Nokia to Launch Pakistan’s Navigational Map

Nokia will launch a comprehensive navigational map of Pakistan with its accurate street-to-street images and information in national and local languages, Imran Mehmood General Manager Nokia Pakistan said. These maps will be made available at Ovi Maps by end next year.

Speaking to the recently held award ceremony “Calling All Innovators Pakistan 2010”, he said Nokia’s strategy is to localize the content of the Mobile phone application for its valued customers in order to facilitate million-user market.

He mentioned the Pakistan is the third country among the world with highest traffic of SMS among the customers.

Pakistan is the country of the interactive and fun-loving people who downloaded more than 4.5 million tools recently on their handsets.

Nokia is developing utility bills payment apps in all its devices in order to facilitate its customers with the emerging mobile apps of mobile banking.

Nokia chief said the use of mobile handset for social networking sites is frequent in Pakistan besides the emerging print and electronic media applications on the gadgets. Geo, Jang, Dawn and Express all have onboard with Nokia.

  • The people at Nokia need to fix their maps first. On ovi maps they are showing the whole state of Kashmir as a part of India (Yep, even the parts which are under Pakistani or Chinese control). Seems like they are too eager to keep the Indian market happy.

  • “Geo, Jang, Dawn and Express all have onboard with Nokia.” :S might want to correct that ^.^

    and he also did give a timeframe :S = Q2 2011

  • “accurate street-to-street images”

    isn’t it a serious threat to privacy / security? Poor innocent villagers of Pakistan even don’t roof on the top of their houses.

    • That is lie, you can check other countries nokia ovi maps, there is nothing such special :D

      @Afzal people own homes not streets, what is privacy in streets? Do you bath in street? XD
      And about villages, ovi will not be available for villages they do only for big cities and nearer areas. Images also wont be that much clear to worry.

      Google maps are better and will remain better as ovi is also made of gmaps. Gmap is giving all street views you can clear your mind about privacy by using Gmaps.

      Nokia left Pakistan always behind, phones are launched late, ovi map is finally coming for Pakistan but in next year XD

      And yes nokia must correct kashmir map :@ dont be a racist nokia

  • Afzal your worry is absolutely right. Dost, not only this, It seems that Facebook, Google Earth etc. all are made to find out each and everything in Muslim Countries, so this data will be used later to kill Muslims in Third World War. Allah Knows Better. This is my perception.

  • i am already using this technology without ovi and nokia support snd listen maps is not been formed by nokia this maps are already made by juish loby

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