Nokia to Launch Pakistan’s Navigational Map

Nokia will launch a comprehensive navigational map of Pakistan with its accurate street-to-street images and information in national and local languages, Imran Mehmood General Manager Nokia Pakistan said. These maps will be made available at Ovi Maps by end next year.

Speaking to the recently held award ceremony “Calling All Innovators Pakistan 2010”, he said Nokia’s strategy is to localize the content of the mobile phone application for its valued customers in order to facilitate million-user market.

He mentioned the Pakistan is the third country among the world with highest traffic of SMS among the customers.

Pakistan is the country of the interactive and fun-loving people who downloaded more than 4.5 million tools recently on their handsets.

Nokia is developing utility bills payment apps in all its devices in order to facilitate its customers with the emerging mobile apps of mobile banking.

Nokia chief said the use of mobile handset for social networking sites is frequent in Pakistan besides the emerging print and electronic media applications on the gadgets. Geo, Jang, Dawn and Express all have onboard with Nokia.