitter App.
    – Superb Camera and Multimedia Features.
    – Excellent eMail client.
    What else do you need?

    • if you didnt read the comments above thankyou for pointing that out , if you did well get a life you troll =)

  • Symbian, as it currently stands, is technology of the past. The future is Android and iPhone.

    • Symbian^3 does hold potential but it’s all about that “perfect” combination of hardware and software which Nokia should explicitly work on. Of course Android and iPhone have their own standing but Nokia is working hard to improve themselves.

    • symbian and android are os’s and iphone is a smartphone ! that says a lot about where your brain stands sir :D

  • i have a nokia x6 and im quite satisfied with it,however after reading your review i did start to lust after the n8 despite of its shortcoming
    :-). Would you recommend me to buy it now or in the near future after its software updates as you mentioned???

    • waiting for the software updates doesn’t makes sense though it would have been better had you pre ordered the n8 because you were getting it for cheap :S i think you should wait now until you get a clear word on the price after a month or so it’s bound to drop then you can get the n8 =)

  • mr ahsan open ur eyes i point out first bluetooth mistake now i m talking about usb port mistake nokia n8 has usb port 2.0 not 3.0. bluetooth is 3.0 but usb port is 2.0 hope now its clear to all

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum!

    Just a side Info. Battery of Nokia N8 is easily user-replaceable it depends whether the proud owner of this device is bold enough to take the risk :). Given below are the links with pictorial explanation

    Also, these details can be found in Service Manual Of the Device. If anyone is interested in getting the manual. I can provide it without any problem. There’re are two types of Service Manuals available for any Nokia device. Level-1+Level-2 Service Manual and Level-3+Level-4 Service Manual. L1+2 Service Manual is meant for generic audience in case one’s willing to disassemble the device. L3+L4 Service Manual is of course meant for hardcore troubleshooting of the device.

    The thing in Nokia Symbian OS (whether S60v3 or S60v5{Symbian^1})which has really annoyed me for years is mis-management of filling up available space in Internal Drive of the device. For Just 999 Short text messages s60v3 and s60v5 devices swallow up 4 to 5MBs of the space. Given that you’re just provided with 40 to 50 MBs of free internal memory and you message a lot your phone is prone to run out of internal memory sooner or later. Of course, you can switch SMS memory to external storage but nobody would like to wait for 20 to 30 seconds just for sending a single message once you start filling up your inbox in that case as well. I hope Nokia has made amends for this shortcoming in this release even if they didn’t bother, you’ll by no means notice that thing provided with 16GB internal memory. Will you? :)

    Another flaw of Symbian^3 is the inability to send files over bluetooth (reviewer to confirm this if like to. I’ve read it somewhere else). I reckon by this Nokia are fancying their chances like iOS.

    At the end of the day all the things come down to 12MP snapper with 720p HD video recording in which N8 does outperforms its rivals. So Kudos for nokia in that departments.

    And last but certainly not the least, update for Symbian^3 web browser is ready to be available soon but as Indicated by the reviewer Opera does the job pretty well.

  • I think its not better then Samsung Galaxy S, which recently got froyo update.
    Galaxy S is much better phone.

  • Can anyone please guide me about the current price of N8 in Karachi/Hyderabad region, I am looking to buy one and someone told me that the wholesale price is around 47000 but its selling for around 54000 right now, can I get it under 50k in this region… plus is there any news on when its gonna be released officially with a real price? (Seems like it hasn’t been officially released in Pakistan)

  • The battery in N8 is easy to replace. There are tiny screws to open the back cover.
    and i agree that symbian browser is not smooth as iphone’s. But if you want smooth browser, just disable flash from options.
    Oh yes !! Symbian is the browser which supports flash and now silverlight by microsoft. None of them are yet supported in any other mobiles like Iphone.
    Even Nokia N97, N95, 5800 supports it also.

    im not going for OS look. as People believe Apple costs much more so looks better (dont know why) but in hardware, you also didint mentioned that Nokia N8 can be connected to bluetooth mouse, keyboard. which means a mini laptop in your Pocket.
    HD/3D gaming is also much smoother on Nokia N8 than new Apple iphone 4. Check here :

    And about Apps. There are already 200+ apps at ovi store. So, what’s the point of disappointment.. ?

    • more hardware specs include, USB on the go. and have ability to make any TV, a touch screen through camera. Free GPS navigation, will soon support Pakistan. Radio with radio transmiter and RDS.

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