Ufone Distributed Eid Gifts to Flood Hit Families

Ufone Charsada On this Eid, Ufone carried out a special flood relief activity in Charsadda as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Ufone with its promise to stand-by with their brethren in any sort of need has come out once again to show solidarity with the affectees alongside share the religious fervor of Eid. Ufone Volunteers distributed Eid gifts on Eid to ensure that the flood affectees also enjoy this Eid. The distribution comprised of the bare necessities of ghee, atta, sugar and a blanket considering the requirement and climatic change for the affectees. This initiative by Ufone was widely appreciated by the hundreds of families residing at the camps.

Ufone volunteers visited two camps located at Nasta Road, Charsadda and stayed there for a whole day. This is a second in a row mega initiative carried out by Ufone to alleviate the miseries caused by the recent disastrous flood, one of the biggest ever faced by any nation in the world. Earlier Ufone donated a substantial amount to the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund 2010.

Mr. Akbar Khan, Chief Marketing Officer, Ufone said, ‘As a socially responsible organization we stand by the most brave and resilient nation who has always stood up against any climatic unrest when faced. Ufone is highly committed to pay back the confidence what our nation have given to us. To spend a day with the affected families at the camps and to distribute such desperately required items, is a gentle demonstration of the feelings what Ufone employees sense within themselves for our nation.

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Alongside the distribution of Eid Gifts to flood affectees in Charsadda, Ufone carried out a similar activity in Sukkur as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

In Sukkur, Ufone volunteers visited the Sukkur Township and Sasti Basti Camps along the Airport Road and spent the whole day to share their grief. This activity was carried out simultaneously with an activity in Charsadda to help alleviate the miseries caused by the recent disastrous flood, one of the biggest ever faced by any nation in the world.

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  • usama khalid

    Good Done!!!!!

  • Tanveer

    Great work ufone, U have proved that for pakistan, Tum hi To hou. Keep it up

  • Usama

    well done Ufone this is indeed a great initiative, the people of Pakistan need corporations like Ufone to come forward to help as much as possible.

  • Sab Dikhawa hai. Agar Ufone ka owner bagher dikhawa ke khaamoshi se yahi kaam kar deta to Allah in ke business mein barkat deta.

    • aamina mehmood

      I think, we people love to talk and criticise only. This is good to know that atleast something good is happening. Thank U UFONE. :)

  • Abid ali

    well don Ufone a true voice of pakistan ufone done great job we pray Allah give him a series of succes