Ufone Offers Free Calls on Eid for 3 Days!

Ufone_Eid_Offer Like every Eid, this time Ufone brings a treat for its customers with a ground breaking offer of Free Calls for 3 whole days on this Eid-ul-Adha.

YES! That’s right, now you can enjoy free calls 24 hours a day without any daily charges.

How to Avail:

All you need to do is to consume Re.1 of balance from your Ufone the day before Eid and on the first two days of Eid.

After which U can enjoy free calls to any Ufone number 24 hours a day on the 4th, 5th and 6th day of Eid. So make as many free calls as you like throughout the 3 days at any time of the day with no daily charges.

To activate Eid Offer simply dial *38#

This offer is available for Postpay customers as well.

Terms & Conditions:

  • One time subscription charges are Rs.5 + Tax
  • Only on-net calls are Free
  • This offer can be subscribed from one day before Eid till the 2nd Day of Eid.

  • Zuhayb Shah

    Unmatchable Offer. Thats What Consumer wants.

    Your Rocks Ufone :)

  • yasir

    Can anyone tell me the price asked for black berry 9300 smart phone launched by ufone today ?

    • faizan

      They are offering it Rs. 30,000 plus 1 month free subscription to BIS if you apply before 15 dec 2010.

      • yasir

        thanks yar ..i guess its a bit costly as market price is 25k around

    • ali jaan

      o bhai whatmobile.com.pk pe consult kar lo

  • WordLife

    This offer is only valid for making calls on Ufone numbers (read 3rd line of the advertisement)

    • Ahmed

      So you want it to be free for all networks? Bro what you are getting is alot, be kind and say thank you ufone ;)

  • Waqas


    • yasir

      thanks yaar ,, today i called the ufone karachi customer care and they said that the set is not yet available .. thanks anyway :)

  • SSR

    3days bhura nai hay..

  • Farhan

    Although good but, It’s not an Eid offer, It’s after Eid offer; only for the 4th 5th and 6th day. It would have been better if discounted packages could be offered for the Eid days.

  • Tanveer

    Monilink walo tum bhi kabhi koi achi khaber suna diya karo :( Mobilink is soooooo kunjoos

  • Munnu

    Waoooooooo kya Offer hai Chaaa gye hai UFONE bae.

  • wow

    Agree, another example of bad advertisement… :)

  • Kashee

    Salam Dosto…. Ufone ke ads main jo dikhta hai woh hota nahi aur jo hota hai woh dikhta nahi….maine helpline se confirm kia hai woh keh rahe hai ke eid se 1 din pehle aur eid ke 2 din aap jitna balance use karenge otne minutes aapko 4th, 5th aur sixth day per diye jayenge matlab har 1 Rupee ke badle ek free minute.

    eqg if u use 100 Rs. in these 3 days u will get 100 minutes

    Kya fayeda Rs.5.98 pehle se pay kerne parhenge….Fazool offer

  • abdul

    its a misleading ad.how can it be termed an EIDOFFER whn the free mins are to be given AFTER EID?

  • SSR

    @kashee ap nay Ufone par hi cal ki thi na kahi mobilink ya telenr par to nai kardi :p i jst cnfrmd its Free Calls nt mins

  • amina

    No doubt good offer but kia faida jab network he intahai ghatiya hai :( call kabhi undistorted nahin jati, i believe k kuch paisa zayada day to but baat to comfortably n aram sai ho , i have used ufone again n agian location change ker k baat karo jahan signal awaz sahi ho wahan stuck ho ker beth jao :(

    • yas

      i do agree with amina, i was a big fan and heavy user of ufone. but after less quality of call network i have shidted myself to telenor which is much better than ufone interm of voice quality. I need quality network, I have used three networks mobilink, ufone and telenor. Finally, i can say Telenor has a good voice reception and quality.

  • rehan

    here are the correct details

    on activation you would be charged 5 +tax
    and then on 16,17,18 nov in these 3 days dialy use at least 1rs and you would get 10000 free mins with vailidity of 3 days mins would be provided on 3rd day of eid….confirmed from reliable source..

  • Faisal jami.

    Array bhaio call milay gi tu free ho gi na!
    Intahai fazool network hai. Is say tu Zong acha hai. Ufone ko ziada focus adds ki bajaeay network quality per daina chaheay. Very soon PTA will be going to charge Mobilink & Ufone for fake port in of Telenor, Warid & Zong’s connections. It’s a upcoming news.

  • SSR

    @rehan 10000 mins is nt bad n sumhow Unlimited ab itna khuwar to koi nai jo 36hrz laga rahay

    • salman78

      use your brain buddy, 60 min x 24 hours x 3 days = total 4320 minutes available in 3 days, how can 10,000 minutes be offered to be used in 3 days?

  • rehan

    @ssr i didnt said dat itz a bad offer i juz provided the correct info….datz all

  • Rafeel

    yar can any one tell me k is offer k liye sirf 1rs. consume karna hai ya minimum 1rs. comsume karna hai?? agr 1rs. se ziada ka balance consume karlein to?? will this work or not..? and how to consume.. calls ya sms ya is there a specific way to consume ur balance..? plz helP..!!

  • Arsalan

    what an idea sir jee:d 3 din tuk lagy raho:p

  • I wish I could use Ufone. But Kia karon, Hamare Area mein Signal hi nahi hain.

  • SSR

    @rehan nO OFFENCE TO SO DNT MIND BRO according to Human Rights ACTS NO. 19 dat was my right :)

  • muslima

    Ufone,,,,adds ka toofan aur aik actors ki teem.

  • salman78

    As it is clearly mentioned that “This offer can be subscribed from one day before Eid till the 2nd Day of Eid.”
    I subscribed on 17th Nov (1st day of eid) and consumed more then Rs. 1 on that day, 2nd day and even on 3rd day as well.
    Then on 4th day when I noticed my credit was being deducted as per regular tariff, called help line at 12:16 am and they said to wait as confirmation sms is in que and after receiving sms, I should use this offer, at 3:30 am I again called help line and they said to wait more as they are working on it…
    In morning 9:20 am again I called help line and they said something new!!! They said this offer was suppose to be activated between 14th and 16th Nov, since I’ve activated on 17th, I’m not eligible for it. I argued why my credit was deducted and they said to visit service center for this and end my call!!!
    What the ***&&&*&?*** offer is that?

    • Salman78

      All three days passed and I received not a single free minute, my friend subscribed in night of 17th Nov and he got free minutes. Ufone gave free minutes to selected customers, not all who subscribed, neither they returned the deducted money to customers who they did not provided service!!!
      Why ????

  • Qaisar Farooq

    Dosto, pehly political & religious views ke base par kya kam partian the, jo ab yahan, mobile companies ke jang chirr gai hay..

    bhai ager ufone ke koi achi baat ya kisi or ke publish ho jae to hmay tanqeed baraey tanqeed say kaam nahi lena chaheay, yar kuch sophisticated parhay likhay pakistni bano yar.

    well on this 4 day of eid we are benefiting from this good offer, gaon say mamu ka koi 4 bar phone a chuka hay or ghnton baat ho chuki hay.. cheerz!!!

  • rafeel

    yea baby.. i just recieved my 10000 mins.! :D